Reviews for The Flame (previously Take My Hand)
padfootsnuffles chapter 22 . 52m
I’m sorry for your loss
Keeping you and your family in my thoughts
Focus on yourself and your family
rubyred753 chapter 22 . 9/20
Hang in there. It changes your world, makes you look at things differently. You just concentrate on RL right now; we'll be here whenever you are back in the writing zone.
hshepherd1235 chapter 22 . 9/8
I have loved reading this fic. It is a type of story other do not wish to write as I have not found many like this. Hermione is such a little girl and it's sad to think that this has happened to others before. I am sorry to here about your sister, I hope you and your family are doing well. xx
Guest chapter 22 . 9/3
You're a great story writer and I wish you and your family the best.
Lonelywicked chapter 2 . 8/9
Dumbledore and Dark Lord are evils and Malfoy are in betwee... interesting
SlytherinEmo chapter 22 . 8/9
I am truly sorry for your loss. I hope you and your family find peace. The story you wrote is very interesting, but you should definitely take your time to grieve. We will all be here waiting for you when you do decide to continue with the story. I’ll pray for your sister.
Guest chapter 22 . 7/27
So sorry about your sister. How heartbreaking for you all. Praying for a peace that surpasses all understanding. Your writing is beautiful. I do hope you get to continue, even if you have to leave this behind and start something new.
swishyla chapter 22 . 6/29
I'm really sorry for your loss. This story is great but if its in the way of life take a step back. Give yourself some time no need to get any more chapters out until you and your family is okay.
randomhottiexoxo chapter 1 . 6/28
I discovered this story a while ago but unfortunately I found it on my phone and didn't have a chance to favorite it then. I then lost it and have spent a good year now looking for it on and off. And I am so beyond happy that I have found it again. This is such a wonderful story and you have no idea how happy finding this again has made me! Thank you 3
Taylahyo chapter 22 . 6/16
I will not say I understand, because I do not. However, I offer my word of a speedy recovery of your emotional turmoil you are without a doubt having. Remember that there is a difference between just surviving and thriving in the life you have. You deserve to thrive.
I really am loving the story so far, although I will not blame you if you discontinue this story. I appreciate your amazing capability of creating this story.
i'm so sorry 4 u chapter 22 . 6/9

I am so sorry... My boyfriend killed himself when his did died in a car crash... i know how it feels and you should not give up. :)
Selene Silva chapter 22 . 6/9
Dear writer...

Please keep going with this but, more important, support you family first.

I'm soo sorry for your lost. Stay strong.

Best regards,
Guest chapter 22 . 5/19
I’m so sorry for you loss.
Guest chapter 21 . 5/19
Yes! We’ve got Ginny!
Guest chapter 13 . 5/19
That was just beautiful.
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