Reviews for The Serpent's Gaze
alix33 chapter 119 . 11/12
Yay! at Harry hearing for the first time those stories about when his father was at Hogwarts.
I wonder if Madam Pomfrey was a bit ironic there, by referring to “the lovely healers from St. Mungo’s”?
EW! At Harry having encountered Gideon Gibbon.
“teach you things too”, not “teach you things to”.
It was probably incredibly rare of Molly Weasley and Lucius Malfoy to agree on anything.
I loved the alliteration in “monster in miniature”.
I feel sad at the thought of Harry starting to do the exercises - that Lucius Malfoy recommended so very long ago now - soon.
WandSparksRCoolerThanFireworks chapter 119 . 11/12
This is an amazing story :)
TheDarkMan19 chapter 25 . 11/11
your story is excellently written thus far and I enjoy your version of Harry's wit even as an ickle firsty. however slash romance has never been to my taste so I'm afraid I must bow out at this juncture. no technical complaints simply not a story flavor that interests me. best of luck completing your work.
ultraclosetfan chapter 119 . 11/11
My heart jumped a bit when Gibbon offered to take Harry down to the common room. I didn't expect Blaise to show up so soon after Gibbon was there, what if Gibbon saw them?! I'm very curious as to what Lockhart wants to talk about. As always, thank you for all of your hard work.
Mistress DragonFlame chapter 1 . 11/7
I wish you had placed your pairings somewhere in the story, profile, or summary. I spent a lot of time looking to see what pairings there were, because I’d not want to start a 100chapter story just to get upset at, say, chapter 15 when a not-shipped pairing occurs.
Harriverse chapter 118 . 11/7
So no important characters die? Keep us on our toes.
acquiringwriter chapter 118 . 11/6
Very good chapter duo. It was commanding and powerful. Dark with grit and emotion sparsed throughout. And enough action to satisfy even the most action oriented of readers.

Very commendable.
propensity chapter 118 . 11/6
Augusta Longbottom's quote about death was well-placed and poignant.
alix33 chapter 118 . 11/6
Poor Madam Rosmerta! Speaking of which, I hope she’s not gotten caught in the fire.
Well done, on that “Accio shoes!”’, Harry.
Oh no! Madam Rosmerta died!
AW! At Harry having taken the advice in that letter from Augusta Longbottom from a fair bit ago to heart.
Harriverse chapter 117 . 11/6
You write a very intelligent story. You almost lost me back when you stuck too close to canon, but this is different enough to keep me interested.

I'm predicting Cedric died. He died in canon, plus he doesn't strike me as the kind to really handle true war well.
alix33 chapter 117 . 11/6
Gosh, that cloak Harry got as a gift from Augusta Longbottom sounds stylish.
Why aren’t the cloaks of all Hogwarts students hooded, like Harry’s is?
What makes MY skin crawl is that Gibbon.
Ron Weasley and Fang’s snoring competition made me laugh.
I'm sad that there are beds, and not the comfy sleeping bags of canon, in the Great Hall.
plutoplex chapter 117 . 11/6
Flitwick is dead?
plutoplex chapter 116 . 11/6
I liked the conversation between Severus and Albus.
LoveBeingAReader chapter 117 . 11/5
I love your story. Please update soon. My heart dropped to my stomach because I think I know who you already killed... I always loved Professor Flitwick. I just know youre going to make me cry in the next chapter. This chapter was suspenseful, awesome, and well worth the wait from the last one, albeit, it hadn’t been long, but when you’re hooked on a story you go mental with the wait :). Love it
alix33 chapter 116 . 11/5
That fainting thing makes me wonder how Patricia Simpson even ever got sorted into Gryffindor.
What flavour cauldron cake did Harry get, please?
It could be Hebrew or Arabic – they’re both read that way.
That gentle persuasion of the rain way from that balcony made me think of the IMO fantastic book series by Elizabeth Cunningham. It’s called the Maeve Chronicles and starts off from the premise that the Biblical character we know as Mary Magdalene is a Celtic weather witch (who would thus be able to persuade rain thus also, even though millennia earlier) with the birth name Maeve.
Those “errands” sound ominous.
Gibbon’s cheer scares me quite witless but then again, I am so lacking in courage and thus so easily scared that the Pottermore sorting hat quiz made me a Ravenclaw.
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