Reviews for Eight Days
stephi910 chapter 35 . 8/27
Thanks for starting to update again...this story was too good to leave hanging :)
ax.dic.T chapter 35 . 8/24
Just finished re reading this story and it’s one of the few stories that held up over the years I miss it. I wish we could have more so one of these days I hope you come back and finish it :)
dpowell612 chapter 35 . 8/17
I really love this story and I rarely read WIP , but your story hooked me from the beginning. Can't wait for more.
realization chapter 35 . 8/14
reading midnight sun made me realized how Edward never would've never ever wanted to have relationships with other women even if he was back to his human form. like he wouldn't even have the urge.

it's different for this Edward i guess. he is a bit weak and his love for Bella isn't as all consuming like book Edward.
Guest chapter 35 . 8/14
There are so many things I want to read from this couple! Where they spent their honeymoon, about the trip up and down the coast in the van Edward wanted to rebuild, Bella telling Edward that she's pregnant, Edward playing with his kids, I want to read about their family holidays and how they spent christmas, about the kids playing with Hannah and Max... I guess I'm just a little bit too opssessed with these characters of yours
Hope you are doing okay furing these wierd times and that you will continue this story soon!
Lots of love!
Goldielover chapter 35 . 8/15
Thanks for the update. I suspect this story is winding down now with a number of loose ends tied up in the last couple of chapters.

I must admit, I'm feeling just a bit sorry for Carlisle. With the exception of Esme, every vampire he turned took the opportunity to revert to human as soon as they were able to. Not only will he lose half of his family, but he must be second guessing himself about turning them in the first place.

Anyways, I look forward to the next chapter.
Miranda Flamel chapter 28 . 8/8
Can I just say how much I love human!Edward's clumsiness? The omelette flip failure was hilarious and his resigned reaction makes it even better
BurtonM1927 chapter 35 . 8/2
An exceptional story on my top ten list. I can't wait to read it again.
I am in my way to now read other stories of yours.
BurtonM1927 chapter 20 . 8/1
One of the best stories I have read in Twi Fanfiction.

Such a creative concept, great character development and you offer us a new
Guest chapter 35 . 7/29
could never warm up to edward. he's a walking contradiction. great writing tho.
jdcullen chapter 35 . 7/25
An update soon?
NKubie chapter 29 . 7/18
So I was cleaning out my email folders and came across this chapter. Apparently, I never reviewed. Shame on me! Of course, that gave me an excuse to reread. Yay for me! ;)

I always know how much I love your words and the depth that you put into the backstories. But rereading this again, I realize that you give a context that adds so much depth to the characters themselves. Thank you for showing us Edward's beginnings, Bella's relationship with Renee, and sharing your incredible talent in general!

Stay safe and well!
midnitereader chapter 35 . 6/27
I really enjoyed this chapter. Edward tried to regain some of the good memories he had of his life before but they also stirred up bad memories of the mistakes he made, like the way he left her all those years ago. It seems he's content with the life he gained and is ready to go home to make that life complete with Bella. She's the piece of his life that he regained when he became human.
MistyD77 chapter 35 . 6/26
This has been such an amazing story! Thanks so much!
Rachel chapter 35 . 6/19
I’ve been reading your wonderful words for years. Thank you for being an wonderful, romantic escape when I was hiding out from life a bit, and just a pleasure when the dark clouds had passed from my own psyche.
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