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UselessLesbianWriter chapter 11 . 2/21/2019
Ok, get ready for a long-ass review here.


I found that the writing was fluid, the structure was that of something beyond many published books I have indulged myself in, and I will not lie and say that no inconsistencies were found; but the style was a masterpiece I'm excited to read once more.

I cannot tell you in words, the length of my gratitude towards you, dearest author, for this extraordinary story. You have created an impossible tale, with impossible twists and turns, that has enraptured me from the very beginning. I speak only truth when I continue on to say; I am flabbergasted by the lowly amount of praise this work has received, it deserves much, much more.

So, thank you, Adjudicato, for the amazing use of a wonderful show's character's, personalities, and circumstance that made it all the better. Thank you for the writing that in times, made my heart wrench, and other's, made my laughter fill the air.

Much love,
The SOB who decided to waste your time with this stupidly long review.
Aggron Prime chapter 11 . 3/27/2018
That was...holy hell that was something else. The way you wrote the characters was spot on. I could feel every emotion and watch every scene play out in my head. I'll admit, the sentence structure threw me for a loop at the beginning, but I was quickly drawn into the fantastically woven tale you created. You, sir, have written something few others can match. My hat off to you. Now off to read your second part!
Hithilion chapter 12 . 3/16/2018
Hi, saw your announcement and thought to inform you that yes, I would love to read more and I think a lot of people would too. It wouldn't be exaggerated to say that this is one of the better RWBY stories on this síte.. at least for me. I have read now over 300 RWBY stories alone and this one is still a beacon in my memory... that should mean something... hopefully. Now to your question... the thing is, I hate to read unfinished stories! This one ends in a way where I prefer to leave it at that, instead of reading more and having later on a sudden and open ending.

I plan to read "Red Rose, RedRum" but only when it is completed, maybe even when the whole trilogy is completed... waiting months between chapters turns a lot of stories into something... tedious. I like to wait till it is complete and then go through it in one fell swoop. I know it is brutal to write a story and I can't express how greatful I am for people like you, people who put so much time and effort into their hobby only to bring us joy, receiving nothing but appreciation in return (and then more often then not, too little of it).

But I would rather end it here then let it become something notorious in my mind. And 6 chapters in 13 months is... hard. If you then start to think about the plans you have for this story I get this ominous feeling that it will probably never end and be dropped somewhere along the way... tarneshing the current splendour of the "first" story.

I read this story a long time ago and don't remember it that well any more. I remember pieces and it being wonderful as a whole. So I will leave it at that in my mind and only hope on the side for more...

I hope you understand what I tried to convey with my inadequate enunciation. If there is anything unclear etc, don't hesitate to PM me. Again, thank you very much for this story and I would love to see more but if you think you won't make it to the end... please let it end here! Also, sorry for getting so little recognition for such an amazing story, such wonderful writing, this story should have a lot more favs, view, review etc.

