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Guest chapter 6 . 5/29/2023
Kind fun to read all this stuff before what the rebuild ending was known, we all knew it took a very different direction but I suppose lots of could have been
Lovemichi chapter 6 . 2/25/2021
I enjoyed this story. I hope something like that happens in the movie.
Dreaming costs nothing. hahaha
Brool Story Co chapter 6 . 5/22/2020
Loved it. One of the best post 3.0 fics! Congratulations!
FelipeFritschF chapter 1 . 4/1/2019
Very cute, man. Thanks.
Dragonjek chapter 3 . 1/31/2019
""But… you all… you never explain-"
He spoke through the sobs. Tears freely streaming down his face now. She studied him for a moment wondering if maybe she should stop but she kept going. It was time for him to hear this no matter how much it hurt him.
"They tried but before they got a chance to your bastard of a father attacked us and you blindly followed Rei without thinking. Did you not listen to a word anyone said to you? Did you not consider we might have had a good reason to keep you under quarantine like we did?"

They really didn't explain very much of anything, nor make any appreciable attempt to do so. Any information he got was reluctantly dragged out of them, and given in the shortest form possible to avoid speaking to him.

He's met by hatred and coldness from every direction, with no hint as to why they'd treat him that way. They stuck a bomb on him for something that was barely explained, and was described as his "punishment-for what was never explained. The first thing Misato told him was that he was useless; the second thing was to tell him that Rei was dead, threaten to kill him if he tried to leave even though they didn't need him, gave what was basically a declaration of war against NERV, and reaffirmed that Rei was dead _while he could hear her_. His last memory of Misato was of saving her life, and of her encouraging him to try to save Rei.

They tried to destroy an Eva-which from what Misato herself had previously told Shinji, was humanity's defense against the Angels-as well as NERV itself, which Shinji is still a part of and has no idea why anyone would turn against them. His happiness at seeing that Asuka was still alive was met with enough anger that she tried to attack him through the glass separating them. His father was, as far as he knew the last time he was awake, still trying to keep humanity safe from the Angels.

All of them were acting "wrong", and the fact that Rei was there at all meant that they had already been lying to him. NERV represented safety, an assurance that at least he was protecting humanity, the home he had lived in until then, his friends, and the self-same Rei he was absorbed into Eva for.

There was no reason to stay with people who had already proven that they would lie to him, who had seemed to turn traitor to their own cause, who showed personal hatred for him, and who didn't explain any of these things. Even in the time up to Rei showing up, he was told barely anything.

Saying "Nerv betrayed humanity", "there's a Rei lookalike out there, but it's not her", or any of even a set of lies to give him a reason to stay could have worked, even after Rei Q busted in.

Not that he didn't hold a role in what happened, but at no point was he given more than a cursory response. All the reasons he had to trust them, from all their past experiences together, they had just spent systematically taking apart. No concern was shown for him as a person, and he was treated more like a prisoner (hell, he woke up to four people pointing guns at him while he was still restrained to the gurney). Even Sakura Suzuhara referred to him as BM-03.
I'd estimate that he held only 5 percent of the responsibility for leaving the Wunder. Maybe 10 at most.
BigSkeez0195 chapter 6 . 5/31/2018
Beautiful story! Im interested in post 3.0 stories and this one is expertly written! My only problem is i need more story now! hoping for a sequel someday
Ranma-sensei chapter 6 . 2/19/2017
I like how you portray Shikinami as both her angry self and a grown, twenty-three-years old woman coming to terms with how much losing Shinji hurt. Not yet having read the sequel, I'm curious how this might feel to the people aboard Wunder, as they probably won't understand how she can still love him.

Great work!

Keep narrating,
Guest chapter 1 . 1/8/2017
"You sure love Blaming it all on Shinji"

That's NOT what the author is doing.

However, Shinji made a lot of stupid choices because he refused to listen every time someone told him: "No, this is a terrible idea". Some fans complain about Wille explaining nothing, but Misato tried to explain things to Shinji before he ran off, Asuka tried to stop him, Kaworu warned him against carrying their plan forward... and he never listened! He ALWAYS chose freely the worst possible course of action. Shinji needs to own up to his mistakes and learn from them if he wants to set things right.

Not that Misato, Asuka, Mari, Kaworu... didn't make mistakes. They did. But maintaining Shinji is blameless is disingenuous and patronizing. Also, that "Everyone hate Shinji" meme needs to die. Misato and Asuka are angry but don't hate him, the Wunder crew is actually indifferent to him, his father couldn't care less...

Moving on. Flawed story, but good. I look forward to read the sequel.
Guest chapter 5 . 11/5/2016
Sex for stupid plot reasons.

