Reviews for The Eagle's Nest
anglelica chapter 71 . 8/8
thank you for sharing your work!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/31
Omg i loved this story so much. This was the first fan fiction I've ever read and i enjoyed it immensely. What story should i read next of yours
xXMizz Alec VolturiXx chapter 71 . 7/27
Absolutely amazing beautiful story
0MidnightEmpress0 chapter 70 . 7/23
Beautiful. The plot. The friendships. The hardships. Everything, Beautiful
leez-bee chapter 71 . 7/22
This was a really good read! The entire thing was fantastic! It hurt to see darling Theo so hurt but I thoroughly enjoyed the epilogue. Amazing work as always.
Sophia-serpens chapter 23 . 7/19
Oh I need to look into Skrewts. I had no idea we were breeding them here, in Slovakia.

Much love from Bratislava, Slovakia ️
xXMizz Alec VolturiXx chapter 6 . 7/17
Just starting but I’m already loving it. And so excited how you depict daphne as I share her same body type but I’m over 6 feet tall.
Kristiepits chapter 71 . 7/5
This was an amazing story. I loved every minute of it. I hope the author continues writing, they have a gift.
Eleanor Shellstrop chapter 71 . 7/4
A beautiful story!
Eleanor Shellstrop chapter 65 . 7/2
I really want to know what is going on with Theo.
Eleanor Shellstrop chapter 62 . 7/1
Oh my god! My wolfstar heart is shouting so hard right now!
Eleanor Shellstrop chapter 56 . 7/1
Finally! Yesss!
Eleanor Shellstrop chapter 45 . 7/1
I want more of Lucius!
Eleanor Shellstrop chapter 10 . 6/28
Slowburn Dramione is the best dramione!
DracosJ chapter 35 . 6/23
Omg, this made me cryyyy. Wow. So much emotion going on here. I'm so happy with this chapter!
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