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Dorawc chapter 33 . 2/22/2022

Don’t know why i said break. Sorry!
Dorawc chapter 33 . 2/22/2022
By killing those that support riddle, she acted on her hate for the side that brought down her loved ones. Just like how riddle kills those against his principles, she killed those against hers too. She was no different. And I believe this is the complexity of the world. Bad vs good i believe is never that clear cut although the premises of riddle is evil incarnate, but the fact hermione chose that same path only tells me she is no different. Instilling fear, killing. Its all the same. Really loved Clean, but break almost felt like someone else wrote it
DJArla chapter 38 . 1/13/2022
This was freaking fantastic. Again, not at all what I was expecting but you surprised me in all the best kinds of ways. [SPOILERS] I loved the Snape/Theo dynamic and all their interactions felt so real and genuine. The way you portrayed Narcissa was one of my favourite I’ve ever read; I always imagined her as more of a strong, confident woman than quiet wallflower she comes across as in canon. Dumbledore’s influence was fascinating to me. I’ve never read a story where he is obviously manipulative but not immediately decried as evil, but did such a fantastic job with your interpretation of his character. Lastly, I just LOVED your Dudley. He is exactly the way I’ve always wanted Dudley to be. Thank you for writing and sharing. I look forward to reading more of your work
loonydaydreams chapter 16 . 1/7/2022
Okay this chapter made me actually cackle. I LOVE this Theo.
Meghangrr chapter 2 . 11/23/2021
Omfggggg I nearly died when I found out there was a book 2. THANK YOU
Chalice13 chapter 38 . 11/20/2021
Thank you, thank you. This was an amazing story and I enjoyed the journey, if not all the moments. I really wasn't happy with Draco being killed and that part of the arc, but I can see how it fit together. The ending was great and the epilogue was excellent: it definitely didn't ruin the story.
I know you haven't touched a story since 2016, writing your own original works maybe? But I hope you still read your reviews. I'll miss you in the Harry Potter fanfics, but look forward to seeing what worlds you create.
Chalice13 chapter 1 . 11/18/2021
Woo-hoo! And we have gone careening off into totally unexplored territory! FUN! I do wish you weren't treating Dudley as a total idiot as I think he's been seriously underrated by fan fictioners but your universe, your rules. It's been a fun ride so far, looking forward to more!
Khaleesi Kardashian chapter 38 . 10/21/2021
This was beautiful! Definitely didn’t see the ending coming. Well done!
aerolithos chapter 39 . 10/7/2021
This is so precious! Reminds me of the Troye Sivan song, "Youth." ("my youth is yours...")
f.tales607 chapter 12 . 9/28/2021
on my 10,000th read, wondering when we get the side story of Helena and The Bloody Baron? "he was overcome with remorse at what he'd done..." etc, etc.
sarae32 chapter 17 . 9/27/2021
For some reason Draco, in every story I’ve read, always has the best dialog! Something about the way he says things you know he means it. Great Chapter
sarae32 chapter 16 . 9/27/2021
So, this chapter provided us with quite the surprise! It’s funny I would have thought it would happen in most stories considering Sirius and his love of ladies. This was fantastic! Great chapter.
paulieandgilbert chapter 37 . 9/20/2021
If someone had told me that both Clean and Marked had been taken from the original books, I might have readily believed it! I am dumbfounded at how masterfully this was written! Not only from the original storyline, but because of the multiple subplots all meshing together to create a truly scintillating work! If it is not improper to say so, I would state that this would have made a remarkable movie as well! BRAVO!
EndlessRdr2022 chapter 25 . 9/13/2021
Damn. Busted! I knew it.
thoushaltnottpass chapter 28 . 9/12/2021


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