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Guest chapter 4 . 8/22
No have any of you seen the second movie? Don't trust her!
Guest chapter 2 . 8/22
Honestly in the movie it goes more to Damien and Raven. So I think robrae is good for this one.
Crow chapter 4 . 5/27
YES! new chap! this is great! please keep it up!
Shana chapter 2 . 4/26
Here is part two of the idea:

In Justice League Vs Teen Titans Natalia was helping save some civilians like a woman While The Justice League battle the Legion of Doom. After all that Batman sends Natalia to join the Teen Titans along with Robin so they can learn about teamwork. Natalia meets the Titans' leader Starfire and members Raven, Beast Boy, and Blue Beetle. Later on Starfire takes the Titans, Robin and Natalia to a carnival, Natalia is on the Ferris wheel with Starfire. Natalia wins a teddy bear at the milk bottle game. Natalia was training by herself when Damian was talking to Raven where Starfire come up to her and they talk to each other. When The Titans battle the Possessed League without success, Natalia battled Cyborg. While in Hell and when meeting the undead Ra's al Ghul, who tries to persuade Robin and Natalia to join Trigon so that he may return to life, but Robin and Natalia refuse and they battle him with Ra's al ghul defeat. After the whole adventure with Trigon Natalia spoke to Adam on her Tablet about her whole adventure.

In Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, she helped with the attack against the HIVE in the first scene. Natalia was reading a Book during the scene where Terra came and left with Beast boy and Beetle playing foosball and communicating with each other. She was with Dick when they see the scene of Brother Blood interview and was there during the whole scene up until she sees Jaimie training. Natalia was in the scene of Jaimie, Garfield and Terra were hanging out Up until Terra left the Gabriel Horn. She was the Titans Training scenes. When Damian went missing she was constantly worrying as she was the only one who believe something is wrong and something happened to him. She was at Terra party and from the scenes of the meeting of the plan of going to get the HIVE scientist up to seeing the photos the HIVE scientist have of them. She was at the scene where the Titans were eating cake the up until starfire and Nightwing came in and tell them to be vigilant at all times because of Brother Blood. Natalia was captured by HIVE by knock out gas at whatever location you want. After the final battle with Brother Blood, Natalia sees Adam coming up to her and hugs him who come to visit her due to his parent new invention, a Teleportation Bracelet at the Titan Tower beach where she talk about her whole adventure with him.

Natalia and Damian age are what the Canon movies said they're age is which means they are not in the teenage years just yet unless the future canon movies are.

Also those/this story will still have the canon pairing from the canon movies:

Nightwing and Starfire

Wonder Woman and Superman

Mera and Aquaman

Zaranna and John Constantine (possibly)

Jaimie and Traci (possibly)

And any other canon pairing in those canon movies as well. Also there is no Damian and Raven pairing because the movies didn't explicitly say and show they were in a relationship.

You can see those movies on Kisscartoon.

Look at Wattpad stories and Quotev stories relating those movies I mentioned to help yourself out.

Here are places Adam can take Natalia to during Son of Batman, between Son of Batman and Batman vs Robin, during Batman vs Robin, During batman Bad Blood and between batman Bad Blood and justice league vs teen titans:

* botanical garden
* Zoo
* Bird sanctuary
* Football match
* Cabin
* Kite flying
* Different type of Sports matches
* A Dog show
* Ice skating rink
* Music hall
* Sports stadiums
* Farm
* A Theatre show
* Windsurfing
* Sailing
* Bee farm
* Horse ranch
* Types of museum
* Reptile centre
* Animal sanctuary
* Farms
* Orchard
* Petting zoo
* Marine park
* Pier
* Port
* Astrology Museum
* Art Museum
* Beach
* Forest
* National park
* Marine mammals park
* Nature centre
* Amusement park
* Water park
* Beach
* Planetarium
* Clock tower
* Library
* Art galley
* Butterfly house
* Cactus garden
* Shops
* Aquarium
* History Museum
* Plantation
* Vineyard
* Movie theatre
Cyborg older sister, Chelsea who's estranged from their father but is a government agent. She helps provide funding to the Teen Titans. She has a husband, named Drake and a daughter who's less than a year old, named Fiona.

Sarah Charles older brother, Tristan is a scientist who works for the government. He has a fiancé, a artist named Lucy.

Orm younger twin sister and Arthur younger half sister name Sirena who is an ally of the Justice League and Atlantis. She travels all around on land to learn about the land to passed down knowledge to her people. She and Arthur communicate by a magic ring.

Anyone else who sees this idea they can use it as well. I'll will be giving this idea to a lot of people.
Shana chapter 1 . 4/26
Here is a idea of mine you can use. Here is part one of it:

How about you do (a) fanfic(s) on Damian Wayne twin sister who's apart of these canon movies, Son of Batman, Nightwing and Robin, Batman vs. Robin, Batman: Bad Blood, Justice League vs. Teen Titans and Teen Titans: The Judas Contract. And also any future films that this incantation of Damian Wayne/Robin will be part of in the DC Animated Movie Universe. Also this/these future story/stories is not connected to this story. This story will only do the Canon movies and not original anything. You can do some changes to this idea.

