Reviews for PPGD: The Red Story
Tziput13 chapter 12 . 8/11/2016
At last, I can finally write some words about this fanfic.
So, I read The Red Story twice: at the first run, I must admit I didn't like it that much, similarly to my opinion about the Panic. The second read, however, made me rethink about the fanfic and by now I've realized that it was mainly just me who had his mind somewhere else. The appearance of more characters who I was not accustomed to might have played a role in my first opinion about the Red Story, but now I can safely say that liked this one.

The good about this story, apart from the obvious that are shared with other stories in the chronology (the fights, the villain/enemies that the hero, Brick in this case, has to face, the depictions of the characters) is the specific character development of Brick, a continuation of what was seen about the Rowdyruffs in the Second War and something I felt was basically needed (with Brick being still alive, of course). It's the completion of his change to an actual hero not that much different from the Powerpuffs and their allies (if not better, right Dexter?). The added characters were a welcomed addition too. Like I've already stated, I was unprepared to see such a variation from the main ones we've seen in your previous stories, but after reading it twice I now have a good idea about every one of them, be they OCs (yours or taken from other authors) or other cartoon/PPGD characters, and the importance of their roles in this story.

The opening of a completely new set of mysteries and problems (return of Dr. X, 'Shira', the 'two lost souls' Boomer and Bunny, the final scene) is very intriguing, I must say, considering how I previously thought that there couldn't possibly be anything on the same level of the Model Ms in terms of strength and danger (but you once again proved me wrong with Starfire). I'll return on this matter in the review for the Eternal Watcher.
MetallicalyLove chapter 12 . 7/24/2016
This is beautiful