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KylieKat chapter 13 . 6/21
I believe the first sentence during Hermione's explanation of the Marauder's Map has a error. "The other night, I found you using...," this should have been "The other night, you found me using..." I just wanted to let you know since I found it odd when I was reading that paragraph.
Nichalia chapter 63 . 6/21
What, did he suddenly forget he has hands? Sheesh.
DutchScorRosefan chapter 61 . 6/21
Draco doesn’t want to be seperated from Hermione he feels rejected because she does, she wants to sever the bond but doesn’t want to divorce, come on you guys communicate (but if they did what sort of story would we have...)
Tuonra chapter 43 . 6/21
Oh, so yeah it's definitely clear now that divorce isn't even a guarantee to end the marriage, that's pretty dumb, but okay. So what I think you're setting up is they get married and then they have two options, either they back out and go for the divorce, or they have sex on the equinox. I look forward to either, but mostly the struggles in between.
Tuonra chapter 42 . 6/21
Oh come on Hermione, you need to step up your witty repartee gane with theo and Draco.
"my best mate be be an arse but at least he's nice to look at." should prompt you to respond "Especially his arse." next time. Any way, fun chapter
DutchScorRosefan chapter 50 . 6/20
Thanks for the music added it on spotify
DutchScorRosefan chapter 48 . 6/20
Aaaaah, Ducati. Weird though he rides a BMW but doesn’t ride a BMW motor. But I know why he needs the italian ride.
I hope Draco takes him to a Quidditch match and Todd takes him to a cricket match.

Uhm small thing, they bought a croissant in a bakery on january 1st in 1998? Not sure bakery’s were open then. But again it amkes a pretty premise.
DutchScorRosefan chapter 44 . 6/19
Wouldn’t Narcissa or Andromeda be heirs to the Black fortune or are women bypassed?
Tuonra chapter 40 . 6/17
Thos has got to be the longest chapter yet. And its full of things working out despite all the wrong reasons. Hermione realized she has been an entitled, jealous, stubborn devil of a girlfriend, but not because she realized she's never been in a relationship past the first fight before, instead she just found out what she wanted to know anyway. Draco got all his problems solved despite the fact that all he did was ignore them. And Hermione and Daphne made up despite Hermione being an absolutely awful friend who, upon discovering Daphne in complete distress, proceeds to blame, shame, deny and judge her from her non-existent high horse.
Jeez this school is fucked up, at least there are still good people left, like Ginny and crookshanks. More of them please.
Ps: even after all this, I'm still hooked as all hell on this adventure.
Tuonra chapter 39 . 6/17
Interesting, these Draco chapters are eye-opening.
Though I had expected when Harry turned up with the map that it was because he could not locate Hermione on it, as she was in Rowena's study.
DutchScorRosefan chapter 18 . 6/17
Pansy being an easy target doesn't sit well, she will get flack from just about anyone, which will make her volatile at best. I feel for her, being bullied (because that’s what this is) nobody deserves that.
Tuonra chapter 37 . 6/16
I wonder what he sees in her right now too.
I reread most of this chapter about six times to see if I could squeeze my brain through the convaluted logic and blame deflecting path that conversation took. But alas. All credit to Theo, he tried his absolute best, but what it ended up as was him pleading insanity for Draco with Hermione as the cause. Now that doesn't solve the problem of the fact that Hermione is holding a grudge for how Draco reacted in an argument about a problem that she plainly made up. Who wouldn't get angry if they just kept hounding you with 'why's' over something that didn't happen. This is just getting absolutely frustrating to read.
Now, as for the letter that says they bang in a puddle of sulfuric acid in a field to fix their problem because virgin sex is magical and sacred... That made me laugh. Im not sure if I'd be convinced enough to try it, but it's a new option at least, now she can stall this wedding again and postpone the inevitable another month while they brew essence of salt.
Tuonra chapter 36 . 6/16
Since they sort of share a body now, for Draco's sake I hope Hermione gets that stick out of her ass soon.
She hasn't got a leg to stand on and is being a petulant child. Reversing the roles, it'd be clear to her if they had instead found say Seamus drunk and Draco hounded her this incessantly for why she cared enough not to bring him to Pomphrey.
It's not just that I don't agree with her, I completely don't understand what she's fishing for, is she just looking for a fight? Why?
Witches-Britches chapter 5 . 6/16
(musical note sketchings here)
Knock three times, on the ceiling if you want me, five on the barrel, if you are hufflepuu-ufffff…Oh my sweetness… (sorry, song came into my head)

Anyway, great chapter, enjoy seeing all the rooms with your words, as is your style. :)
Witches-Britches chapter 3 . 6/16
Inhaling parchment, ay? ...déjà vu
...Granger's drug of choice I suppose...
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