Damian twin sister can have an amulet that gives it's bearer powers. The amulet looks similar to Amulet of Avalor from Sofia the First. It only can be taken off if the current wearer dies. The amulet also chooses it wearer. You can choose the amulets powers. Like for example An amulet that gives it's wearer the power over air, fire, water, Earth and electricity and that The Amulet is called Amulet of Elements. You can decided the amulet weakness like its linked to the bearers emotions, thus Natalia can't use it for some time (until it's wore off) buts its your choice that you deciding to do the amulet or not.

Damian twin sister name can be Natalia. Natalia looks similar to her mother except for having blue eyes like her father. Natalia have the same skills, powers and abilities like Damian. Natalia wears a mask
for her superhero form. Natalia has as her main weapon but she also has 2 Kusarigama, 2 Tessen fan, a tanto sword, shurikens and Kunai's

Also Natalia superhero name and costume can be you're decision.

Natalia isn't like her brother, she's not cold, cruel, entitled, egotistical, condescending, rude, somewhat temperamental if not outright violent when confronted by her enemies, not respectful for privacy and other people, stubborn, doesn't think highly of herself, not has no patience, not act without thinking, not to defy those around her if her terms are not meet, she was not o defy her own father numerous time, not stubborn, have no hard time listening to others when she has done something wrong, not a hard time understanding sarcasm but plays it off as if she knew to begin with. Natalia was always a "hard-headed child", confused about who she was and who she was supposed to be. She always had people telling her what to do and how to act. Natalia was a shy, kind, highly intelligent and quiet girl. Natalia is quite insecure. She rarely talks. Natalia is dependent on Damian. Later she starts to gain more confidence to do more on her own without Damian. Natalia isn't willingly to kill anyone, even before meeting her father and never has and never will kill anyone. Natalia keeps her distance from Bruce and others until she fully accepts him and others.

Natalia can have a OC somewhat male love interest that they can be in a official relationship when they're both 14 officially. Natalia OC somewhat male love interest, Adam Miller is a son of a scientist name Vivian Miller who's works at a Research Facility called Neptune Labs and an Engineer name Jax Miller. Vivian helps out with the Justice League, Teen Titans and other Heros sometimes but in secret. Neptune Labs also work with S.T.A.R Labs sometimes and companies like Wayne Enterprise sometimes as well. Adam is a month older than Natalia. Adam parents are good friends with Batman/Bruce Wayne. Adam and his parents knows batman is Bruce Wayne. Adam is a child prodigy. Batman brought in Adam to keep Natalia company and have a friend. Adam was able to show Natalia things like how to have fun, readings books, hobbies, places like a sea port, technology, computers, games etc. Adam appears in all the movies with Natalia, even if a cameo. Adam gave Natalia her first tablet which they use to communicate with each when they're far away from each other. Adam is friends with Renee Montoya nephew and Alfred great nephew. Adam gave Natalia her first doll.

In first movie After a battle with Slade at the beginning, Talia then took Damian and Natalia to meet their father where they meet him at Gotham Docks. While Damian visited Wayne Enterprise she meets Adam who was introduce to by Alfred where they get to know each other, while during Damian battle with Ubu she was training by herself in the Batcave when Nightwing and Damian came in from there battle earlier. Natalia was knocked out while fighting Deathstroke nearing at the oil rig. She woke up when the battle was over. Natalia decided to stay with her father instead of being with her mother.

In the second movie, Batman vs Robin, Natalia help Batman with the the battle against the Dollmaker and the kidnapped children before running and going to Damian where's she witnessed Talon. Natalia soon began to question herself of who she is, what kind of person she is by herself and what she can do by herself, even without Damian by her side. Natalia was sleeping in the study with Damian where she woke up and meets Samantha Vanaver. Wayne quickly introduced Damian and Natalia as his wards, not children, and was keeping him a secret from the press corps until the paperwork was finished. Natalia trained with Nightwing along with Robin when Batman went out. Later, when Bruce tries to connect with Damian and Natalia but Natalia keeps her distance. Natalia convinced Robin to not kill Batman, coming towards the nearing ending of the short Battle between Bruce and Damian. After the whole Court of Owl thing, Natalia decides to go to a place (the place can be you decision) by herself without her family and Adam by herself so she can discover her true path and self. She hugged Damian and Bruce goodbye.

