Reviews for Harry Potter and the Rune Stone Path
Michael chapter 45 . 11/18
Well the animated LOTR and The Hobbit movies were out though... hmm... I wonder if those can still be found.
Tenderroast chapter 50 . 11/20
i just finished reading this entire story in a few days. I loved it more than canon. Nice job!
Michael chapter 44 . 11/18
i wouldn't go so far as to calling him a pedo. He never actually touched the kids sexually. He was a sadist, and torturer who specifically targeted kids for his own perverse pleasure. He walked an extremely thin line that really never should've existed. I think Rowling downplayed these monsters personalities too much.
chaosesflame chapter 16 . 11/20
im rereading this and love the forshadowing.
greenarrow679 chapter 26 . 11/16
bro youre Killing me with this dumbledore
greenarrow679 chapter 13 . 11/15
i understand what you went for with that argument with hermione but Harry is right in all facets
ladyzoroark chapter 50 . 11/9
This was bloody brilliant! I actually missed work because I stayed up to 5am to read this story!
Steve-Arkarian chapter 49 . 11/8
Though overall this chapter was good I have to point out a very glaring error on your part. Earlier in this story, not long after Lily was brought back to life she already visited her sister. So she shouldn't have been scared and surprised when she showed up this time and last time all she did was like why did you hurt my son and her sister like had nothing to say but it did happen and I know it wasn't from a different story because do you know how long if it's taking me to read this story I'm a slow reader this is a lot of chapters so it had to have been in the story. So I feel sorry but I have to tell you you messed up.
Steve-Arkarian chapter 39 . 11/7
I know it was a kind of new thing like within days but Daphne knew her father was pushing for her to get together with Harry and she's dating which is more than friends and I guess when he's old enough would be considered more solid consort status but he's still trying to make other plans cuz apparently she didn't alert him for whatever reason that makes absolutely no sense.?
Steve-Arkarian chapter 37 . 11/7
I wonder how long it's going to take Sirius or Tonks to remember that they found one when cleaning out his house and gave it to the house elf.
Steve-Arkarian chapter 30 . 11/6
I know it won't happen because this is an already completed story and midway through the story, but I really wish you would have gone back to the translation type that you did in the first place. And by that I mean having the translation in parentheses right in the middle of the story that you're speaking in, and not all the fuck the way at the end of the chapter where if you have a translation issue at the beginning or even the middle of the chapter and you write fairly long chapters which is great in itself but that means I have no fucking clue what's going on in the story especially in this lost chapter where there was a large chunk of French and you put the translation at the end of the chapter it's unreasonable to expect your readers to go from that part and mark where they are in the chapter to scroll down to see what you're saying to scroll back up to see what's next to scroll down etc etc it's ridiculous. And I'm sure I'm not the only one that hates it. If your story itself wasn't so good I would quit reading at this point!
khatre chapter 38 . 11/4
the intro said . wow there are lots of lesbians in this fic then i see
Mom 1 drooling over Mom 2s ass ..
griffin blackwood chapter 33 . 11/6
Your uses of Dobby winky and the flannels is great
griffin blackwood chapter 19 . 11/5
I’m um bi t ch is amazingly 2d
griffin blackwood chapter 18 . 11/5
Millie,is a nice addition
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