Reviews for A Special Friendship
ScarletRainbow1 chapter 6 . 9/18
SlytherinSpider, "never apologize; it's a sign of weakness", Lethro Jethro Gibbs always says. A wait is better than nothing. I look forward to more of your story, regardless of how long it takes. Keep up the good work. You're a marvelous writer. I can't wait till he gets to Hogwarts and shows those people what magic can Really do.
EmJelenKoala chapter 6 . 9/10
PRECIOUS! I loved this chapter. it was so cute.
Selenity84 chapter 6 . 9/8
Love this! Would be awesome if Harry became an ice elemental with Jack teaching him.
Blackdrake chapter 6 . 9/8
An interesting setup. Snow, lightning and sandy, quite the team indeed. And please make harry pelt Quirle with humanized snowballs. Please! That would make this story ways more awesome. I'm also wondering how you intend to include harry in the original guardian movie. Because any way I think about it, that will one hell of a shock for pitch If he tries to go after harry. I mean think about it, this is a child that can hit back. And the black man sure as hell won't be prepared for it.

Im a bit sad about the sporadic updates but I hope you continue this story soon.
Dusk the Cybertronian Fox chapter 6 . 9/8
Your Welcome! :-D
DeathCrawler chapter 6 . 9/8
it may take a long time buts its a nice story so look forward the next chapter
cyiusblack chapter 6 . 9/8
update soon
skyitegaming chapter 6 . 9/7
Love it! Please dont wait so long to update
Guest chapter 5 . 6/15
I love this story so much please can we have another part please please please
Malecwolf chapter 5 . 6/2
please update
ScarletRainbow1 chapter 5 . 3/15
I enjoy this story, but your last update was April 2017. I know it wasn't That long ago, but, please, I beg you, please continue this story.
Idea: Harry will become a new Guardian, with the power of true compassion, the power to entice people (adults) to care about what a child is saying and be able to interpret what a child is wanting to say.
nachofox chapter 5 . 2/20
Great story! PLEASE continue!
animerule64 chapter 5 . 1/19
Add more chapters please
Misty7books chapter 5 . 1/18
Even though it isn't the longest story, this is one of my favourite Harry PotterRise of the Guardians Crossover stories. I hope you can continue it, and if not I still love it! :D
Sylphrena33 chapter 5 . 12/29/2017
I really like this. I love the friendship between Harry and Jack. It's so pure and it just makes me happy. I can't wait to read more of this story. Great job!
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