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Jaygm chapter 61 . 12/11
Loved this story and the very cool cast of characters. As an animal lover, I am all for doing whatever we can to stop animal abuse. So it was a real treat to read of these animal rescuers and their families.

Thanks for this. I savored this story- real life helped me out a little, but evenso- this story was with me for a few weeks and I am hating to see these characters' stories come to an end.
Jaygm chapter 60 . 12/11
So they have found a new home and hopefully Annie Mae will move with them.
Jaygm chapter 59 . 12/10
Now that was one fine shindig, eh?
Jaygm chapter 58 . 12/10
Lots of things happening. I love Edward and Bella.
Jaygm chapter 57 . 12/10
That is certainly not looking good.
Jaygm chapter 56 . 12/8
Jaygm chapter 55 . 12/8
Annie Mae had her fingerprints all over this- LOL. So glad to see the babies all made it safe and sound.

The fact that the great dane story is real makes it even worse. There is simply no understanding of what makes people do these things.
Jaygm chapter 54 . 12/7
The poor great danes! There is so much of this stuff that goes on and it makes me sad every time I hear about it. Looks like Edward and Bella had a little bit of alone time on the Swan boats.
Jaygm chapter 53 . 12/7
Bella sure told him! He wants alone time and she wants the big family. Oh dear. I hope they can meet somewhere in the middle.
Jaygm chapter 52 . 12/7
Two more kittens. They have a home full of pets and pretty soon there will be two babies. They must really like busy!
Jaygm chapter 51 . 12/7
LOL. That contest was funny.
Jaygm chapter 50 . 12/7
Sounds like a lot of fun!
Jaygm chapter 49 . 12/5
Those big boys know how to have fun. LOL.
TwiFanfictionRecs chapter 61 . 12/1
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Guest chapter 1 . 11/28
Good beginning chapter; what could be better: dogs and hot men.
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