Reviews for Escape
DanYHKim chapter 62 . 6h
Excellent story. Again, I am impressed that a story with so little "on-stage" action could be so engaging.

While Draco was pretending to be a healer, he referred to something being "under the radar". You should change that, since he would not know that phrase.
DanYHKim chapter 55 . 19h
The gates will take longer to break down than going through the tunnel in the Shack even with our strengthening spells, so they are much more likely to try that first."

"What do we do in the meantime?" Angelina asked.

Remus smiled at the two girls. "Wait."

No. You spend some time digging in. Making trenches and foxholes, setting booby traps, digging deadfalls and covering them with turf.

Waiting when you're the first at a battlefield will make you lose.
DanYHKim chapter 51 . 2/6
The bit about lights and the electric bill is amusing from a 21st century perspective. With compact fluorescent, followed by LED, lights have become an insignificant part of household electrical consumption. But the incandescent lights of the 90s were very inefficient.
DanYHKim chapter 37 . 2/4
I suppose that they've been in the States long enough to gain the habit of calling it a "truck" instead of a "lorry".
DanYHKim chapter 36 . 2/4
"The sixteenth of August dawned and it was a beautiful sunny Saturday. Harry, Hermione and Helen decided to walk to a restaurant for lunch, it was too nice outside to contemplate getting in a car."

Even without an accent to their speech, eschewing the car shows them not to be Americans.
DanYHKim chapter 31 . 2/3
The moral dilemma that is faced by inventors and scientists is a part of the story of the 20th century. That story is usually tied to the atomic bomb. But in the 19th century there was the story of Alfred Nobel and dynamite. The way the story goes is that Nobel's obituary was prematurely written and published, and he had the unfortunate privilege to read of his own life in the most plain terms. He was called the merchant of death. Because of this, he decided that he would dilute that legacy with a different one, and endowed the fund that would lead to the Nobel Prize.

Had I been the one to speak with Hermione about her dilemma, I might have opened with the question of whether she would be proud and pleased if her efforts as a researcher someday led to the Nobel Prize being awarded to her. She would become one among a Pantheon of great scientists who had done some work that brought greater understanding, knowledge, or even service to humanity. If Hermione were typical, she would quickly answer that such an honor would greatly please her. And then she could be given some perspective on the nature of the fund that endowed the prize itself. It is sometimes written in fanfic that the dark wizards consider magic not to have moral values one way or the other. That magics which are dark or light are only that way because of the way they are typically used. As with dynamite, the use can be found in mining for warfare. And for people of the 20th century, the name of the inventor is indelibly associated with a grand prize that confers great prestige and moral authority.
DanYHKim chapter 29 . 2/3
That's hilarious! Yes, those fairy tales are certainly . . . grim.
DanYHKim chapter 12 . 2/2
nom de guerre?

nom d'├ęcole
DanYHKim chapter 10 . 2/2
This is a fantastic story. By chapter 10 there is a lot of talking and almost no action, and yet I am very engaged. To me, it is a Hallmark of a great story of I am caring about the outcome of the characters. It means that they have become real people to me.

I care very much about their outcome.
Gazuzin chapter 62 . 1/22
Very cool and rational fic, muggles tinkering with magic is awesome, the ending with Dumbles leaving and Ron felt unfinished, but it's appropriate, thanks for writing
DJArla chapter 62 . 1/14
A very interesting story. I especially liked your characterisation of Severus and Minerva, and the way you mixed the magic and muggle worlds together so logically and effectively. Great work!
Kelsey Dixon chapter 62 . 1/10
I could read stories from read this universe for like, ever. Absolutely loooved it!
Kelsey Dixon chapter 58 . 1/9
Kelsey Dixon chapter 49 . 1/9
Sevie and Minnie? Tantalizing
Kelsey Dixon chapter 45 . 1/9
I'm going to be really upset if Snape dies and I cannot believe I even uttered that sentence.
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