With best regards


Ps: Don't reach to high and let your story become an Icarus. ;) (Most people fall close to Strangeville.)
RCT-5555 chapter 5 . 4/16/2017
I had suspected it when wiess quoted him but this confirms it, Axter is Yoda
Pyronus chapter 5 . 3/10/2017
"Prefer the familiar word to the far-fetched. Prefer the concrete word to the abstract. Prefer the single word to the circumlocution. Prefer the short word to the long. Prefer the Saxon word to the R Fowler I wish I could keep reading your story. The characters are done in an interesting manner but the language useage feels forced. Maybe if it had been done as first person Weiss it wouldn't be so jarring. As it stands now the language has slowed the pacing and has distracted me to the point that I no longer care to find out what happens to the characters. Ill give you a follow and see what you come up with in the future. See you around.
bluemariodog chapter 8 . 2/23/2017
So, is Doctor Holmes really just a euphemism for Dr House from House MD? They somehow seem the same.
Syntheticate chapter 11 . 2/12/2017
Before I begin, I'm just going to repeat two simple words I've said multiple times while reading this: Holy Fuck. If you're just passing by and looking for a White Rose to read, or anything else that brought you here, you're about to find your new obsession. Dive in immediately and enjoy. Now that that's out of the way, let's get on with the review. Something I must say right out of the gate is your story telling surpasses Miles and Kerry on a level I can't even describe. The emotional rollercoaster you sent me on is something even the greatest of authors failed to accomplish. (Spoilers to the story, stop reading this review if you haven't read this yet.) The way you carry out death in this makes RWBY's attempt almost comical. (The way they killed Pyrrha. It's start actually started my interest as an author.) Everything you've done in the story is carried out in a way I'd expect from a world renowned literary artist. You've written an amazing piece if literature, but it's not without it's flaws. Before I begin, I really hate when a story is more unhappy than it is happy. But this is just my likes and dislikes; my preference in literature. So take my criticism with this in mind. I feel like much of this story is largely building up to small climaxes of happiness and a bit of romance. Of course, I'm assuming story was a crescendo of sorts to the fortissimo of the sequel or maybe even the end of a trilogy. If anything, I'm just hoping the sequel will be filled with much more fluff and not as much sadness. Also, the arc with Yang and Blake was something I didn't find too interesting. It was very important to the story, but I feel it was entirely too long. I actually ended skipping most of TIKS P.2. I'm more hyped for the next book than I am anything else really. You've done an amazing job and thus far have served as huge role model to study from. -Syntheticate
notYacob chapter 8 . 12/29/2016
I'm crying. I'm literally crying. Why have you done this? You sucked me in with your amazing writing and now you do this... I DIDN'T COME HERE TO FEEL, BUT YOU MADE ME. YOU DID THIS. Take responsibility for your actions.
qrowbranwen1996 chapter 11 . 12/11/2016
Nice refrence
BlakJakXXI chapter 11 . 11/11/2016
Knew about this story a long while back, and decided to check it out after it was completed. Spent the last week or two going through this so I figured I'd give my thoughts.

For the most part, the story was pretty enjoyable, seeing how Ruby and Weiss started off and grew closer as friends after Weiss was discovered by Ruby being at the strip club the latter worked at. A pretty different setup that I can't recall seen before, which was pretty nice.

As for the Blake and Yang story, I kind of agree with the more critical thoughts people have given towards it. While it may be that I'm not a fan of Bumblebee, I can't say I was won over by it here. When I got to the first of the two large chapters that the story suddenly switched focused solely on them, that was where I started slowing down on reading this and skimming through it. I'm not saying the writing for the chapters was bad, but like others said, it had little to do with Ruby and Weiss' story in the chapters before it, and felt rather detached from it.

It wasn't until after said chapters that I started to more actively get into it again. I will say that I have been interested seeing how Ruby and her father were dealing with Yang's passing, and Weiss supporting the former however she can.

Overall, despite some gripes, I am looking forward to reading the sequel the what's apparently called the Roses series here, what Ruby and Weiss will do next, what that thing that killed Yang wants with Ruby, and all that. Congrats on finishing the first of this series, and hope to see the next one soon. :)
Cryocene chapter 11 . 10/31/2016
Should have read this from before... I decided not to read and review this from chapter 8, waiting for it to be finished first.

In a way, I am glad I did that. Reading this thoroughly, chapter next to chapter, was worth my hours.

Dancing Roses in the Melting Snow... this name, was what attracted me here, and I'm glad I followed the rhythm and the movement of the dancing rose until the end.

What a satisfying dance.

I'll wait for your next works, like I wait for Monty's own. Let me -as a Dear Reader- thank you, our Dear Author, for your amazing work.

Like always- keep up the heartfelt work.
Guest chapter 11 . 10/13/2016
Great story!
Booya93 chapter 11 . 10/12/2016
Slow clapping... wow just wow very impressive piece of literature right here. This was something I did not expect when I first stared this. When I began I thought it was going to follow a typical whiterose story arc. This though went well beyond that. It evolved into a piece that made me want more and more. It came to the point where I would have to force myself to stop reading so I can savior a little longer and appreciate every chapter and word. Literally I would wait till i get home from work and jump into it and lose myself in it. The world you created is so detailed it reminds of authors like Coeur, LaughingLefo, Whynoteh, and Archsinccubus, in which the settings take on a character of their own. I really did enjoy this piece and glad to here you will be continuing on with it. I am so happy to keep following down this rabbit hole of your story and can not wait! Thank you for such amazing piece of literature!
Guest chapter 11 . 10/12/2016
Obsidian 'Fenris' Hex (my RWBY OC) For Honor, Glory, and an understanding of what it means to be human I thank Monty for the great gift he has given the world. May his work never be forgotten.
Guest chapter 11 . 10/11/2016
Do me a favor and never stop writing, because you have such incredible talent. I look forward to more.
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