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ThunderSphinx chapter 29 . 9/17
Penelope Clearwater is a half-blood.
Guest chapter 35 . 9/17
Please update!
harrymoonshoespotter chapter 35 . 9/17
The beginning to this was really funny with Harry so I had to literally hold in my laughter so I didn't start weirdly laughing to myself over my phone :P

I liked how you changed the dates up for the Yule Ball but still had Harry's awkward 'wannagoballwithme' line that I quote all the time for no reason. And I absolutely adore the friendship between Astoria, Ginny, and Luna. I am so excited for the Yule Ball chapter, whenever you do have the time to write it- I know how busy college can be :D I'm sad to see the end of luna and ced's friendship, but I did enjoy seeing Victor Krum in the story, I really like him.
harrymoonshoespotter chapter 34 . 9/13
Firstly, I would like to add that if people don't like this story then no-one is making them read it! There is a difference between constructive criticism and saying cruel things to people :( if you don't like it then you don't have to read it.

Even though it is awesome XD

"You heard what he said," Fred said. "Go back to your knittings, girls."- you put in the 'go back to your knitting' line I love from the movie which made me smile! I liked this chapter, even though it was shorter.
The dialogue was cute and I enjoy Harry and Draco having a conversation together ;) and them both being all cute with girls. And I am so very excited for the Yule ball to come :D
dracomalfoy0715 chapter 9 . 9/5
I love this! It's really good so far and I can't wait to read more! Thank you for actually being accurate to the book, a lot of fanfics aren't.
teachergirl chapter 5 . 9/5
Don't all the adults in the house need to apologize to Harry for forgetting him. There are four adults who can take care of the baby; can't even one of the other three make time for Harry while he's home for the holiday? It's not like he's there 24/7 365. They barely see him at all. He would have been better off staying at Hogwarts over Christmas.
RAVENGIRL chapter 3 . 8/29
WOW hey siruis and harry should pull a massive prank on the school
- random
-im addicted
-why am i doing this
-what a good story
-aaaaaaan im done
Ps im a ravenclaw
chthonian chapter 5 . 8/26
HI so I just wanted to leave a review here with something I've noticed so far. First off I'd like to say this is definitely better written than many stories I've read on this site over the years but I feel like you have a tendency to over use italics in your writing. I think that if you were to dial it back so to speak it would make for a much smoother and more pleasurable reading experience. Thank you for the work you've put in to this.
harrymoonshoespotter chapter 33 . 8/25
I really like this! I do wonder if you will be putting in some plotline to do with Fred and George and Ludo Bagman, with the betting thing, if it would fit the way you're writing it. I liked that in the books, and builds up for the joke shop- unless you have another way you're doing that part of course :D

This was fabulous, don't worry about it being shorter. And have fun at your friend's :)
jrzygurl89 chapter 32 . 8/21
I hope they go back to see the poor loney woman. :( i am so happy that Sirius is safe
harrymoonshoespotter chapter 32 . 8/21
My favourite parts:

-'before he sent a Patronus to Moody to alert the Head Auror that he was coming the old man's house- lest he got hexed to bits' (this is great and very in character)

-'The resemblance between Regulus and Sirius was intensified greatly during moments like this.' (YES YES YES also everything Regulus said)

-'"I don't like it, personally," Harry quipped, unable to help himself.' (Harry can never help himself, as he gets older he gets more daring, and I love it. He can't help what his mouth might come out with he's James' son- YOU DON'T HAVE TO CALL ME SIR PROFESSOR)

-Remus being adorable throughout the whole thing c:

-You wrote the Dursleys perfectly- obviously Dudley didn't say anything but this sentence here 'For someone who was so large, Harry was amazed at how fast Dudley could move' sums him up, and I find speech isn't necessary :P

-Also more plotline *hurrah!* I like the Seer thing going on the Luna and how you have traced the lineage of it all properly, and how we get more mention of Grindelwald and what the Viviane Stone is :D

Keep doing what you are doing :)
NairaMisaki1234 chapter 32 . 8/21
Yes! You updated! I'm literally squealing right now and I can't help but ask for more! Excellent chapter! Finally, those two realize who is the descendant of the third brother (Harry)!
harrymoonshoespotter chapter 31 . 8/14
"I'm thinking of Romulus," Dorcas said. When Remus scoffed, she sent him a scathing glare.

"Sure, love. Let's name the poor boy Werewolf McWerewolf the second," Remus drawled monotonously. As if on cue, everyone in the room let out a loud laugh, even Dorcas.


This part was so fun and entertaining and nice!

Then we hit Sirius' part and I was ruined. He thought it was James' and Lily's house :'( Sirius' nightmares...

'With a big smile on his face, he eagerly went to the kitchen, hoping that he would see his best friends again. He knew from habit that the couple would be in the kitchen, with Lily preparing for dinner while James would be too busy entertaining little Harry with corny tricks from his wand.'

Noooo I know I'm still in denial of their deaths but Sirius nooo! It was painful to know what Sirius didn't

Then you started mentioning the Dumbledores and I have so much interest in Dumbledore's younger years and then it was like Gellert and I choked, as in you got a literal gasp out of your audience :D I'm definitely hooked. I've been discussing Gellert and Dumbledore a lot recently so I'm really excited about this.
Dawn of Erised chapter 5 . 8/5
What the hell kind of name is pain, why not Paige or something nice
yogi2015 chapter 30 . 8/1
Thank you for the story, its a good read and keeps your attention without giving away any of the plot too early.
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