Reviews for Amalgum – Lockhart's Folly
Kerick chapter 1 . 5/3
I didn’t want to read an economics lesson...
noylj chapter 22 . 5/1
That's the Bumbles we know and hate
Guest chapter 31 . 4/23
THAT WAS SUCH A GOOD FANFICTION. Thank you for finishing it.
Noy chapter 10 . 4/21
Well your main character isn't a very logical person.
His arguments against the diadem aren't very convincing and feel more like a form of self-validation of what he already thinks is true than him really analyzing the facts and coming with a logical conclusion.
First claiming that Rowena died because she relied to much on the diadem is a huge leap of logic, so what ? Now that she didn't have the diadem she was too dumb to remember that she shouldn't drink bleach and she poisoned herself ? Wouldn't it be more likely that her death as to do with her own guilt for what she had unintentionally pushed her daughter to do ? Especially since her daughter's gohst is now haunting the castle she lives on ?
Second, for Helena there is a high chance that she didn't put the diadem on since it represented the fact that her mother valued her knowledge more than her family and even if she put it own, what kind of answer would the diadem gave her other than to continue to run now that she had fled the castle after stealing a precious artifact ?
Third Riddle, and here it all comes down to his own arrogance, even if he put the diadem, he would have never accept someone or something telling him that he was wrong and would have more than likely disregard any advice given to him that didn't confirm what he was already planning.

In short, Lockhart didn't have enough information to make any decisive conclusion on the diadem abilities and he should have experimenting on it before jumping to conclusion. By immediately disregarding the diadem as useless to him, Lockhart potentially mismanaged a valuable ressource and gave up an advantage that could have been crucial for his future planning.
Perhaps he should have put the diadem on after all, because when it comes to gathering data, analyzing facts and coming to rational conclusion based on his observations, he clearly needs a little help.
Mizuno Tenshi2 chapter 31 . 4/22
That was just a fantastic read, thank you! Nice writeup, though it definitely has me wondering if that final book exposes the time travel bit as Garry's final prank.
Mac NorthSea chapter 31 . 4/21
As Gilderoy is not one of my favourites, I was hesitant to read the story, even though the summary promised a good and entertaining adventure, and I personally love the Harry goes back trope. But, boy, am I glad that I still went on with it!

It's funny reading about two personalities vying for control, especially those of the two as they are opposites, and furthermore, it was well amusing and gripping to read about the reactions and expectations of others while Garry did his thing, expertly manipulating everything around him and under the nose of the Great Manipulator himself, gaining results and making others feel like idiots, which per canon - it wasn't very hard.

Truly, it is a captivating story, I read it in one sitting, in one afternoon, simply flying through it, chuckling at the winces Garry's bragging caused, sighing over his gentle and not so gentle nudges over Harry's upbringing and emotional development, humming over the partnership with Rita and snickering over the goblins and the law firm and its creative name...
irisimbrium1 chapter 5 . 4/20
I have read hundreds of HP fics over the years and I have never once come across anything as amazing as this!
Honestlyhilarious and smart at the same time (if a little fast paced).
Thank you so much for this experience!
World-Explorer chapter 31 . 4/18
I loved it! your characterisation of Garry. I dont know how you managed to make me read through all the self introductions. Great job!
Kirkegaard chapter 27 . 4/11
Thanks for the story
Bast Misao chapter 6 . 4/7
After running the numbers through, Harry/Gilderoy would have actually tricked Lucius out of 1,088,989.72 galleons.
peterco chapter 12 . 4/4
I love that Harry actually tells Mini that he has knowledge from the future without telling her all the time-travel details in this chapter.
Nebresh chapter 31 . 3/31
I like it a lot!
EternalWorld chapter 31 . 3/28
Oh my god this is so awesome! Pure genius and hilarious, too XD
Thank you very much :-)
goldopals chapter 7 . 3/26
I don't normally review but this fiction is absolutely fantastic!
Guest chapter 31 . 3/20
Haha. I love it. (Also, the many titles are just great.)
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