Reviews for Escape
Hawko chapter 62 . 19h
This is a lovely story I loved reading it.
Fanfan chapter 15 . 21h
I can't stand the professors who care for a son of a death eater but ignore the savior of the Wizarding world who was constantly bullied and harassed in both worlds by children and adults. They are worried how Hermione had suffered but forgetting that how Harry had suffered. They had no sympathy for that boy.
Fanfan chapter 14 . 21h
Twins were going to employ Hermione! With Harry's money?
Iamafan chapter 9 . 23h
Oh please, Severus never truly loved Lilly otherwise he would have given up his life to protect her and her family. He could have refuse to tell Voldemort about prophecy and let him kill but no, he only begged the dark lord to spare Lilly so he could marry her. He completely ignored the fact that he owed a life from James Potter. He got a second chance from Dumbledore but he never gave anyone a chance. He had no qualification to teach children, he bullied every children who weren't of his house. He was just like his father, Tobias. Then he had audacity to be forgiven from Harry when he was dying. He would have killed Harry if he hadn't gotten green eyes. Harry was abused through his entire childhood but he was at least forgiving man.
Light chapter 8 . 23h
So the magical ministry placed the marriage law only on Hermione? What about other girls? How could they think that Hermione was the best choice, why not Ginny (I don't think that they care about their age)
Light chapter 7 . 11/12
I know Hermione is intelligent but I don't think she would get a job in muggle world as she had only completed her primary school before coming to Hogwaets. Harry is capable of doing cooking and cleaning stuff, thanks to Dursleys anyway.
Butterfly chapter 1 . 11/12
I haven't read it yet but I checked the review pages. Many of them are positive though I am not going to believe because many people are Snape /Hermione or Draco /Hermione lover in the world of HP fanfiction. I'm not saying that I oppose them but I have been betrayed by some HHr fics which claims to be pure Harmony but after reading I regret to read.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/10
I was going to reread this story because some parts of it were fantastic but then I remembered how you murdered Remus for no good reason which ruined the entire story for me.
Millie072 chapter 13 . 11/8
For all Hermione's vaunted logic, she didn't do the logical thing for a muggleborn. Escape then contact her muggle government. They may be separate from the wizarding world, but doesn't the wizarding world fall under royal jurisdiction? Slavery is against English law. Ordering young people into unwanted forced marriage is a form of slavery. The muggle government would have to interfere and negate any marriage law that leaves the individual no choice. Might break the secrecy statue, but the law has already been broken. Hell, it was shattered, then stomped on.
szabo.alexandra1991 chapter 62 . 10/24
this was incredible thank you!
szabo.alexandra1991 chapter 54 . 10/23
I love Snape in this story (and any other story btw) what I meant I love how you write him. it's amazing. this story I amazing!
Guest chapter 2 . 10/22
This one helped me understand better and I also like this one better then the first one
Guest chapter 1 . 10/22
Ummm... this was interesting?
Dani chapter 62 . 10/19
Okay, so I went into this thinking it was going to be Hermione/Snape story but holy moly,
This is honesty one of the best fan fictions I’ve read. I love it
griezz chapter 62 . 10/11
"Escape" is a wonderful story. You developed the characters more than Jo did in her books, and they all behaved reasonably for their natures; the well-developed Granger family was a joy and JohnHelen appeared to be the kind of parents that Hermione would have. You even managed to redeem Percy in a way that stays true to canon by simply explaining what hadn't been shown beforehow the kids were affected by the first War. In all, this story pays great respect to the source material, even as it improves on it. Congrats and thank you for sharing your talent.
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