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Guest chapter 122 . 6/25
I have never found (and I have looked), a better HP WD cross over. I love the mix of the two worlds and you do it so beautifully. I would request a Game of thrones HP cross over, but I don’t want to poke your muse into distracting you from this story. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your writing
time-twilight chapter 121 . 6/20
Are you going to have Harry find Ryan Samuels and his daughters Lizzie and Mika Samuels, in case you can't remember who they are they lived in the prison in season 4 and Lizzie went crazy thinking walkers were people and killed her sister so Carol killed Lizzie. Maybe Mika could be a muggleborn and that's how Harry finds them when he's looking for witches and wizards. Mika is 10 years old and Lizzie is 12 years old.
Guest chapter 115 . 6/16
Bom saber que aquela vaca líder dos susurradores não vai conseguir entrar em PA e nem enganar Harry. Ufa.
zealous soul chapter 122 . 6/12
Wow! Its been a long time that Ive read this fic and it still gets my attention. I still love it. I was wondering about Alexandria so this is what happens. Though, I hope Rick gets the gist that hes been isolating himself by being that kind of guy. Still, love the updated chapter. Cant wait for the babies and please update soon.
uvb1987 chapter 122 . 6/10
please come back to this story, I needs it, I need more. please give more.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/4
I honestly wanted to like this story, but this is just bad. It's akin to sniffing a moldy egg casserole from the back of my fridge: a stupid waste of time for something rotten that belongs in the trash.

Now, I hope I have your attention and that you can improve your writing, but that's not why I'm here. I'm sending this message on behalf of my friend, Gina Gail Barron-Goodman, who is an assistant site administrator.

Here is her profile:
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If you fail to comply by not responding or worse yet, attempt to leave a negative review, I will report your account to both The Critics United as well as the other site administrators for deletion. Do not think of blocking or reporting us. I will find out and there will be consequences if you do something stupid to her.

If you troll my friend, be warned we will troll you, your fics and all of your followers. We will also place your shit fic in our other friend's community, Shit Fics That Deserve a Good Flame, so that everyone here will make fun of you. Since we don't want it to come to that, just write a short, good review for her stories and we'll leave you alone..
Natsuyuuki chapter 122 . 6/2
Oh dear...
jeika5243 chapter 122 . 5/25
I can't wait for more, it's absolutely amazing story and I still have a lot of pent up emotions to get put because how idiotic people are.
Guest chapter 122 . 5/24
Estou muito feliz que vc voltou a escrever. Está tudo muito bom, por favor não desanime. Estou esperando ansiosa por mais. Obrigada
FenrirPeverell chapter 122 . 5/23
Que mujer más odiosa
FenrirPeverell chapter 120 . 5/23
Ver que se comuniquen con otras comunidades sería estupendo, también ver a los gemelos obviamente
Tracy Bair chapter 122 . 5/20
wow. I got 6 new chapters as I haven't been on your page in a while. thank you
karina.salvadorena chapter 122 . 5/17
Me encanta esta historia no cuantas veces la he leido ya... por favor no dejes de publicar; porque literalmente me encantan tus historias hasta las tengo que traducir Para leerlas las amo.. te doy buenos deseos
PenelopeEckart987 chapter 122 . 5/13
Author, when are you going to update again?
Jordan 96 chapter 122 . 5/7
I'm hooked. Please update. I need harry and Daryl as daddy's. And Deana and Rick to get sense knocked into em omg...I love this friggin story!
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