Reviews for Walking Dead Wizard
Guest chapter 112 . 4h
Have i mentioned how much i love this book? Such amazing work! Please update more! Please please please please imma bout to start it all over again lolz
SapphireKageKyuura chapter 73 . 13h
Well I don't think Negan wants to mess with Harry, he'd most likely rip his insides out with a curse if he harmed anyone of his group lol
SapphireKageKyuura chapter 59 . 10/22
Harry would most likely come to their rescue because of the charm he placed on Carl. The Well Being charm or protection charm whichever it was he placed on him. It would let him know if Carl was ever in danger. And I can tell you now, he's in danger of being eaten by cannibals well not just him but the entire group. UGH...
SapphireKageKyuura chapter 58 . 10/22
Haha Rick you should have listened to your gut feeling. That sign was just there to lure in people so those cannibals could eat. But if I remember correctly Rick and his gang kill all those vile cannibals with the help of his gang.
SapphireKageKyuura chapter 57 . 10/22
I'm reading this for the second time, because I honestly didn't get far when reading it the first time. I stopped watching the walking dead at season 4-5or6. I can't remember honestly. Anyways I hated the Govenour, I also hated his entire group. Because it was filled with vile people who would even go as far as to rape someone or murder someone for their supplies. And in the series Micchone wasn't raped by the Governor's men or the Governor himself. She had killed the Governor's zombie daughter when she found her bound in a room. The Governor caught her and wanted to kill her for killing (though she was already dead) his daughter. So far I am enjoying this story a lot.
SapphireKageKyuura chapter 47 . 10/21
He doesn't drink because he saw what drinking did to his uncle, though he was one of the worst kind of people. A child abuser at the core. What kind of parent teaches their own son that beating on a defenseless boy is the right thing? What kind of parent actually beats a child at all even if they are their niece of nephew. So I hope Vernon died a slow and painful death, or got ripped apart by walkers.
Sly the gratsulover117 chapter 112 . 10/20
Fred and George are judging harry?
stefire chapter 112 . 10/19
I love this story. took me two days at least to read all 112 pages. I hope to see more fred and george. wondering if they still retained any of their prankster character or are they hardened with time? curious to see if harry goes into labor at the worst possible time, like everything that happens in his life.
The Books Music Life chapter 112 . 10/19
I was wondering if you knew how long your story is going to be? Not because I’m ready for it to end, oh no, the opposite really; I love this story (mainly the relationship between Daryl and Harry and Merle and Luna) can’t blame me though I ship it so hard
lilashannah chapter 112 . 9/23
you are an amazing story teller. In all honesty I have to say this is by far my favorite . waiting with baited breath for the next chapter.
Guest chapter 112 . 9/22
Im sooo happy u managed to get noah in. Please update again soon . Ive lost count of how many times ive re read this book, but i still need more
Luana LS chapter 112 . 9/19
Hi. Thanks for writing this story. I'm loving it! I haven't been able to keep up in a long time, but thanks so much for writing!
I was reading it when it occurred to me that I've never come across a story where Voldemort faces Walking Dead. Unlike Harry, Voldemort has no remorse after all, and even without his followers, he would still be a force to be reckoned with.

Ps.: Before I forget, I loved Negan's fate!
romancetea chapter 88 . 9/16
I am mildly disturb by the character bashing. It's not as bad as some others I read but the way Harry yells his opinions comes off a little superior. Luna is right; not everyone has his experience but they do the best they can to survive. Ezekiel choices may not be up to Harry's standards but he doesn't deserve to be embarrassed in front the people who look up to him. I mean, Harry could at least yelled at him in private.
romancetea chapter 88 . 9/16
Really like this story! It's everything I wanted in a survival story; building a communitylifenot just running from
Bluebox86 chapter 112 . 9/15
Love this story! I just found this and binge read it in 4 days. Absolutely amazing character development. Thanks for writing, I hope you updated soon.
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