Reviews for Walking Dead Wizard
V. L. Crawford chapter 110 . 1/31
This is a great story. I got behind on some of your updates but I reread the whole thing again. Glad for the updates and can't wait to read more.
lilashannah chapter 110 . 1/31
omg! the way you write! you're freaking awesome! but please the cliffhangers are going to kill me..
PrettyGirlBPD13 chapter 110 . 1/31
This chapter was so stressful! I seriously haven’t been this worried about what’s happening for ages. Honestly, I’m glad to see George. He’s the most adaptable of the Weasleys so if anyone was going to survive a zombie apocalypse it’d be him. Plus, I think his death in any situation like this would carry questions or suspicions of suicide no matter the actual circumstances. Now, I’m curious to see where he’s been and where they’re all headed.
Eluvia Umbra chapter 110 . 1/31
Oh, I can't wait to read more, love it~!
kokusai chapter 110 . 1/30
Ohhh mmmyyy gooossshhh! Is it really George?! Oh! I wanna know where he hide. All living Weasley brothers gonna be reunited! I'm so excited for them!

And will Luna also have twins? The PA will have a blast!
Can't wait for the next chapter!
kokusai chapter 110 . 1/30
Ohhhh mmmyyy goossshhh! Is it really George? I want to know where did he hide and to have another wizards with him. All living Weasley brothers gonna be reunited. I'm excited!

And will Luna have twins also? Since you stated that they will blame the Dixon brother.

Can't wait for the next chapters!
sjrodgers23 chapter 110 . 1/30
Loved it more please. Thank you
DDM520 chapter 110 . 1/30
I just reread everything from the beginning since it's been so long. Looking forward to updates :):)
Lykaioss chapter 110 . 1/30
Oh the ending! Gosh I can’t wait to read the next chapter!
TheHuntresss chapter 31 . 1/30
I love the burning day light comment.. (John Wayne's the Cowboys is one of my all time favorite movies and that line is a constant throughout it)
Avalon Starfire chapter 110 . 1/29
Oh my goodness! You just made me tear up big time. I’m so freaking excited for what’s to come. Absolutely cannot wait.
mattdombast chapter 110 . 1/29
George percy together nice so goodknow they need to find harry
sassyami chapter 110 . 1/29
This book is just so good I just read all of it in 2 days in between my ten thousand classes. Your writing is so nice and each and every one of your books is a hit for me. Can't wait to read the rest!
Landinavlp chapter 110 . 1/29
Me encanta, muchas gracias por que George sigue vivo gracias me encantó muchas gracias estaré esperando el siguiente capítulo
Bamboo Tora chapter 108 . 1/29
Weasley's just poppin out of the woodwork. Was not expecting the two red heads you had in mind.

Trundle along muse. Here, follow this carrot.
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