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kylC chapter 12 . 11/18
that went from cute to unnerving. I love it.
Chikitani chapter 12 . 11/17
"he thinks of Tousen, Ulquiorra, the men and women she's ruined, hungry for every scrap of approval she throws their way."

Now I'm really curious how she managed to ruin Ulqiorra, and what a ruined Ulqiorra is like!

Can't wait to read the next prompts!
Tis I chapter 12 . 11/16
HI! I know you've said you wouldn't be doing a regular story with this anymore, but I'm still rather curious on how they would have fared in the academy and the struggle to power. If it's not too much to ask, could you write a few short snippets of each? If you've ever read the naruto fanfiction Kaleidoscope, or the short oc prompt stories the author of Dreaming of Sunshine (another Naruto fic) does, would it be ok to do something in that timeskippy format to just tie off part off the story but leave it vague enough that we don't know the full details or how it all climaxes? I've always continuously gone back to this story and with these extras, I would love to see the scenes of Sayuri's way of manipulation or just how scary she can be. Thanks so much!

-a loyal reader of Walk Two Lifetimes, Sidewalks, and To Love a Monster
(who still hasn't gotten around to making a fanfic acc after all this time)
Jessicamathews65 chapter 12 . 11/15
BuymeBalenciaga chapter 12 . 11/15
I was kinda sad to see this "discontinued" in a sense. But I'm still plenty happy knowing it lives on in drabbles! So its not REALLY gone. I've always loved this fic and I'm happy to know it's not abandoned. Thanks for updating us readers!

(Also, It'd be pretty cool to see kenpachi and yachiru's relationship/first meeting too?)
Duquette7 chapter 11 . 11/14
I have to admit I am disappointed, this was my favorite Bleach Fic. I do love your first story, but this one just felt more real to me.
Tigaier chapter 12 . 11/14
To be honest, i thought sayuri was gonna try to keep Aizen from turning evil. And, i know this is dark, but Aizon "loves" sayuri and would do anything to maker her his and keep her by his side forever. So while its cool how you're making her an accomplice, i kinda wonder what it'd be like if she was a little of a victim of Aizen. Also, i love the Gin moments!
Tigaier chapter 11 . 11/14
I am officially sad that the plot won't continue cuz it was a really awesome story you had going. But I understand. Thanks for the work you've done and i do hope you're gonna keep writing WTL. Good luck writing!
september ninth chapter 12 . 11/13
*raises hand*
I, for one, would like to read more about these men and women Sayuri has ruined.

I'm digging this new format!
grandmaa chapter 12 . 11/13
Wow I’m actually loving this new format !
tsuri182718 chapter 12 . 11/13
I love Sauri is my favorit oc in bleach fics!
Guest chapter 12 . 11/13
Amazing to see more of This verse.
Ikabi chapter 12 . 11/12
I'm just happy when you update. The format or style don't matter to me as much as getting to enjoy more of your writing and the ideas you come up with. Thank you for the update!
Axel Fones chapter 10 . 11/12
Good to know that Sousuke is still a manipulative little shit even if he loves his sister.
Axel Fones chapter 9 . 11/12
Shunsui was great this chapter, it was a lot of fun to read.
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