Reviews for To Fight In Love And War
slvrphoenx chapter 43 . 10/20
love this update and can't wait to read the next. Congrats on the pregnancy. I hope your energy comes back and you are less tired as your pregnancy progresses. Thank you for the update.
SilverGhostKitsune chapter 43 . 10/15
congratulations on the pregnancy! I absolutely love this story!
blackdragon72 chapter 43 . 9/13
Great chapter! Congratulations on your pregnancy! The tiredness will get better in the middle, small advice have a vacation/take a trip before the baby comes it was wonderful for us before our first.
Redrake323 chapter 43 . 8/14
Awesome as always. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Can't wait for the next update
Maybb chapter 43 . 8/14
Congratulations on your pregnancy! Thanks for updating despite all the things going on your life. Wishing you safety!
Stayne832 chapter 42 . 8/5
It seems wrong that Kagome made that decision without speaking privately with him. He's the main one who was wronged! Shouldn't he get to decide? That's not how you treat your partner and mate. Thought she's supposed to be so worried about everybody's feelings, guess he's the exception.
Ree-san chapter 42 . 8/5
I think Satori is still being selfish and justifying what she did. I think her only regret is that it didn't work. I think Kagome just belittled what Satori did to Sesshomaru simply for her own selfish reasons. I hope Sesshomaru keeps her in her place. There's little chance he can learn to trust her bcus she's proven to him his whole life that he shouldn't trust the one being he should trust more than anyone, his mom.
Undertheskys chapter 43 . 8/6
Great update
cherryblossm chapter 43 . 8/6
I love it can't wait for the next chapter to be posted.
Pikanet128 chapter 43 . 8/5
Nice chapter
marushumnluvr4eva chapter 43 . 8/5
i happy to know you are expecting. your story is flowing along nicely and i don't see anything wrong with it. i don't think you've lost your muse. i think you're just tired b/c you are growing another person inside you. i am loving this story and i think you will come back even better at the plot when you get plenty of sleep and make sure you eat well to keep that wonderful imagination that you have going. once you get yourself on a schedule you can keep up with the ideas will start to fly out of your mind and your muse will come back. i've read all of your completed stories and i have you on my faves authors list as well. you are a great writer and if you ever decide to make writing a profession i think you'll be great at. TTFN (ta-ta for now) as tigger would say. c'ya'
windbreaking chapter 13 . 8/5
That Miroku trapped in the wind tunnel would make a great story all by it self. Everyone assumes that he would die not that he is alive but trapped. Very clever.
Wren210 chapter 43 . 8/5
awesome chapter... very insightful... I got a lot of answers and that is always a good thing...

It is so great that you were able to write another chapter of this story... though I thought you said that it was going to be a long drawn out war...

I am so looking forward to the next chapter... I have not much to say about this one other than it gives me plenty to think on... and that is a very good things... love stories that make my mind work :)

just to let you know you kept spelling 'quiet' wrong... but this is 'quite' alright... hehe
inugirl504 chapter 43 . 8/4
I love it! And congrats!
Guest chapter 42 . 7/13
I love this I hope you update soon be sue this is great
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