Reviews for Amalgum – Lockhart's Folly
NoLuckNinja chapter 31 . 9/26
Absolutely brilliant story
Hitsugana chapter 31 . 9/19
I've scrolled by this story multiple times and just decided to read it on a win. I am truly glad I did! What an absolutely amazing story. You utilized Gilderoy's personality in an excellent fashion. He was both annoying to read and utterly hilarious, both used to successfully contrast and compliment Harry's own personality. Thank you for the excellent read! I was genuinely laughing reading the final fight. Fantastic work!
KimberlyJho-ann chapter 31 . 9/12
What a wonderful story! I'm crying because it ended. Thank you!
KimberlyJho-ann chapter 19 . 9/12
damn I lost the moment when Harry/G returned the rat to Ron
KimberlyJho-ann chapter 10 . 9/11
Mello Bazz chapter 31 . 9/11
amazing story, though i thought at one point he would tell harry about himself being a part of him from the future though i guess this is a secret for the grave lol
Guest chapter 31 . 8/27
Thank you for the story, it was a good read.
maiqsmail chapter 31 . 8/22
Wow, nice story. I do appreciate humour tag on it and I like its uniqueness in its choice of protagonist. I needed that downtime to just relax instead of reading yet another false drama/angst fanfic that I cannot relate to. Thanks for the story.
Flixnyxpixs09 chapter 31 . 8/22
Loved this story! A riotous romp indeed, terribly fun with Harry's trouble-magnet status and Gilderoy's fondness for stirring the pot! Great work.
maiqsmail chapter 19 . 8/21
Okay. What.
This is some Darth Vader level of shit.
maiqsmail chapter 12 . 8/21
Gerontophilia, eh? I'm glad for him, but that's not my alley. How about pairing him with underaged female student next, hmm? With copious details, you understand?
maiqsmail chapter 9 . 8/21
"kick in a family jewels" oh I'm sooo keeping this phrase!
Lord Peverell-Eveningshade chapter 31 . 8/18
One of finest fanfiction I just finished reading after a long time.
Green chapter 2 . 8/12
Did griffindor team actually do anything? According to book 3 the team that wins the cup is the team with the most points and in the last match Harry didn’t attend they apparently got steamrolled when they had to make a substitute as when Harry lost the snitch in book 3 the team won the cup
knttr chapter 31 . 8/6
This is the BEST Harry goes back to his past self" fic I have ever read. I laughed so much! I definitely did not find it predictable at all, and I have to say that I can't pick any one specific scene as the one I loved best, because all of it was awesomely fun to read. This is definitely going on my re-read list! Well done!
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