Reviews for To Fight In Love And War
Celestia's Blade of Poison chapter 42 . 6/13
I love it but please don't forget about Shippo continuously. The order of their children goes Shippo, Rin, Daichi and the one in Kagome's belly. And maybe since she has accepted his sonn as her own, Sesshomaru can do the same for Shippo. But great plot and the villian, just like in all great movies, is relatable on some level. I could see how if you didn't love demons, it would be easy to want them gone. I was so sad Rin had to leave again. I had imagined a little tension as Daichi met her but then she would laugh and hug him and say something like "hello, little brother." I was so excited for it
Silent Reader chapter 20 . 6/9
First off I would like to make this little note to KagomeisaSLUT:
Nobody forced you to read the story. You have free will like everyone else. Just because it’s something you strongly dislike doesn’t mean that the story isn’t written good. If you can’t look past ships that you don’t like to enjoy a well written fanfiction that an author DIDN’T have to share then it is your loss. Any way an author doesn’t need you to be their reader or not because with or without you the story is still going to be read and written.

To the Author: I love this fic so far. I am on chapter 20 and for once I love the fact that it shows growth in Kagome’s character. Please continue writing, love to see how it all wraps up!
slvrphoenx chapter 47 . 6/2
Love the chapter. Worried about the pups and hope Yona gets there in time. Sad Kenta didn’t make it himself but glad he was able to pass the task on.

My hobby is reading. And I want to say I think you’re good at writing as I enjoy your stories.
Redrake323 chapter 47 . 5/29
I hope she makes it on time. Can’t wait to see what happens next. I enjoy scrapbooking.
KagomeisaSLUT chapter 47 . 5/24
I won’t be there to read that new story of yours. I despise Kouga/Kagome pairings. It makes me sick to my stomach to see how many stories there are on here with that pairing. Why do you have to join the Kouga/Kagome fandom when she NEVER SHOWED ANYTHING MORE THAN FRIENDSHIP TOWARDS HIM?! I hate Sess/Kagome too, but have dealt with it for this story.

(The above is not my ID as I don’t have one..You have just joined my long list of authors to never read again)
fallingyuki chapter 46 . 5/26
I hope Kenya gets there soon.
blackdragon72 chapter 47 . 5/25
I hope the babies are ok and Yona makes it in time! Can't wait for the next chapter! My main hobbies are computer gaming and drawing pet portraits.
sailorpriestess chapter 47 . 5/24
Awe i hope the babies make it
jay90 chapter 47 . 5/24
Enjoying the story a lot...
Wow, hope yona makes it on time with the vial to assist kags and her pups..

My hobbies are reading and swimming...

So excited for next update...
Wren210 chapter 47 . 5/24
damn... not a happy chapter... :(

not much to say on this one... I am glad that Kenta was able to pass the vial on and i am glad that the girl is heading West...
Hotaru83 chapter 46 . 5/21
Please update soon
dashundra89 chapter 1 . 5/20
I am 29, and I have a Android. Iphones are to complicated and the games cos even if they are free on the Android.
lady sesshomaru sama 949 chapter 46 . 5/20
omg I hate that Monk! love so sad
fairytailgurl808 chapter 46 . 5/20
This story always leaves me wanting to read more. Loved the update and cant wait to read more. And i am turning 24 this year!
slvrphoenx chapter 46 . 5/20
another enjoyable update. I'm so happy Kenta finally decided to act despite the Kami. Rin was so brave for what she did. I hope Kenta makes it in time to save the baby. great updated.

as for your question i'm 44 years young. lol
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