Reviews for That is SO dumb!
mykingdomlights chapter 1 . 4/23/2016
Oh, I like what I just read! :)
And it really sounds like there should be more of it :D

Also... will you give me a detailed essay about the meet-up please? :D Just imagine those words being said very fast and very pleadingly :D I'm from Austria, theres no way I could ever go, will you help me out? Seriously, I've been going crazy about this since they announced it haha :D

lots of love! :)
SA-fan 2011 chapter 1 . 4/21/2016
Great start!

Instead of trying to get him to kiss her again, she should try to make Alex srat with a work strategy for the future!
Stevie should maybe try to find out what Alex would do with Killarney if the could make all the decisions and actually make his dream come true.
How would he run the farm, if he was the boss of the place?
By offering him her help and ideas, will that maybe put at least a temporary stop on Alex's thoughts about leaving, and instead make him think more constructive about what he wants to achieve in life just for himself?
And is it actually is doable to make it come true on his own, or can Stevie make him admit to himself that he can't make his dream come true on his own without some help from his best mate and his brother?
Can Alex with Stevie's help create a visionary business plan that is totally going to surprise Harry and Nick, and prove to them about how smart he can be when he rally wants to be?