Seemed like a rushed relationship
Guest chapter 4 . 11/5/2016
You sure love Blaming it all on Shinji
Silvermoonlight GJ chapter 6 . 9/26/2016
The part with Asuka all those years ago was tragic and heartbreaking but it was really interesting to see Mari talk her back in to doing things and shows how they became more than friends. All in all a really good solid and enjoyable story :)
Silvermoonlight GJ chapter 3 . 9/26/2016
You really feel the bleakness of 3rd impact in this and really touches a raw Nerv because the world is ruined and these characters are all trying so hard to get to know each other again I like that Asuka is coming around to Shinji even if its just the first step to be friends if nothing more.
Silvermoonlight GJ chapter 1 . 9/21/2016
This is really brilliantly written I also really like the characters really feel in character along with conflict thats going on as this is very much how I'd imagine it to be as so much time has passed and people are different and there's a lot unspoken and unsaid.
DarkBluePhoenix chapter 6 . 8/11/2016
I really liked this story, and I hope you have a sequel for it to see what happens after they are recovered by WILLE. I like the slow thawing of Asuka's heart to Shinji, and her fighting herself to actually forgive him, it was actually a really sweet way to get them together.

Also Rei Q's existential crisis was interesting with her communicating with the Rei from 1.11 and 2.22, and their eventual merging to become one was also pretty good.

I have to say, Shinji's growth at realizing what he had done, and then, finally coming in to protect Asuka at the very last moment, kind of redeeming himself in terms of not saving her from Bardiel.

The little snippet of Mari and Asuka's relationship was also pretty good, with Mari wanting to make Asuka feel better, and give her a reason to keep fighting, it was a nice tie into to how many viewed their relationship from the movie.

Overall, just a fantastic take on a post 3.33 fic. Excellent job.
Gryphon117 chapter 6 . 7/20/2016
Well, I finally remembered that I had this story waiting around to be read to its conclusion, and decided to get around to finishing it. And, well...

It's not bad?

Grammar and structure wise the same problems I remember mentioning in earlier reviews still remain, but those are not the issues that have ultimately made me not enjoy the second half of this story all that much, but rather one particular plot point and the completely irrational behaviour of the characters during several parts.

First of all, the plot point: I wasn't a fan of Rei's synchronisation with her original self, mostly because little to no plausible reasoning is given as to why and how it happens. The idea itself wasn't bad, but having it happen in this story, where there is no explanation for the contact is quite a bit jarring.

If it had happened in say, the entry plug of Unit-01 where the original Rei disappeared, or even in the Wunder, I could have suspended my disbelief enough for it to work, but that was sadly not the case. I honestly think that this plot point would have worked better in a story of its own with Rei at its centre, or even in an epilogue of sorts to this one, when everyone is already on board the Wunder.

Now onto the irrational behaviour.

The first implied and later confirmed OOS sex happens way too fast, unbelievably so. That one alone really took me out of the story, because while I was already thinking that the relationship between Shinji and Asuka was fixing itself a little bit too smoothly, for them to jump straight into shagging like that and with no actual build-up was just plain ridiculous.

And then there's the entire first half of Chapter 6, where Mari makes good use of a lot of information that she should have no possible way of knowing. I mean, 'You love him, don't you?' That's one hell of an assumption to make about someone that you have just met for the first time and to whom you've talked to for barely five minutes; the most logical explanation I can think of is that Mari had some sort of report on the interactions between the Children, but even that doesn't make a lot of sense, because we never see Asuka do anything in 2.0 that could be taken as infatuation by an outside observer.

Material to imply that Asuka liked Shinji? Sure.
Material for Mari to assume deep love without making a leap of faith? Hell no.

And on that note, were the intelligency agencies of the world just a bunch of shippers, or what?

And then the noth of them enter into a relationship (implied to be very much sexual from the very beginning) just like that, after less than ten minutes of talking? I... what?

I get that Asuka at this point is emotionally damaged in the extreme, but that sequence of events just doesn't follow logically at all.

And doesn't it occur to Mari that maybe she SHOULDN'T be taking advantage of a girl in Asuka's state? Like, not even for a moment? I mean, I've only seen weird inter-personal developments like those in H-Doujins, and bad ones at that.

I realize that I've ranted quite a bit, but I hope I've been clear enough about which points I personally didn't like. It's a shame to find myself disliking how it all ended out, because I was really into it at the beginning, but I just can't in good conscience call what happened in those last few chapters good plotting.

I hope that I wasn't too harsh.

Oh well, now that that's out of the way, I'll check that other story you were recently writing shortly. Here's to hoping that it will succeed where this one failed.
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