Reviews for Walking Dead Wizard
Vlad chapter 110 . 4/12
I love it
AvidHPfanficredr chapter 110 . 4/11
I need an update right now. You can’t just leave us crying over Percy and George possibly reuniting! Please update
CrimsonSurvivor chapter 110 . 4/10
I love this story
difficultone92 chapter 110 . 4/4
love it cant wait for more!
ChiyoTheChibi chapter 110 . 4/1
Love this so much that I reread it. Is Ginny dead? Really don't care if she doesn't feature in this fic but I am curious if she did or did not sure lived.
Beth9891 chapter 110 . 3/31
Guest chapter 80 . 3/30
Hey hey so I just thought I'd say I love the story! But Harry faced 3 dragons if you include the one he rode out of the bank... Idk if you kept that cannon fact or not.
Hermione.Malfoy20 chapter 110 . 3/29
Please please please PLEASE update I LOVE this story.
Lientjuhh chapter 110 . 3/24
I think I started several days ago to read the whole story.

I totally loved it.
You made Harry powerfull, but quite human. He has his fears and all.

Well written.

I can't wait to read how it goes further.
RanmaHime chapter 110 . 3/22
There is something cathartic about reading an apocalyptic chapter on an apocalyptic epidemic year. Kinda..."I'm not alone" even isolated.

Thanks for the good job, and, please, please, take care.
Kmly Marwa Liyafleur chapter 110 . 3/12
did u forget us am still waiting for u to upload the new chapter
Guest chapter 110 . 3/9
This story is one of those rare gems that you find and can't stop reading. Thank you for such a creative and non-cliche or too OP work of art. You made it in such a way that I have absolutely no complaints. Even if you had spelling errors, which I don't think you did, I would've ignored them anyway because the story was way too interesting to care about something so unimportant. So thank you for this amazingly excellent story that has me caught; hook, line and sinker. I will continue to read this story until the end. Thank you!
lance215 chapter 57 . 3/7
given that is like my tenth time reading this fic, and I have never seen nor read the walking dead, I can assure you it's not you because this fic is like a apocalyptic harvest moon, so just awesome!
5havidreader chapter 110 . 3/7
I hope you keep writing I love it!
edf-k chapter 110 . 3/2
Oh wow, great last few chapters. So much going on, some good to balance out the bad. Woohoo.. survivors!
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