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JoAnne chapter 2 . 2/17
This is soooooo good ! Thank you
Guest chapter 26 . 12/4/2017
Outstanding chapter
PastOneonta chapter 38 . 8/22/2017
I was more prepared for the end of this chapter but I am crying anyway and it is a very real grief. Why Sam, a good person, with love for many people and integrity above all. Why? So hard. Killian asked him to come back to them.

The moments in the cabin where Emma and Killian wait for a terrible evil to fall on Geneva and Liam and Henry and then it passes, that was excellent writing, creative, heart wrenching. They will have that memory and wonder about it and it was wonderful.
PastOneonta chapter 37 . 8/22/2017
How could I have forgotten this? Emma and Killian have learned that Miranda and Flint are dead. Liam arrives at Charlestown to find the city burned and Miranda almost dead. David Nolan has the information to reveal Gold is a traitor. I enjoyed him in this story. He was honest and true and never had a personal agenda or ulterior motive. He believed in fairness and justice and generally believed people were good, until they were otherwise. He respects Killian, which is impossible for a Navy officer to respect a pirate. A lot of hope in ending British corruption on the islands now lies with David. What else happened in Charlestown? Who killed Ashe? Where is Flint? I am thrilled I can visit this again.
PastOneonta chapter 35 . 8/22/2017
I am re-reading, as I do, and because I owe this story two chapter reviews and I have come to this chapter again. I am crying again at Emma handing her newborn daughter to Regina and Liam to give Geneva 'her best chance'. Crying again. I understand the decision and even agree with it, ... but the heartache. Too unimaginable. As the pirate captains go separate ways and I am worried all over again that they shouldn't separate, that they are stronger as a united force. Wonderful story and revisiting it proves it so worthwhile.
Trish Tavor chapter 1 . 7/23/2017
This was such a beautiful story. Wow. I don't know what else to say. Everything tied together so wonderfully, and it was so heart wrenching but amazing. Thank you for writing this.
Becky chapter 42 . 7/10/2017
Such an amazingly well written story - incredibly moving. You are a hugely talented writer, deftly weaving the fine details of plot, politics, and setting with brilliant characterisation. Thank you - this story will stay with me for a long time.
slayurrr chapter 1 . 7/11/2017
this was AMAZING!
Trish Tavor chapter 1 . 6/3/2017
First off, I am loving this fic so much! It is incredible. Second off, and the real reason for this particular review, is that the Hamilton reference was greatly appreciated. 'Planting seeds...' Totally made my day :P
abeylin1982 chapter 42 . 5/31/2017
Oh my gosh it can't end there! It took far too long for me to finally get around to finishing this amazing fic, and I still need to catch the hubby up on the last few chapters. I love this world so much, and am so happy to see there is a sequel started because this was too beautiful a place to end the story. Thank you again for all your hard work on this fic, and sharing your brilliance and creativity! Looking forward to catching up on the next installment! (and rereading your other amazing works because I love them so much!)
laurcams94 chapter 42 . 5/27/2017

What a hell of a ride this story has been - honestly, I think I need to reread from start to finish.
jdmusiclover chapter 42 . 5/19/2017
-Aw! I love seeing that Emma and the family are living a normal life free of prices on their heads.
-Love that Emma and Killian are not only reunited with Geneva, but then now have a son they named after Sam, too!
-Yay! Glad Miranda and Will pulled through! Too bad Emma and Killian were not able to reunite with Miranda though. Hopefully one day they will in the Americas.
-I hope Flint is still alive…and not about to be hanged. Emma and Killian fighting to free him would kind of destroy their happy anonymous life.
-I’m glad the man being hanged isn’t Flint, but too bad CS don’t get to reunite with him, at least at the moment.
-Thomas Hamilton is alive? Well that’s something I wasn’t expecting.
-Oh good! Emma’s reunited with Miranda!
-Such a good story! I’m sad to see it end, but I see you’ve already started on a sequel, so yay!
jdmusiclover chapter 41 . 5/18/2017
-So Rogers is offering Emma a pardon if she gives him the other 6 chests of gold? I don’t trust that.
-Oh…Bones really did give them away. I’m kind of surprised. At least he demanded Emma’s safety as a condition for his information.
-I’m glad (and not at all surprised) Emma refused Rogers’ deal.
-That was quite the battle…and it is very, very satisfying that Rogers’ actions of sinking the Walrus ended up losing all the Spanish gold for him!
-So glad the Rose was under pirate control; things looked pretty dire for Emma and Flint.
-Merida! Glad to see her again, but I’m curious to hear just how Silver pulled this off.
-Glad Killian chose to save Madi rather than get revenge on Gold (even though Gold really, really needs to die!)
-Gold wants to take down both the pirates and the British crown so that he has ultimate power? Yeah, that sounds just about right, lol.
-I like the idea of Killian getting the Windsor and the Jolie Rouge (Navy and pirate ship) to join forces. Seems he’s accepting both parts of himself.
-But offering himself up to Gold as bate? That sounds dangerous!
-Oh no! Such a brave move by Macintosh, but he got shot. This is not good! That was such a sad but beautiful death scene.
-Hm, there was something weird about the way Silver said Captain Flint was dead, like he was emphasizing the pirate moniker. I’m not giving up hope on him yet.
-That was quite the clever plan by Silver! Glad it worked (but it didn’t work out so well for Flint, unfortunately.)
-Ah, so Killian senses that Milah’s son was also Gold’s. (I love that he calls him crocodile as well.)
-Ugh! So Gold bought Eleanor’s loyalty too? Can’t say I’m surprised.
-“You were not fit to wipe Sam Bellamy’s arse.” Truth.
-So like Gold to believe he and Killian are actually working for the same side and fighting for the same thing. Seems one last bit of attempted manipulation on his part. I love that Killian’s not buying it, that he’s calling out Gold on his bs.
-Yay! The Jolie and the Windsor to the rescue!)
-Oh good, they rescued Nolan…but not Vane, apparently. That’s decidedly not good.
-*eyeroll* Of course Gold couldn’t have died that easily.
-I wish Vane hadn’t had to die, but I love that his last act of defiance and brave death led to the uprising.
-So uplifting that the former slaves rose up with all the rest and attacked in Sam’s name!
-Oh, I love the way this is turning out! David and Mary Margaret basically rebuilding Nassau and offering Killian and the others the chance to live free. Nice!
-Love the reunion at the end!
melsbells91 chapter 42 . 5/16/2017
OH MY POOR HEART I HAVE BEEN WRECKED. "as the horizon was no longer dark, but brighter than the sun and stars and the very world itself." So so beautiful, such a lovely way conclude a story that began, literally, in a dark alley and now ends on a bright clear day, warm in the sun surrounded by family with hearts fit to burst with love. My heart is so happy, minus the lack of our dearest Sam, but their little Sam Jones is very sweet and adorable. It's been such a journey, I can't wait to embark on your next adventure.
melsbells91 chapter 41 . 5/16/2017
THAT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL and almost makes me want forgive you BUT I SHANT! This was marvelous, so much closer and my beautiful pirate babies were reunited and fell into the ocean kissing and in love and alive and I couldn't be happier. Now they just need their babies and the rest of their family together. Amazing job dear, thank you for taking us on this incredible and emotional journey. Can't wait to read the epilogue.
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