Reviews for Little Do You Know
Guest chapter 14 . 7/1/2017
I love this book and the details are also very nice how u show them after 10 years with millard as a professor is a great thing. But the thing is jacob cant sense wights only hollows im not trying to be mean i just want to tell u for future books
Puppylover4ever chapter 1 . 3/13/2017
This is the 2nd time I've read this!

Ps. I got the name 'Puppylover4ever' from my dog
She's so pretty( and cute! )
SherlockPotterFan chapter 4 . 3/13/2017
This is such a good story! Everything I look for in a story and more. Just maybe a bit more MissPeregrine...
silmarill chapter 14 . 9/5/2016
This was one of the most descriptive, enticing and overall best story I've ever had the pleasure of reading. Keep it up, you've got great talent!
Barb0610 chapter 14 . 7/3/2016
I LOVE THE EPILOGUE! You did an amazing kid with this!
Mjzero06 chapter 14 . 7/1/2016
*wipes away tears* that was so beautiful I couldn't help crying. But yasssss Enorace ;) I'm so happy everything worked out beautifully (Millard and Imogen, Horace and Enoch, etc.). Such a beautiful ending. I'm looking foreword to more from you in the future :D
Best of luck;
MJ Zero
GhostnamedSven chapter 13 . 6/26/2016
This chapter was so cute! I loved Miss Peregrine and Millard! Great job!
Mjzero06 chapter 12 . 6/20/2016
AHAHAHAHAAA Enorace anybody? ;)
MJ Zero
Mjzero06 chapter 11 . 6/13/2016 Millard is visible and Imogen is bleeding to death? :( aw man, I can't wait for the next chapter! :D
MJ Zero
lunarchroniclesandcockatiels chapter 2 . 5/31/2016
Really interesting!
MirandaAnn3 chapter 10 . 5/22/2016
I love it so much! I enjoy getting the update notifications and I'm looking forward for a chapter 11 :)
Mjzero06 chapter 10 . 5/22/2016
This is so cool! Lol I need more Imogen and Millard. Can't wait for you to update! :)
MJ Zero
Mjzero06 chapter 9 . 5/22/2016
*fangirl screeching intensifies* my heart! My gods, I'm just waiting for someone to look over and be like what the crap xD
MJ Zero
Mjzero06 chapter 8 . 5/22/2016
Imogen and Millard would make a really cute couple, wouldn't you think? Aw man, I'm really hooked on this story. I need to keep reading on :)
MJ Zero
Mjzero06 chapter 7 . 5/22/2016
Enoch and Horace need to chill omfg xD
MJ Zero
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