Reviews for Walking Dead Wizard
henreolon chapter 87 . 7/14
Muito top;
Continua com a história;
Beth9891 chapter 87 . 7/13
Luna Silveria chapter 87 . 7/13
Love this story so much! I'm excited to see the next chapter!
Lindsay chapter 87 . 7/11
I have not watched anything past the first season of the Walkind Dead so most of my knowledge of the show is from listening to others talk about it. That being said, I love this fic. Started it 3 days ago and couldn't stop until I got to the end of what was published. I love this fic and can't wait for more.
tamashiyuki chapter 87 . 7/11
Very good!
zenobia2 chapter 60 . 7/10
Pity, at least I was rooting for rick dying in the dust.
zenobia2 chapter 59 . 7/10
I like harry's story arc and the whole lot. Surprise me, But glenn and maggie and beth I hope they survive the this ordeal, the rest an horrible end.
Camaro Is Awesome chapter 87 . 7/8
when are you going to have the mpreg situation between Daryl and Harry
Camaro Is Awesome chapter 87 . 7/6
You should make it to where Harry is a lion or tiger or panther animagus
Jean Frost chapter 70 . 7/1
I just thought that this reminds me of the Winchester boys and Ketch. Except they hate each other.
Jean Frost chapter 50 . 6/30


OOOHHH! Okay, now I got it. Took me a second. #facepalm
Jean Frost chapter 46 . 6/30
"..., between Harry, Carol, Luna, Amy, Luna, Andrea, Axel, and Oscar... "

You said Luna twice.
AJ chapter 87 . 6/24
Still absolutely love this story no matter how many times I re-read it. You are an incredible writer and I cannot wait for more. Keep up the amazing work :-)
shamrockus chapter 87 . 6/20
I so enjoy this story. Every update just gets better. You make me smile.
Guest chapter 87 . 6/19
This is one of the few walking dead/harry potter stories I can find. I love that it is harry/daryl and following the storyline with harry shaking things up. I think rick is getting too out of character. I love this story and hate waiting such a long time for new chapters. Please keep writing and i am in favor of mpreg if u write it well and not time skip the whole thing.
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