Reviews for Put into Lifetime Detention by Death
HetaPhiPuffPrincess chapter 35 . 11/22
I feel like im reading and i will get to chapter 55 with no resolution ir if there is it will be a rushed few paragraphs that is just an overview and not any real context. Slick feel set up by this fic.
HetaPhiPuffPrincess chapter 25 . 11/21
Out of curiosity, did you pantz this? Like every chaptwr feels like you are throwing tropes and ideas and flushing them out to no real conclusion or plot continuence. Its just plot bunnies running rampant and rampaging every chapter. It barely feels like the story is actually moving. . However i am not complaining cuz this is hilarious and pretty good. Its just it feels like we are stuck among a bunch of plots and no real action . Also things that could be exained in a paragraph are flushed out ovwr multiple conversations. All im saying is next time try to plan out every chapter and exactly what things u want to hit on . So that your not having mental diarrhea in the middle of the story. Because we are 30 chapters from the end and we havent even started 3rd year yet. The summer alone has been 20 chapters.
HetaPhiPuffPrincess chapter 16 . 11/20
Not the witches curse of judgement *gasp*idk this is so funny but you are murdering the tropes and i am here for it!
HetaPhiPuffPrincess chapter 2 . 11/19
Oh this is good, i was skeptical because of your warnings in the first chapter and then the whole long montage at the beginning. BUT this is gonna be gold and i am living to read this fic right now.
Guest chapter 16 . 11/13
I don't think Minnie had any idea exactly how brutal that curse actually was.
Guest chapter 5 . 11/13
Luna deservers all the happiness in the world… now I want Dementor Luna…
Kai chapter 1 . 11/6
"judge the situation, not the people" Well, that's a bad piece of advice, because that's what Dumbledore did. Didn't care for the hundreds of innocents who died for his machinations, only the situation was solved at the end with a beneficial result. So, the result was almost always beneficial for Dumbledore only, but who cares? It's For The Greater Good, right?
roxannemorgan chapter 40 . 10/23
Probably the typo has been mentioned before, but Arsenal are the Gunners. (Because, you know, an arsenal is where you keep weapons.)
Otherwise, good going, and nice to see an appreciation of the game in HP fanfic.
furface294 chapter 15 . 10/21
I am wondering why Harry is ignoring Hermione? but so far apart from that it's not a bad story.
Guest chapter 25 . 9/19
ErrrruT Ty’s Mrs r
wiebenor chapter 55 . 9/20
Okay, first of all, this is my first review of this story (because I absolutely despise reviewing a "finished" story more than once, unless something needs to be MAJORLY addressed, which, in this case, isn't the case. Please note that if a story is unfinished that is obviously an exception to that standard I live by, as if it's a good story, then well, I can't imagine not asking them to continue it...

All that taken care of, I will say that it didn't FEEL like an ending in the last few paragraphs, but more like a pause in the action... yes, it's ok, and yes it IS an ending, but to be left hanging like that, and not have a "they lived happily ever after, until they died" part? Some books can get away with it, and this one DOES, to a degree, but at the same time, it's missing something to make it truly complete, and to me it's the whole "rest of their lives" that's not touched on that does it, for me anyway. It just feels like there should be the whole "they get married and have a million kids before Harry dies at 2000 years old, shortly followed by Hermione " bit, but there isn't, and besides that, there's this soul bond thing. Now 'I' know exactly what the usual soul bond entails, but does the first time reader know that when they first kiss, which funnily they already have, they're supposed to practically "glow" and have a letter and/or public proclamation in all the newspapers, usually with Harry not knowing what's going on, followed (at varying time intervals depending on the story) by the bonded couple needing to sleep together, then eventually Harry sealing their love with an almighty loud and sweaty shag? The answer to that is no, and I honestly don't expect them to either, but for it to be mentioned in the beginning, and Harry to be basically told "figure out what a soul bond/soul mate is for yourself", and then have Harry STILL at the end, even knowing that it basically means marriage, doesn't appear to REALLY know anything, just doesn't feel like good storytelling... You mention soul bond or soul mate ideology a few times in passing, yet even though it feels like you or the original author who's work you're continuing, is making that a bit of a plot around that, that's going to be explored, it ends up being practically a non-existent thing towards the end, almost as if she starts out soul bound or soul mated to Harry, then isn't by the end? It just doesn't make sense to me to not at the very least have a conversation with the characters discussing what it is, and the aftermath that could come with finishing it...

Despite those (relatively small) issues, it was a wonderfully written story and I thank you for writing it... Since it's considered "complete" it'll make it onto my "favorite" list, although I'll still follow it in case my concerns are commented on in the story notes or another epilogue at some point...

Thank you for the great story!(for the original author (RIP) and you, the finishing author)
Greg chapter 34 . 9/6
Sometimes you make it clear that you really don't understand English. Vacate means to leave. A person can't vacate their stomach. They can only empty it, when they vomit.
keht.jelicho chapter 6 . 8/3
but.. wasn't Harry going to get his new wand with Hagrid too? didn't he say that when he mentioned to Hagrid about needing a new wand himself?
Sahamosveb chapter 44 . 7/29
Harry really is a fucking simp. Hermione, with whom he is currently in a quarrel, enters his room without invitation while he is sleeping, and not only does she not wake him up. Instead, she starts watching his memories without permission. Harry's reaction? "Oh, the next time you violate my trust and violate my privacy, be more careful."
It's just fucked up.
Ohma chapter 4 . 6/23
okay, everyone's just screaming

your characters can't have decent conversations

harry is an asshole to everyone

borderline unreadable

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