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jille chapter 110 . 3/1
Brilliant chapter, compelling storlines.
Bill and Charlie, yeah!
Percy and George, yeah!
Really loving the character interactions.
Please please continue this story
Kmly Marwa Liyafleur chapter 110 . 2/26
when are y gonna to update
witchealer chapter 40 . 2/26
I seriously love a good pot of Stovies!
I am enjoying the story too by the way
aimz88 chapter 68 . 2/25
Guest chapter 110 . 2/23
As for what to maybe write for this story next... A minor time skip that involves the Wizards of Harry's Communities (including Hogwarts and Hogsmead) getting together to get shit done.

First! All properties have their ward stones completely charged! Mainly bc their worried about Harry's 'delicate ' condition and are being nervously over prepared.

Second Harry goes through his paper work and finds out he has another American Plot of land (Island) that is basically completely empty but a house.. Hello new Dragon Reserve!

Thirdly he finds out he already owns a magical creature reserve and sends all the harmless magical creatures there.

The Abby becomes a shelter for Mundane animals. They finally get in tough with Japan and send over there Pandas...

With more wizards (hello runes masters, A fire breathing Veela, and a Curse Breaker!) They start wiping out herds of walkers. Why aren't they using Lunas bombs more often?

Harry's Walker Kill count... Over 9000! Ok know seriously though he has taking alot! With the fire and bombs probably around 25,000. At least 10,000 at JUST the Fort.
Guest chapter 109 . 2/23
George was depressed from Fred's death and probably suicidal, the only thing that kept him going was his family, and maybe the need to make people laugh... Its the apocalypse, Fred would be very up set if George didn't fight teeth and nail to protect kids (like poor Harry) and bring laughter to the World once again.

Maybe George even started to hallucinate about Fred? Another thing George would probably have 'his' girlfriend and maybe Freds as well, bc I always pictured them sharing. As for their location.. World Tour to find new prank ideas, so how about either Japan with them visiting the Potions Master of Mahoutokoro School of Magic or literally stumbling apon Castelobruxo while checking out the local magic district?
Guest chapter 108 . 2/23
Yay! Bill and Fleur! What about their kid(s)?
Guest chapter 107 . 2/23
Oh! Harry laid into to them good! Whose up for some Magical Blood Adoptions! Not Harry, Luna, or even Severus... But what about McG., Filius, Sprout, Babbling, and a few of the other older Generations?

What about finding Alexandria survivors, and setting them up with new lodging?

Instead of Whispers, what about Magical Zombies (slower decay as you suggested) while having NO magical powers they CAN lead the Mundane Zombie Herds... Maybe also have better sense of hearing and smell as well?
Guest chapter 106 . 2/23
So this has mainly been in Georgia, which makes since bc that where the show started... But depending on what you want to do there's also the L.A. part to, Fear the Walking Dead and the newest series that deals with Nebraska survives that supposedly comes out 10 yrs later.
Guest chapter 103 . 2/23
No way! Harry should get at least a little round!
Guest chapter 102 . 2/23
If Oceanside is how its name sounds, maybe they have some people with sea creature inheritance..
Guest chapter 100 . 2/23
Maybe Charlie can be 'gifted' the ability to speak? Either by the Dragons for watching and protecting them, maybe bitten by a specific type of magical snake that becomes his families, or even a (secret Slytherin..) ritual that Harry gifts to Charlie for helping with the Dragons?
Guest chapter 99 . 2/23
Since Daryl is the 'younger' brother he should take Harry's name... After all Harry has a TON of lines to continue. Potter, Black, Peverell, Gryffindor, Slytherin, maybe even Gaunt, and who knows how many others thanks to the apocalypse...

As for the Abby, it should be saved for the Potter/Dixon/Lovegood Clans... Their SWORN vassels (both Mundane and Magical Beings), leave the Fort as a City Type location.

Since the Abby is empty besides the house elves as long as Harry has help renovation would be easy... Even for a place that size. They would obviously start with the main house though. I never understood why harry never lives in his actual homes.

Merle and Luna can continue the Dixon and Lovegood Lines.. Though bc of the Dixon's father I don't really see them having problems taking on their spouses names.

Carl and Sophia are cute together, but here's something else to take into consideration... Over half the population World Wide was knocked out, and more are killed daily. Unless they start saving Genetic D.N.A. their going to have serious problems in less then 10 generations. Maybe 15 with magic. Since the women out number the men some should probably take more then one spouse. Not enforced, only if the three or more ALL like each other.
Guest chapter 92 . 2/23
Ok as for the Walker Build up, they should throw some of the explosion runes (their dormant until they hit the ground) through the ward.. Make sure they go at least the 2 miles through, or even through the out through Hogshead.

The elves could also make bows and arrows. Have the elves and all the students learn to use them. Either which way the bodies would need to be burned or it would cause a build up.

Yay! A baby.. Not seeing every part of the pregnancy and definitely not the birth, maybe just people hearing Harry screaming Daryl and the Dr. Deaf?
Guest chapter 91 . 2/23
The Grandmother and baby should come to Pandora's. Especially if there's a chance the baby's magical.
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