Reviews for Secret Liasions
RedDragon30000 chapter 1 . 5/3/2016
This story is very striking, and you have masterfully achieved this through the use of just a single style change. Unlike other stories that we are used to reading, this particular one makes use of single word descriptions and dialogue to show what is happening. It may make the story minimalistic, but it works extremely well.

As to this pairing, you have written it before, so I already know how believable it is. However, you hadn't written it in this particular setting. This means that it leads a whole new perspective and dynamic between the characters, new aspects of their relationship are drawn out. As ever Rose is very domineering and controlling, perhaps even more so than the previous story. Here it makes sense, as she holds so much more power over Harvey, and relishes in it. However, she also reveals a slightly vulnerable side, preparing to provide Harvey with some pleasure of his own rather than deny him anything and also promising that she won't tell the Headmaster what they are doing and willing to provide a valid reason for Harvey being late when he returns to class.

For his part, Harvey is comfortable enough with Rose to bring up how uncomfortable he feels in the cupboard, as well as how much it hurts hearing Rose call him what Peter does. He is clearly more prepared to stand up for himself (something that she actually encourages) and yet is also willing to submit to Rose completely and is happy doing so.