Reviews for Walking Dead Wizard
jordan.w.easton94 chapter 89 . 10/11
more please this is better than the tv show
NightFury101 chapter 89 . 10/9
loved it can't wait for more
YiteWrite chapter 89 . 10/8
So, is Morales gonna come back? And if he does... PLEASE DON'T FUCKING KILL HIM OFF LIKE THEY DID IN THE SHOW! PLEASE!
YiteWrite chapter 60 . 10/8
Let's see who you've killed off so far (from memory)... Ed(GOOD JOB), Jenner, Jacqlin(If that's even how you spell her name), Jim(WHY? HE HAD POTENTIAL), Tomas(No pity) and Andrew(Once again, no pity) So, you have killed off more than 2 people. At the very least, around 6 are dead. Which is a decent kill count so far XD
Guest chapter 89 . 10/7
Good chapter
tiinaa chapter 89 . 10/7
Love your Story Hope u Update Soon!
AmericanSparrow chapter 89 . 10/7
More please! The spinoffs are good.
Dragon Ruler 06 chapter 89 . 10/5
I am going to be honest with you. I love this story. Really, I do.

But your grammar and way of structuring your sentences makes my inner Grammar Nazi want to commit suicide. I pushed the poor sucker through it all just to read this story, and it is a great one. I mean, it is amazing and I enjoy it.

But maybe find a beta or someone that can read over the chapters before posting them? Just a suggestion. Whether the grammar stays the same or improves later on, I still plan on continuing to read this!
Gracie15Trowa chapter 89 . 10/4
Awesome sugoi give Luna something with fur and teeth lols and something Merle will be pissed about sharing her attention with
tamashiyuki chapter 89 . 10/1
Very good!
Crystal Aquafina chapter 89 . 9/30
Personally, I would love mpreg.
Guest chapter 74 . 9/29
Would be nice if Harry and Daryl have a child together. With metamorphosis abilities.
fancyspinner chapter 67 . 9/28
I love Sophia! And we kill Rick he such an asshole!
fancyspinner chapter 65 . 9/28
Great fight scene! I don’t like Rick or Laurie their self righteous and stupid! Rick in particular does it seem to learn
fancyspinner chapter 44 . 9/28
This was a cute chapter!

I personally don’t like Neil pregnancy stories I find them really unrealistic. I know it’s magic but seriously? Maybe adoption and using magic to make the child more there is I could except. Still really enjoying this!
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