Reviews for Second Time Around
mollymaefarrell chapter 14 . 4/18
So where's the sequel?
BookWorm08 chapter 11 . 7/2/2006
i like i also think the dad woudnt come out and just say"im your dad!"he'd probaly woudnt just say beside that,i like it.

BookWorm08 chapter 4 . 7/2/2006
i do like great
whatever13245 chapter 14 . 6/14/2006
you should do it, it does seem a know. The story line is cool though.
Lizzie Auden chapter 13 . 6/7/2006
Emerald-Mistress chapter 14 . 6/2/2006
Hi just started readin today but I totally love the story how it is, I would however, LOVE the naxt chappie please! But if you feel there are specific chappies you now you could tottaly make better, please do so! But this story's Awesome! PLEASE UPDAE ASAP!
Ferret Love chapter 13 . 5/27/2005
person chapter 13 . 7/14/2003
hey, not bad.. it turned out surprisingly like the show, so it wasn't all that original of a plotline...
leatharegee chapter 13 . 6/16/2003
hey! bring back jess!
Emily chapter 13 . 6/9/2003
Aw! this is so sweet! I liked this story, keep up the great work girlie!:o)
Coffeeaddict4life chapter 13 . 6/9/2003
For some reason this sounds like I've read it before..hehe But anyway I still think its a good chapter and I hope you update soon..


KBecks87 chapter 12 . 5/31/2003
i like this story allthough it just got sad. Anyway, update soon.
leatharegee chapter 12 . 5/30/2003
i AM hating you until jess comes back or until he is at least back in the picture. but, have no fear, i WILL keep reading! so KEEP GOING!
absurdvampmuse chapter 12 . 5/30/2003

I just read all the 12 chapters and I sbsolutely love the whole story. I especially llke this chapter, cause Lorelai didn't tell Rory about Jess leaving. Update soon!

Bye, smile :-)
rory chapter 12 . 5/30/2003
need more jess! make him come back! hook up luke and lorelai!
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