Reviews for Ichigo Awakens
aitor.rosell.torralba chapter 100 . 10/31/2023
You kill an harem member , absolute trash tier fic. 0/10 will drop, xpected for the gotei to just wipe the sterntitters with ease with all that extra training
4Alucard chapter 44 . 10/23/2023
In the AN i see mentions of menons but dont see any. Were they deleted
PlzDontReferToMe chapter 99 . 10/20/2023
Wait Ulquiorra’s dead just like that damn
yeaaaahhhh I read chapter 57 . 10/9/2023
forget what I said in that review, after re reading more post tybw material it's more likely that Grimmjow veiws them as trust friends/companions
sense despite being the strongest hallow post war he let's them rule but is extremely territorial of Hueco and the people he acknowledges as his
yeaaaahhhh I read chapter 57 . 10/9/2023
Man taking away the person Grimjow Canonically/implied to have hooked up with after the series is over(and is also the only reason he hasn't overthrown Haribel)
Neiliel is crazy
Guest chapter 43 . 10/2/2023
yourfoxydope chapter 7 . 9/24/2023
what a shit
Ultimate-Zelda-fan chapter 60 . 9/11/2023
I can't help but feel that Masaki gave Momo the legendary "It's not your fault" treatment. R.I.P. Robin Williams
SavageThor chapter 107 . 9/6/2023
Congratulations man wish you well in this endeavor.
Trace Reading chapter 70 . 9/6/2023
the bount arc is a perfect example of why a series should just go on vacation until the manga catches up.
sleepinglush chapter 107 . 9/5/2023
ill be sure to check it out good luck on your sales
Archangel Xireon Chaos God chapter 107 . 9/5/2023
Firehawk2213 chapter 57 . 9/3/2023
His fullbringer is to make invisible SAW traps
oi mate chapter 13 . 7/31/2023
skip the goddamn anime filler.
it's still weird chapter 9 . 7/30/2023
That the canon shinigami never attempted to teach the Quincy how to purify hollows or provide them with tools that converted their spiritual energy, opting instead to just wipe them out for having the temerity to protect themselves from evil soul-devouring monsters, so the purification bows is a nice touch.
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