Reviews for Life's A Game
Blue AuRa Akage chapter 22 . 12/7
I love this so much
kabs9000 chapter 22 . 11/18
I hope you're okay 3 3 3.
kabs9000 chapter 13 . 11/17
This was nice
kabs9000 chapter 11 . 11/17
Holy fuck this was an amazing chapter
kabs9000 chapter 3 . 11/17
Wow, didn't see that coming!
kabs9000 chapter 2 . 11/17
Seems interesting, I hope it won't be all dark and depressing though
nagi92 chapter 22 . 11/11
Fantastic story, I hope you'll get better!
Brabbit Lohan chapter 19 . 11/6
fuck off
what was this shit chapter? fucking vomit shit
Brabbit Lohan chapter 10 . 11/6
What i don't get is why she hasn't sold out Danzo completely. He is a huge threat.
Brabbit Lohan chapter 9 . 11/6
I called you retarded last chapter.
You are awesome this chapter.

IM SO FUCKIGN GLAD she realized this. everything.
i mean wow. one of the rare times where author actually backtracks from what would be a huge retardness, or maybe you planned this to mess with our feelings, if so that worked too much
Brabbit Lohan chapter 8 . 11/6
Wait... She is actually letting minato and kushina die? because she doesn't want to change the future, but will SAVE the clan because she doesn't want to die?
How stupid is she? If she saves clan it will change the future more than probably saving minato and kushina. lmao another retard author.
Brabbit Lohan chapter 2 . 11/5
C mon, fuck that 5 year old already. I know thats what u want. What other reason could you possibly have to help a random kid when you, yourself can barely take care of yourself? ...
WAIT u don't actually want to fuck him? hmmm... well smart MC

Retardness. Seriously every goddamn fiction for naruto is so retarded i don't even know why i bother giving them a chance.
Parapraxis A51 chapter 22 . 11/1
Nice story.
Blond Dude 42 chapter 8 . 10/4
I normally don't comment before I finish catching up on a fic, but you got Kakashi's age wrong in your author's note if you wanted it to be the same as his Canon age. He's 26 or 27 in the original series, so that puts him at 14 or 15 when Naruto is born. It seems really young, but then again he graduates the academy at 5 and is Chunin at 6.

It's fine it you wanted to change it for the story, but I felt like I needed to make the comment.
KaySchus chapter 22 . 9/28
Personally I feel marginally directionless when reading this right now - I felt like the Training arc progressed quickly with several time skips and showed development but something about the Genin arc just feels like a loss of direction for Ama.

I understand that its necessary to highlight her mental issues and her interactions with the other Uchiha but it feels to me like I'm directionlessly floundering around. I think part of it might be my dislike of the other characters excluding Minato and Amaterasu; I feel little to no attachment to Chen and Kabuto, Itachi and Shisui are... moderately interesting... but at the same time they don't feel compelling enough for me to yearn for more interactions between them.

Personally I feel like the character interactions are definitely something I need more of to feel grounded in the story. I also miss Amaterasu working through situations and others in dialogue which happened several times early on, something about those moments always stuck with me.

Anyways, I know this probably feels like a lot of complaining but this is a wonderful story and you are a wonderful author on this site. I truly enjoy it and thank you very much for sharing it with us!
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