Reviews for For Better or For Worse
Etroxic chapter 2 . 20h
Why is it that when people make a fucking time travel fic they have to fucking make the protagonist, aka Luffy, the same idiot he was character/ personality/ intellectual wise, like talk about no character development at all. What was the point of having Luffy quickly going to help his nakama and change their lives before he meets them when he's so weak , physically? So what if he has op haki? There's no point if he has to lower himself to them. You could have planned it where he had time to at least get his 6 year old body accustomed to his new mindset and etc. While I agree that this is better then when the protagonist decides to keep the info to themselves and decide to follow their timeline as should for fear of altering shit to much and cause "universal" destruction or when the pro decides to just tell everyone he trust and acts like he hasn't realized that what he knows no one else knows. I do honestly like the story and you have a good typing format, constructive sentences and on point narrative, but I keep seeing the same garbage time travel stereotype and that just turns me off. So far I can a gree with the title, either it improves for the better or dies off for the worse lol That's all honestly all the issues I have with this story and it's barely ch2! I hope this doesn't deter you from writing, you're a better writer then those weak ass foreign writers that use the excuse that English ain't their main language to keep writing trash and never ever improve, like azureking. Thanks for the read. Best of luck
Miss T chapter 14 . 8/13
I love this I wanna read more. Sabo is so sassy lmao. Team downers
Lman6666 chapter 14 . 8/11
Love it hope you continue it cause it is amazing
Whyiseverythintaken chapter 14 . 7/26
Damn I like this fic already, also I did vote in the poll for this and falling in reverse
Nad19 chapter 14 . 7/2
i love it! your characterization is on point, and the comedy is great, and there's not too much exaggeration so it's very believable. not an unbelievably OP Luffy. I love it! looking forward for the next updates!
Moon143 chapter 14 . 5/27
when will the next update? . please update .. I really love your story wish and hope .. you continue this story... please update please
Guest chapter 14 . 5/26
Love it love it love it! More please
Nana22 chapter 14 . 5/22
So fun ! thank you !
CarianeD chapter 14 . 5/8
I died at "Team Drowners in a coffin" but at first when luffy said Team D i thought its because the 3 of them has the d initial
Hexe-Kira chapter 14 . 5/7
I love it
Please continue 33
Joe1089 chapter 14 . 4/29
Great chapter! Can’t wait for the next chapter.

Best part of the chapter:
ArlongWhat do you want?”
LuffyI want you to get up.”


Future story wishes:
Please don’t make all the different crew member’s family part of the pirate king voyage. Parents need to let their kids go when they are grown up.
Chopper should still study under Doctorine because he always seemed more of an internal medicine doctors as opposed to the surgeon Law.
Franky needs to be SUPER!
Brook is gonna be Soul King until the once and future pirate king turns 17

This entire story is charming and one of my favorites
Marcii Winters chapter 14 . 4/27
Marcii Winters chapter 1 . 4/27
Hanzo Steal Buff chapter 14 . 4/18
Next Chapter Please
yuukiaichan chapter 14 . 4/16
thankyou for the story, be waiting for the next update~
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