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Rat3000 chapter 83 . 12h
Lina03 chapter 83 . 17h
This is such an awesome fic, i never tire of it. Thanks for keeping up the good work and i can't wait for more! )
Morgen Elisabeth chapter 83 . 1/17
I just got done reading you who story and I love it. I look forward to the next chapter. Thank you for the great story. However, I wanted to bring something to light, it was a few chapters bad when they were in Washington. There to much data from all the CDC all over the world that they would not fit or would be found on the bosses computer it would be found on the back up tapes connected to the servers that the bosses computer would have access. So when the computer was taken from the building and it's network it would no longer be connected to the server and it's domain. You could have someone hack the server but it would need to have power. If the server is up and running then you might be able to log into the servers domain using the bosses user name and pass world but that is only if the boss has permissions to access from home. I am a IT tech in training and love this story so I figured you would like to know. You could use this info to make Harry go back to Washington and there he could save Abe, Rosita and Eugene that was the lie is revealed. Made Harry can also meet the people from Alexandria. Again I state I love this story and can't what to see what happens next.
Laesk chapter 83 . 1/15
some good chapters. thank you for sharing.
Shadow Eclipse chapter 83 . 1/13
Love it as always
Can’t wait
tamashiyuki chapter 83 . 1/12
Very good!
horselover949 chapter 83 . 1/11
So I am completely in love with this story. To be honest I thought the story would become boring once the everyone relocated to Fort Benning, but you have managed to keep every one busy and in just the right amount of danger that it has never stopped being interesting. The dragon was an amazing idea by the way .. i never saw that coming. I am wondering if Harry's group will ever meet up with The Governors again? In order to get Lizzie and Mika (I think thats where they came from) and for Michonne to get back at him for what he had done to her. I think an interaction between the magic excepting group and Father Gabriel would be really interesting. being completely honest I keep waiting every chapter for Rick to start sturring up shit. - though if Harry brings in all those people from Hilltop (who are already scared and mistrustful) it could be a perfect time for that lol. At least thats the way I keep seeing the situation going down in my head. I this that Eugene will end up spilling his own guts to Abe and Rosita, just like he did in the T. . He must see how safe it is at Fort Benning, and would not want Abe to force him away just to continue to Washington where nothing promising awaits. Again just my thoughts on the subjunctive I cant wait for the next chapter so please update again soon.
jordan.w.easton94 chapter 83 . 1/10
more more more great story I like the idea of magical creatures making it their home aswell and turning it into a community they could move every one from Hogwarts in and only use the school as a school and the house elves could work in the community as well
jordan.w.easton94 chapter 57 . 1/9
this is better than the series and I am still watching it keep up the good work need more
lissa12534 chapter 83 . 1/8
Thank you Thank you Thank you Debs, just what I needed after the crappy weekend I've had.
blksumo chapter 80 . 1/8
I love the story. Harry Potter crossover is my favorite, this story can be improved with more conflict. Add some battle with no maj or other magic user. I hope this constructive.
Mrs. Shelley Black Turner chapter 83 . 1/7
Have Eugene admit his wrong doing. It would make Harry and the others more forgiving and that is what the world really need.
Guest chapter 83 . 1/7
Glad another chapter is finally out, i'm hoping the new guys stay and eugene no longer has that secret no matter how its let out.
lizzyaml chapter 83 . 1/7
thank you for the chapter and all the story :D
Guest chapter 83 . 1/7
Isn't Shane dead? Or is it a different Shane and I don't remember?
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