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Guest chapter 8 . 4h
Kai chapter 33 . 7/16
I've read the story a couple of times, so I know what will happen.

In this chapter Snape and McGonagall postulate that according to the Dumblefuck EVERYONE can be sacrificed, as long as The Greater Good will have been served in the end. The Greater Good being the end of Tom Riddle. So why exactly does he moan about being outmaneuvred after the final battle? Okay, it's his mad scrambling for absolute power over everyone and everything that is blocked, but The Greater Good HAS been achieved. That REALLY should be an argument that shuts him up. Or exposes his Greater Good tosh as lies from a power-hungry senile goat humper.
K1P1 chapter 1 . 7/9
Great story! I'd love to read more
szw5009 chapter 62 . 6/27
Thank you!
LilLinkGirl chapter 62 . 6/26
Love it! Very nice :)
LilLinkGirl chapter 42 . 6/25
lol by the end of this they are going to be alcoholics
LilLinkGirl chapter 38 . 6/25
HOLD ON! While I think that Hermione may not have said it in the right way but really? In real life (lol real life with magic) there's no way I would have taken people who can't fight back with me. Just going through the books and movies there are way too many liabilities to having muggles in a magic fight! Way to many "creative" ways to use magic to counter every spell! There are other ways of helping and I'm sure your going to write it like the but no, just no! I can't stress how much NO!
LilLinkGirl chapter 13 . 6/24
LOVE! How indeed lol
Ruby Silverstar chapter 13 . 6/24

Hahaha. Try to find her now, Snape.
Guest chapter 62 . 6/21
'Kingsley thumped his glass down on the desk decidedly. "We're going to drag this place kicking and screaming out of the Dark Ages."'

Woot woot, you go, Kingsley! I'm surprised at Arthur Weasley, I guess he can talk the talk, but he can't walk the walk if he says he loves muggles, but doesn't want squibs for grandchildren. But seeing as how he ignores his squib cousin who would be an amazing source for all things muggle technology, that doesn't surprise me TOO much. As for Molly, Jesus Christ, that woman needs to get a clue! What a bigot. I'm like 99.99% certain that if she had married another pureblood, whether it was one of the "neutrals" or one of those who supported Voldemort's ideals, she would have supported those views. Glad Percy didn't back down!
Guest chapter 60 . 6/21
Ugh, I actually don't want Dumbledore to die. I want him to live a few more years and see all of his power and influence stripped away from him. I want Hogwarts to be taken away from him because he's done an appalling job of keeping his students safe. I want him to be publically vilified with nowhere to turn. I want him to have nothing left; no accolades, no parades, nothing. I want him to vanish into obscurity an realize that no one misses him at all. Then I want him to die :)

"The stag formed up in front of him, and he paused a moment to look at it before giving it the message and sending it on its way."

Also, I was kind of hoping that Harry's Patronus would have changed forms. Not anything like turning into an otter, but turning into something that fits HIM as he is now. Personally, I've always felt like the whole patronus turning into your partner's patronus was not a sign of real, honest love. When Severus' patronus became a doe, that wasn't an equal love. If it was equal, his would have been a male deer. As it is, it's a female deer; a reflection of someone else. I think both Harry and Severus if they cast Patronuses post-war would have new patronus forms. Maybe Harry's would be something fast like a peregrine falcon or an Arctic animal like a seal or a polar bear because of his love of skiing? Or a protective animal like an elephant or hippo. Severus is trickier, but I do think that he's changed enough that the form would change too.

As for Remus, that was a shock. I thought he'd lived the way you wrote his last POV, but at least he died taking out his two worst enemies :( also glad Lucius Malfoy is dead. I hate how JK Rowling let him off the hook in canon. His son deserved a second chance, but Lucius has had very chance to make the right choices and has always chosen wrong. He'd have weaseled his way out of Azkaban eventually and then gone right back to funneling money to restrict the rights of "undesirables" and it would be business as usual. Death is the only way for someone like him.
Guest chapter 59 . 6/21
Oh, for fuck's sake, Albus! Seriously?! Shouldn't he have dropped dead by now from the cursed hand? But You go, Percy! Tell Dumbledore AND your Mum what's what! And if Mrs. Weasley had such a problem with Fleur, as a foreigner and part-Veela, I'm sure she'll have something to say about Audrey being a muggle, never mind that the absurd woman was just involved in a war against those who wanted to kill muggles! I guess it's different when muggles are a distant thing and you don't actually have to *see* them...I hope Percy sticks to his guns and doesn't make up with his mother. The rest of his family, yes, but I don't think Molly Weasley deserves it. She's never had to change or bow down because she's just trumpeted and barreled her way over everyone in her family until they're brow-beaten and change the subject. Maybe she wouldn't still be this narrow-minded and petty if people actually bothered standing up to her instead of just nodding their heads and making her think they agree.
Guest chapter 58 . 6/21
Helen sarcastically asking Molly Weasley if house elves are indentured servants reminds me of the apprenticeship law that the Ministry passed that basically amounts to magical indentured servitude specifically aimed at muggle-borns would wouldn't know any better not to sign without a solicitor.,,you soda that Albus Dumbledore voted for it? I hope that Percy Weasley brings that up when his mother inevitably tries to defend Dumbledore. And as for Molly, good God, she's so racist. She's like those racist old grandmas who say they're not racist because they have a black or Asian friend at bridge club. Ugh. I hope Helen has the opportunity to verabally eviscerate her again! Oh, and as for Neville having all of the Lestranges' wands, maybe he and his Gran will have a ceremony burning them and the. Dancing on the ashes? Could be fun!
Guest chapter 57 . 6/21
Fire marbles, YES! As for Nagini, I guess that works, but I kinda thought they were going to use what Severus told them about Nagini against her...he told them about how after she constricted and swallowed a whole body, she'd pretty much be stationary for days as she digested it. I thought Hermione was going to take inspiration from that and summon one of the several pigs from the Weasleys' yard (or at least transfigured one and place it next to Nagini...Nagini may be smart, but she's still an animal and she'd have constricted and swallowed the pig, leaving her unable to move and allowing Harry to stab her without worrying about dying. Ah well, this was still good. I loved Harry's comment about the Dark Mark looking like it had been made by an angst-ridden teenager!
Guest chapter 54 . 6/21
Ah, Ron's redeemed himself. Good! Not totally sure I liked Minerva's explanation of the "Prewett temper" causing Molly, Percy's, Ron's, and Ginny's tempers as that sort of gives legitimacy to Ron's constant blow-ups though. He'll have to learn to build a bridge and get over it when he joins the real world as an adult. He can't just fall back on the "Prewett temper" any time he gets mad and acts rashly and hurt fully towards others. He needs to learn to take a step back, think before he speaks, and try not to hurt people's feelings just because HIS are feeling bruised.

Loved Audrey! She's very charismatic somehow. Hope to see more of her!
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