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Monea559 chapter 14 . 6h
It is truly fun to read the scenarios. I mean, it is so interesting! You get to explore bits the characters that wouldn't be possible in cannon. It could be depressingly sorrowful, or utterly hilarious. I really appreciate your imaginative mind and what you have shared. Thank you so much!
EunoiaWrites chapter 14 . 8h
Ohh man, I need more of Sakumo/Sayuri
Scalaiah chapter 14 . 11h
I kinda still hate you for not continuing the story but i really like your writings, so i gues thank you for the chapters that exist even if I'm kinda dying inside from not having more of the original story. I really loved that story.
It's sad.
bassplayer123 chapter 13 . 13h
*Reads authors note. Well, quite the little yandere sis-con isn't he? But I have read the story up until this point, so I know that he's always had a bit of an obsession over his sister.

Also, Sayuri's shikai just sounds disgustingly OP. With that sort of ability at her side, I doubt any lieutenant would be a match for her, and she might even be able to best some of the weaker captains if she got the drop on them. But then again it's not that surprising, considering she's the twin sister of THE Sousuke Aizen, one of the most OP of all OP characters in the history of anime/manga.

God, I can just imagine the sick combos the two of them could pull off together. Aizen puts their opponents under hypnosis using Kyoka Suigetsu, while Sayuri uses Shiroi Seiun to drain them of their spiritual energy. To any outside observers, it'd look like their opponent just suddenly keeled over and died, they'd be fucking unstoppable.
TotoroX92 chapter 1 . 21h
This is delightful. I love how the later snips show that Sayuri keeps her priorities straight. Family comes first. I like her reverse seducing Gin as a means of conflict resolution; I really liked him and it would be sad if he made.. unfortunate choices. Using Uzu and Karin as political hostages is perfect too.

I will say, I would like it if there was more 'canon' rather than just 'what if?' snips. I don't mind the snip based format at all, but I would like to know what happens as well as what could happen.
Tembulon chapter 14 . 9/19
I'd have preferred you just dropped the story instead of shit ficlets on it and call them toppings. thanks for the chapters and great oc.
XFallenSakuraX chapter 14 . 9/18
I love the Naruto crossover. Hilarious
Shadowing chapter 14 . 9/18
Woah. Deep words Sayuri.
Kyunlei chapter 14 . 9/18
Thank you for the chapter! I actually really enjoy reading these types of chapters where u put ur own character in alternate universes or scenarios. I find it really interesting. Really enjoyed reading this! Thank you!
CallmeCrazylol chapter 14 . 9/17
Saudi is all 'I just leveled a hidden village. Here's an eggplant'. Everyone else is 'wut'
Astrid Claire chapter 14 . 9/17
Ichigo is then lured by the propaganda unintentionally started by the 6-year-old and even discovers that the nice man Sayuri slept with might have been one of the the future Gotei 13.

Madara loses an heir because Obito is saved (then again, he probably dies with a smile on his face when he finds out someone managed to protect Konoha to such a degree and therefore prevented war from happening again which wa his ultimate goal; he might feel a little pouty though) which means Minato is saved which then leads to most of the crap in the Naruto-verse not happening because even if Minato does not become Yondaime (cause he cannot exactly be acknowledged as the Yellow Flash intensely without the war), Sayuri is there to make sure no other crap happens which would threaten war against Konoha. Oh, and Sayuri unintentionally befriends Bijuu and Jinchuriki through raw charisma because they are very useful live chakra source versions of Espada.

Ohohoho~ I somehow love that turnout. I want to see a Hisana and Byakuya confrontation if she does end up choosing the Aizen side, and by extension, become Sayuri's lover.
shen0 chapter 14 . 9/17
Thanks for updating, it was enjoyable lol
JBebe chapter 14 . 9/17
I don’t blame Aizen, toddler Hisana rocks. Seriously, shenanigans of sneaking to Disney and making Grimmjow possess a cat— I’m in stitches.

Oh that would be a terribly tragic way to ship them—but very intriguing.

Eggplants. Because of course and why not.
notsofrilly chapter 14 . 9/17
I like the Naruto one the best. Well I'm currently on a Naruto bing right now so that may be why
Guest chapter 14 . 9/17
Really nice.
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