In the third movie, Batman: Bad Blood, About half a year later (as the movie itself stated), Natalia watches a news report of Batman's disappearance and sets out to return to Gotham. Batman apparently resurfaces is also quickly noticed by Natalia. Natalia also intercept Batman where she meets Damian again and quickly deduce that it is Nightwing wearing an old version of the Batsuit. Natalia behind her own own investigations into the Heretic, unconvinced that Bruce is truly dead. Talia, refused to allow Heretic to bring Robin and Natalia to their base of operations at the Sisters of Perpetual Grace. She preferred to keep them at arm's length. The Heretic then breaks into the Batcave and kidnaps Natalia and Damian. Natalia reveal to have a tracker in her costume along with Damian's as well. Batwing, Nightwing and Batwoman rescue Bruce, Natalia and Damian, but Talia and her henchmen escape. A week later after rescue Bruce, Damian and Natalia still couldn't believe they was just a tool to program to there mother. Natalia Is convinced that Bruce is still under the effects of the Mad Hatter's mind control, though Damian is unconvinced. As the brainwashing of the tech summit takes place, Nightwing, Robin, Batwoman, Natalia, Alfred, and Batwing arrive and fight Talia and her henchmen. During the battle at the Tech Summit, Talia issued an ultimatum to Natalia and Damian to join her or die. Natalia fought with one of the Talia minions, Rapidshadow, an assassin for hire. He wears a ring that give him powers relating to shadows and it only be taken off if he's dead. He accident got himself impaled on a spike and died from his injuries and his ring disappeared where it will find a new wearer. After stoping the whole mind control on the people at the tech summit, Talia, Robin, Batwing, Natalia and Batwoman converged on Batman and Nightwing's battle. Talia then orders Bruce to kill Nightwing, Natalia and Damian, but Bruce, through Grayson's pleas, resists the brainwashing. Later on Bruce is later seen comforting Damian and Natalia over Talia's supposed death. As the Bat-Signal shines in Gotham City, Batwoman, Nightwing, and Batwing meet Batman, Natalia and Robin on top of the police station to respond to a crime committed by the Penguin. Natalia sees Batgirl but keeps quiet about it. Also Batwing can have a younger sister name Cecilia who is studying to become a pastry chef. Cecilia knows when someone lying. Cecilia is very cheerful and have a heart of gold. Cecilia has a boyfriend name Logan. Cecilia appeared in nearly all scenes of Luke except when he's Batwing. Cecilia find out Lucius work with Batman same time as Luke and know that Luke is Batwing. Cecilia was at the vault at Wayne Enterprise as well as the same time as her father, Luke, the Heretic and Heretic minions. Cecilia was the hospital with Luke and her dad when she meets Dick. Cecilia also sees Luke suiting up and becoming Batwing. Cecilia was the hospital room with Lucius when he woke up and when she sees Batwing she waves at him. Cecilia change her last name to a different one so she can have a normal life. Batwoman can have younger brother name Tobias who studying to become a doctor. He is a few years younger than Katharine. Tobias has a girlfriend name Rosalie. Tobias was at the incident that in that he, Katharine and there sister Elizabeth and mother Gabrielle were abducted, held for ransom, and eventually killed by their captors, while he and Katharine were the only survivors. Tobias and Rosalie knows Katharine is Batwoman. Rosalie is a also studying to become a doctor as well. Tobias meets with his sister, Katharine and father Jacob at the diner as well. Tobias helps out Katharine when Jacob Kane attacked them. Tobias appears in nearly all scenes with Katharine except for when she is Batwoman and the scene with her (Katharine) date with Renee.
Ruby Queen chapter 3 . 2/10
Here's an idea for you to use:

A Book that tells all the information of the universe like alien species and their home planets and society and of any civilisations in the universe whether they're alien race, magical race, hidden race or a different race, secret or not. When new information is discovered, new pages come with the newly discovered information or new information is written on the pages. To get the info you want you ask it and it will show you. It has unlimited pages. You can change its to any size you, whenever you want.

If anyone else see this idea of mine like a reviewer, favouriter and/or follower for example, you can use it as well. Also I'm going to give this idea to a lot of people.
Guest chapter 3 . 12/22/2016
When it is later ?
MissSaucyRed chapter 3 . 9/25/2016 your update soon.I'm planing of doing a JLvsTT story focusing on Ramien(well, well just look at that sexy ship name) Anyway I hope u continue it very soon. LOVE YA!3
Guest chapter 3 . 7/9/2016
Can you just focus on one story and finish it like this one?
Guest chapter 1 . 7/3/2016
Can you please make another chapter already I try to be patient by reading other stories and I come back to this like every couple days or weeks and I keep seeing the same number of chapters.
Guest chapter 3 . 6/16/2016
CONTINUE CONTINUE CONTINUE! Why is everyone waiting to update these days? Also, can you make your chapters longer?
Sora Pendragon chapter 3 . 6/11/2016
I love the Movie, I think it has to be the Coolest thing that DC Cinema created, by the way Eagle's outfit I have this image of a Dr. Fate Color Scheme. I can't seem to form a an image of his hair color, and style, and Eye Color.
h2o48 chapter 1 . 4/19/2016
Love it so far, and I also like the whole damian and raven ship if your gonna include it.
Shasad Naoko chapter 1 . 4/19/2016
*-* I've been waiting for this, I mean, I watch Justice League vs Teen Titans and I think that has to be an story in that time line. And you did it.
Thank you for this, I be waiting for the next chapter (:
P.D. sorry for my english, need practice jeje.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/19/2016
Are you gonna ship bbrae in this story? I hate it how it seems in the movie where Damien and Raven are shipped, it should've been beast boy instead.