Reviews for Walking Dead Wizard
DarylDixon'sLover chapter 112 . 9/6
Great chapter
Guest chapter 112 . 9/6
hollowmushroom chapter 95 . 9/3
big tiny , oh no axel an carl
colewoodbury chapter 9 . 8/22
only took you 9 chapters. lol
Guest chapter 111 . 8/21
Please update again soon i cant wait for the next chapter
TheStrangeNessie chapter 34 . 8/19
Why can’t they use magic again? It seems really pointless and dangerous to not use it. It goes against everything Harry has been trying to tell the group. He yells at people for not being serious and trying enough but he just hides an amazing tool like magic? Makes no sense.
jgood27 chapter 111 . 8/8
Love this story and can't wait to read more
backstab2398 chapter 111 . 8/4
Please Update Absolutely Adore This Story
Guest chapter 111 . 8/3
Please no i need more pretty pretty please all i can do is keep re reading it, its still on my phone home screen
hayleewerewolfbabe chapter 111 . 7/31
Can u please finish the story... I love ur book... hope u finish it so good
MarvinMartian009 chapter 80 . 7/27
Why is it whenever the Dixons go hunting, all they ever seem to bring back is squirrel, rabbit and deer?
Where are the wild ducks, geese, turkeys, and pheasants?
MythNephthys chapter 111 . 7/16
Love this story. Always something exciting everytime! I usually wait for a few updates and reread the whole thing to refresh everything. I do wonder if they will be able to contact people that have locked themselves up in their manors behind their wards. They can't exactly... breed? with their own family now can they? if the communities clear up enough areas would wards go down? I mean sure they more than likely wouldn't have known the manor was there but if the clear an area would the wards on the homes come down? or would the people inside control that through their ward hub? can they contact them through the use of house elves? Like a house elf meeting other house elves that get sent out for supplies? after all the pure bloods won't go out right? would the goblins be able to contact them since they had to have some way of contacting their patrons? or would draco be able to send one of his house elves to... say... Pansy's home to see if she's alive?
What would happen to werewolves or people with more prominent creature blood? would the walkers eat them if they were starving enough like they do animals? what happened to the demeanors? do they just rome free now and now muggles and magical have to watch out for that? would magical creatures go onto the pure bloods homes because of the wards? what would happen to Nifflers, or thunderbirds, or bowtruckles, or something if there are no magical actively keeping them in check? would the muggles roaming around eat them, if so what would happen? or would they use them for something else?
will we be seeing more on the other magical schools? if magic fearing muggles have magical children or people like at oceanside would they be taken? like as soon as their names show up in the books would someone be assigned to watch over them and take them if needed? what will they do when they need more fabrics? more clothes? they can't keep duplicating stuff forever. will they have magical portraits made so they can interact and pass on history and information? will they write all that has gone on down to be remembered? make tapestries and paintings for their descendants? would old jobs and practices be brought back? like smith work, textiles, seamstress, and the like? I have so many questions! Im sure not everything will be in this first one. I look forward to the next chapters.
littlejuliz chapter 111 . 7/13
omg love the story its amazing cant wait for next chapter
MythNephthys chapter 58 . 7/12
the news paper could be ripped up and used to make new paper. that way they can make books, take notes on what they create, and use for the kids school work.
bookobsessive816 chapter 111 . 7/11
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