Reviews for Superior Knowledge
RedDragon30000 chapter 1 . 6/21/2016
I was very impressed by how much you managed to bring across, despite this being a very small story. With only a small amount of text, you bring across the atmosphere and characters perfectly, something which is difficult to do. It was very telling that the Headmaster dismissed the tour guide as soon as he led the children into the museum, since he wants to prove his superior knowledge. He also clearly believes that Rose is his best Prefect, as he chose her out of six of them to assist in escorting the children around and ensuring that they behave.

I loved that he got a fact about planes so obviously wrong, as it drives home that the Headmaster can be fallible, and presents him as someone who can be brought down to a normal level, as he can clearly make mistakes. Rose is just as horrified as the man himself over his mistake, as she knows that this will mean that he loses respect, since he has been shown to be wrong.

I felt sorry for Harvey at the beginning of this story, as he is n a place that he would usually love, but it is horribly tainted by the Headmaster, Rose and the rest of the children being there as well. He is therefore constantly reminded of how much he is an outcast, and can't take any pleasure out of the museum at all. You show Harvey's knowledge very well here. Not only does he not need to look at the exhibit that the Headmaster is talking about when stating the CORRECT information, he does so very confidently, despite what consequences he might earn for showing up the Headmaster. Luckily for him, Ian congratulates him loudly and makes a scene, meaning that they are sent to sit in the coach so they don't interrupt anything else, and the Headmaster is too concerned with having an educational visit without interruptions, than worrying about retaliating over a troublemaker showing him up.