Reviews for Pulling My Weight
Ravendle chapter 26 . 12/6/2023
ayo wtf, why a 28 year old smooching up on a 16 y/o
LvlyIvy chapter 22 . 8/11/2023
This is just terrible.

This whole entire story is so weird. Sakura becomes physically stronger, while starting to act distant to her teammates and teacher.

OG Sakura was obsessed with Sasuke, well in this fanfic, she’s obsessed with Genma. Which is much worse.

And then she starts to live with that old dude too? And no one bats an eye on how a child starts living with a complete stranger. Then Sakura always brings up her “beloved Genma” in conversations, always thinking about him. How she does it for him and only him. Sakura always screams Genma’s name and runs after him. Like what?

The entire purpose of Sakura’s life in this story is Genma. Her life revolves around an old man. And it just reeks of grooming. Such a disappointment.
rtrtrtty93 chapter 14 . 5/18/2023
. They way it is progressing... can never guess what comes the best fanfic i ever read.
And please keep making big chapters. I love the way you explainbthe theories and genjutsu..
At first i did think you hated Kakashi...than i re watcged someof the old episods...and it seems like Hatake is exectly how u describe him. And now i hate him. But in the canon, sakura never did anything that required to reveal Kakashi' s uncaring side.
In the end all takes is a small step up from the way thay are to realizr how people think of u.
cl9763 chapter 21 . 5/11/2023
I think sakura would make a better hokage than naruto.
cl9763 chapter 19 . 5/10/2023
i find it hard to believe kiba would say such a thing when inuzuka has so many hot tempered and strong kunoichis
cl9763 chapter 16 . 5/10/2023
if i'm a konoha shinobi who knew about what happened back then, i'd find a way to kill Ao and make it look unrelated to konoha. it was different from killing and taking your opponent's eye during a fight. it's humiliating and despicable, and showed how the konoha higher ups were useless and lack the political smarts
cl9763 chapter 16 . 5/10/2023
cant believe i forgot about the usefulness of sakura getting her own summons until this chapter when they are splitting and I remembered how summons would be a great help as messengers or reverse summon
cl9763 chapter 8 . 5/10/2023
come to think about it, it's interesting how the village gates used to be guarded by uchiha police force. after the massacre it seems to be the Izumo and kotetsu most of the time. And the village just doesn't have a ninja police force anymore. weird
Eluvia Umbra chapter 43 . 2/15/2023
Very nice~!
SeekerOfPeace chapter 3 . 1/13/2023
Thanks for the chapter!
SeekerOfPeace chapter 1 . 1/12/2023
Seems a bit of an abrupt change but I'm interested in how it turns out.

Thanks for the chapter!
escapismanddelusion chapter 43 . 1/10/2023
I think I'm gonna cry, this story has been one of the most beautiful things I've ever read and tbh it singlehandedly brought me through exam season
professionalpotatowastaken chapter 16 . 1/1/2023
bluenette lol
professionalpotatowastaken chapter 3 . 12/31/2022
fun fact: most functional blades that saw combat weren't razor sharp- razor sharp blades are too thin and chip easily, which is bad when going into bladed combat where metal on metal contact is common
RisakoMamiko chapter 1 . 12/15/2022
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