Reviews for Escape
Auntiebib chapter 62 . 4/5
This must be one of the best fanfics i have read, and I’ve read thousands. The characters are so well written and developed beyond canon, and the inclusion of Hermione’s parents adds so much to every aspect of the story.
It is perfect in every way and an absolute joy to read!
Thank you.
WeisseHex chapter 36 . 3/22
Best thing ever! Voldie's soul took a hike! And Harry and Hermione had no clue! So, a good thing came out of the accident, didn't it?
divvycrip chapter 62 . 2/24
By far and away the best fanfic of HP i have ever read. I love it all
likely6 chapter 62 . 2/21
This was a lovely fic! i really enjoyed a lot of the characterization :D
Shao7 chapter 62 . 2/20
Second time reading this wonderful story. There were some many little nuances I caught his time around and enjoyed even more than the first time reading it. Love how you write the characters and bring out more of their personalities. Especially love Severus and Minerva’s relationship!
Thank you for sharing your world of Harry Potter!
Khimaera chapter 62 . 2/20
The best fanfic I'v read in a long time. Thank you so much for sharing it.
el-kialyulo chapter 62 . 2/10
Thank you for penning what is undoubtedly one of the best Harry Potter fanfics I have had the pleasure of reading.
jasmine.jsmith0026 chapter 29 . 2/6
i love how fred and george can show off how smart they are in this book. people usually think them to be goofs but it takes a lot of potion brewing and transfiguration just to create half the stuff they have, not to mention all the formulas they have to create along with everything. i think the main reason i don't like molly is because she can't see how much knowledge and intelligence it takes for the stuff they do (let alone how much they love doing it) she just dismisses them out right because "mother know best"
oolfloo chapter 62 . 1/29
This is my second read-through of the story and it was as enjoyable as the first. I really like the pace, how it speeds up in some parts and slows down in others. It was a riveting and yet relaxing read. I especially appreciated the Severus/Minerva friendship. And the multiple angles of the final battle was great too.

As some of the reviewers mentioned, the Hogwarts battle arch was a little sad, I wish Remus had been a little more capable but in the end it just solidified the image that he was an immature man who did not take his responsibilities seriously, despite being in a wizarding war for the second time. I almost wish he survived instead of Katie, just so he could finally man up and live with the regrets of his actions. But all in all, it was an ending I could live with.

Thank you for writing!
Beth1112 chapter 62 . 1/26
I really enjoyed your story.
HennaLiLee chapter 2 . 1/22
So far, so good! I appreciate all fic writers of SSHG, but I have certain standards when it comes to the plot, pacing and capturing the characters attitude (in my mind, at least). It's been a while since I last read an SSHG fic because I haven't found one that holds my interest, but this one certainly has. So, thank you! _
Rudo the Barbarian Hero chapter 62 . 1/22
Good story we'll told. The 8nsanity of Molly, Altus, Ron is left somewhat unresolved, but that's seems truthful; their characters refuse to grow, and we don't really need the natural consequences of their rigidity to be more suggested than they are (Albus will die alone & always disgraced; Molly will become isolated, as her family moves away; Ron is a git swayed by jealosy and his weak will). Fawkes tho... poor Fawkes.
Rudo the Barbarian Hero chapter 43 . 1/21
What a great chapter. Percy and the twins.
Rudo the Barbarian Hero chapter 40 . 1/21
Story is progressing beautifully.
In this chapter, the visitors don't understand where the family has been living; their comments made that clear. However Helen stills says after that " since we got here and settled", giving info away... Seems a flaw ( but this is my first read through, maybe this is perfectly as intended.)
Rudo the Barbarian Hero chapter 36 . 1/21
"Felt longer" is simply brilliant dialogue for Harry, and the description of the follow-up moments so full of character.
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