Reviews for Fervidity
Savanna95 chapter 25 . 7h
Oh my God, is Severus starting to have feelings for Hermione? Or is it a comfort you know what I’m going through/have gone through and I can be myself with you kind of thing? I kind of love the idea of the two of them together... a lot. I adored when he questioned her about whether she’d tell Draco and Bass and everyone else to fuck off if he asked. Amazing! The picture you painted in the dungeons is heartbreaking, but I loved that they all seemed quite disturbed by it. Voldemort’s reaction to her was also so interesting. The fact that she already has Bass, Thorfinn, Regulus, and Draco worrying about her is great! I’m shocked at how much I like Antonin in this. Alecto sounds like she could be a great ally at some point, and she was definitely not what I was expecting. I’m so loving this fic. I cannot wait for updates! I can’t even imagine what it’s be like taking a stroll through your mindscape. You’re absolutely brilliant.
Savanna95 chapter 24 . 8h
That shower scene with Thorfinn and Draco was wonderfully amusing. 10/10. Snape was bloody brutal with her in the end, but it was somewhat necessary, and his remorse over his harsh words was so endearing, even if she didn’t see it. I wonder how he feels about playing such a massive part in putting her in this position, knowing what he knows, knowing how others will look at her, knowing how they look at him, knowing how much he loathes himself. Does it hurt him to know she’ll loathe herself just as much, if not moreso judging by the fact he became a death eater by choice and likely revelled in the depravity of it all initially? So bloody curious. Would love to get inside his head!
Savanna95 chapter 23 . 8h
Wow! The raids... terrifying! I’m giggling over Thorfinn’s reaction to spotting Draco, and slightly worried over what his reaction to stumbling upon Mina in such a position. Irate werewolves seem like a definite no-no.
Savanna95 chapter 22 . 9h
The banter between Mina and Bass as well as Bellatrix was perfection! Equal parts terrified and excited for what’s to come in regards to their punishment and the insanity that seems about to occur. Snape’s warning of what’s to come was terrifying. What on earth is about to go down!?
Savanna95 chapter 21 . 10h
Aww the idea that Regulus refuses to stay with the order and insisted on going undercover with Hermione makes my heart hurt in a good way. I’m so keen to find out more about how he feels toward her. I can’t imagine him not adoring her after being her cat for so long, even if she did torture him with her singing, baby voice, and cuddling him as she made use of the loo. Is it terrible that I kind of adore the idea of her and Snape together even though I highly doubt that’s the end game? He’s the only one who truly understands what it is she’s going through, and at the end of he war if they both make it out alive he’ll be the only one to truly get how and why she’s changed. He’ll likely be one of very few that’ll be able to truly accept the new her. Also I sincerely hope her relationship with Regulus blossoms and they become close friends and confidants. Argh this fic is seriously incredible. I’m obsessed. I have 2 assignments and an exam to study for, all 3 of which are worth 50% of my overall mark this semester and yet here I am procrastinating and devouring this fic as if I don’t have a care in the world. You are soooo talented. Thank you for sharing.
Savanna95 chapter 20 . 10h
Draco is so sweet. I almost feel bad that she’s lying to him. I’m so keen for her to have a conversation with Regulus.
Savanna95 chapter 19 . 11h
That battle was absolutely fucking brilliant. Omg what a plot twist. I did not see that coming! Sooooo obsessed with this
Savanna95 chapter 18 . 11h
I’m absolutely dying to work out Bass’s motives.
Savanna95 chapter 17 . 13h
She’s walking such a fine line. They really are beyond likeable. This chapter was absolutely hot
Savanna95 chapter 16 . 14h
So so so sweet
Savanna95 chapter 15 . 16h
Holy fucking shit! Speechless.
Savanna95 chapter 14 . 17h
I quite like Bass and his dynamic with Draco. The philosophical thoughts on good guys and bad guys and how they’re still ultimately human and similar are a great addition too.
Savanna95 chapter 13 . 17h
Now that is what I call a dinner party! Oh, and I can’t wait to find out what was causing everyone to blurt out the truth. Bella’s devastation over not being able to follow one of the Dark Lord’s orders was absolute perfection. So bloody accurate!
Savanna95 chapter 12 . 18h
His story is heartbreaking. I am so interested in this instant trust/comfort thing. Curious. Pack politics is also incredibly interesting. I’m kind of keen to see Greyback’s response to her choosing him when the revel occurs. I also like the idea that there is more to Greyback than simply a mindless beast. Can’t wait to read more
Savanna95 chapter 11 . 18h
Enjoying Draco so much in this fic. The fact that she’s so comfortable is interesting, I’m curious if there is an actual reason which will be later discovered or if it’s simply that he’s familiar in the unfamiliar, or that she senses a kindred spirit in him or something like that.
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