Reviews for Love, Kindness, and Other Useless Things
meglennox chapter 22 . 3h
We cant be nearing the end, no! I refuse to believe it. Nope.
Storygirl1985 chapter 22 . 3h
Finally they don't fight their feelings anymore! Yes! It was a long journey to this chapter, but you've written all of it so well, so emotional and heartwarming I enjoyed every second of it.
And this chapter was everything I had hoped it would be. The part with the letters, was by far my favorite. It gave us readers (and Emma of course) a good look into his soul and made my heart melt.
Thank you for this story. I love it dearly. And I'm definitely not ready for it to be over. But of course I'm curious how it will end. Can't wait for the next chapter!
mariannewrgt chapter 22 . 4h
I changed my mind. The chapter with Robin was not my favorite. This one is. This is probably one of the best things I've read so far (including books!).

Would you at least consider writing it for longer? Pr perhaps writing a sequel? I can't imagine no longer having Killian, Grace, Emma, Ruby and everyone else to keep me company. They've become my friends, and sort of like family. Please don't end this so soon...
Taino Delsan13 chapter 22 . 4h
Try to give a poor girl a heart attack waiting for the responses jaja.
Now that they engage what they going to do with her other fiance? Good job Gracia for updating
Belladonna chapter 21 . 6h
IF the next chapter is Done please update... please please
Guest chapter 21 . 9h
It seems that you are really waiting 2 weeks to post the next chapter, one week to go now. I know it's up to you and obviously respect your right for doing whatever you decide to do but please think about don't being cruel with your follower readers if you really have the chapter ready, put yourself in our place and feel how we feel imagining you are enjoying to make us wait. At least please next time don't write saying you have the next chapter ready, consider don't telling us that, we could be more okay without knowing that. I'm seriously considering giving up in following it and maybe coming back a few months from now, just in case it has ended, then I will read it as a whole - or not, as I probably won't be attached to the story anymore.
TryingforTrueGrit chapter 21 . 15h
Killian are you freaking kidding me! Why did he wait until now to propose?! And Emma being pregnant, should have seen that coming but I didn't! Nice suprirse! Ugh but I hope Emma knows Killian wants to marry her for her and not just the baby. Can't to see what you have planned!
mariannewrgt chapter 14 . 9/21
I think maybe this is one of my favorite chapters in this story... Loved Robin's appearance! Perhaps we'll be seeing more of him? And of his wife and son?
Guest chapter 21 . 9/21
Hi, Angelique, I saw on your twitter all the polemic that my comment about "fixing the mess" caused so I just wanted to clarify that I was referring to the emotional mess Killian and Emma got themselves in, which I think has always been in your planning to create and, after the associated angst that it would bring, to fix - just like a road map for a story-line defining from where to start and where to go. As I did not want to add more fuel to the fire, there, I'm explaining the use of "mess" here, instead.

I'm sorry if you and/or someone else took that as a rude comment, that was not my intention, on the contrary. English may be not my first language but I try to be extra careful to not use the words inappropriately in any way, specially to offend the writer of a piece of novel I'm giving my time to read and appreciate. And, of course, as I truly respect the freedom an artist should be given to create his/her work, I did not intend to induce you to write solely to please me, a reader. As a fanfic reader I can say that it takes courage to write a honest review, we are all sensitive people after all. Not exactly the same courage that takes to publish a story, I can guess, but for sure, to write a review with a honest feedback, sometimes is harder but better than writing a review aimed just to please the writer. That is in fact a two-lane road and, in the particular case of this story, as I said before, I truly appreciate your talent and enjoy the product of your creativity. So, just be sure that I love your story and your characters, I just want to give you, with my comments, a feedback of how your creative work impacts and is perceived by me. I hope that may be useful for you to improve your already good writing skills, never to curtail them.

All the best

Guest chapter 21 . 9/21
Hi! I was about to post a review but then I read the one another reader made (Mona), well, what she has written is pretty much exactly what I wanted to write. You story is brilliant and very well written (you are very talented, hope that one day you will be able to publish a novel!), however it is true that these last two chapters brought up some questions.
Killian's walls are easy to understand, it's Emma's behavior that sounds someway off, probably because she was a strong character from the very beginning of your story. Leaving Killian's house because she is afraid of her feelings makes sense but accepting Avery's proposal and living with him... well, that is still a bit difficult to understand (and it is not clear from this chapter if she has also accepted to be intimate with Avery, which is a bit awful to think of, or is she keeping him at arm's lenght before the wedding? That would explain also why she is afraid of telling him she is pregnant, the baby could not be his :)). Probably all these questions will have some answers in the future chapters, the story is not over yet and it is easy to believe that everything will be explained. Anyway, it's good when readers are curious to know what is really going on, so.. once again, thanks for writing and sharing, you rock! Can't wait for the next chapter!
Ness fan 01 chapter 21 . 9/20
I like to think Emma will say yes, but somehow I don't think you will allow it to be that simple. I didn't like the things Killian said and did in the last chapter, but they were true to the character you had developed for him. It adds depth to the story. I'm sorry the novel didn't work out for you. You've put so much into this story. Anyway, thanks for the update and I'm excited that the next chapter will come so soon.
mariannewrgt chapter 10 . 9/20
I'm glad you didn't kill Grace in this chapter! She is one of my favorite characters here. :)
mariannewrgt chapter 8 . 9/20
Hi there! I'm re-reading this story (while anxiously waiting for the next chapter!)...

I just loved how you very slowly start building the tension between these two!

P.s.: pretty please update the next chapter soon!
Belladonna chapter 21 . 9/19
Love Love this chapter
Another please
Emilee Amethyst chapter 21 . 9/18
I like seeing Elsa. And I'm glad CS shared a dance. Nice twist with the baby and I'm happy that Killian took it will and finally spoke up about marriage. That could've gone in another direction. Can't wait for the next part!
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