Reviews for The Red Dragon
Nyx chapter 80 . 8h
Was that an until dawn reference?
The Weatherwitch chapter 90 . 9/24
Just glad to see an update :)
looking forward to the next one!
Guest chapter 1 . 9/23
This is a fine start. I just noticed that you wrote "colleges" when you meant "colleagues".
Aria DeLoncray chapter 90 . 9/23
Love this! Can't wait for next chapter.
Shinen no Hikari chapter 19 . 9/20
You left out defense against the dark arts
Rogosh chapter 74 . 9/19
Great story! just started binge reading it last night. all I have to say on how it's going is "Bloody Briliant!" I love how the New Marauders are magical animagi. When will Harry find out the sparks are from his Phoenix fighting the horcroux
mackiechandler chapter 51 . 9/19
If by beta you mean someone to proofread, I would love to help.
Guest chapter 35 . 9/18
Defiantly: In a manner that shows open resistance or bold disobedience.

You mean: definitly

It seems to be a common mistake.
Scififan33 chapter 33 . 9/17
Why isn't Harry trying to change more? like finding a way to reveal Pettigrew or get someone looking into Sirius' case?
machanna0979 chapter 90 . 9/16
the cliff hanger is driving me crazy I love this story
Kingdark chapter 5 . 9/16
Apparently, I already reviewed the previous chapter, so here is what I wanted to post then:

I had read the chapter and was about to move on to the next, when I noticed a typo. I don't know if you're willing to go to the trouble to fix a small mistake like this, but here I go anyway:
"Hagrid that's really kind of you, but Mrs Figg already gave me a Kenezal."
'kenezal' should be kneazel. What you wrote doesn't make much sense. Anyway, I don't know if you're fixing this in future chapters, so if this is a one time occurrence, this might as well be ignored.

mizzrazz72 chapter 90 . 9/15
Sirius shouldn't rush going back there.
theamazinglu5 chapter 25 . 9/15
It's quite nice to see that at least his friends know he knows what can happen even if they weren't given the whole truth.
Mystic-Myth chapter 1 . 9/14
till mext time thanks for the update
theamazinglu5 chapter 1 . 9/14
Dissico isn't a spell.
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