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DeadFlash27 chapter 2 . 5/22
AHHH IT UPDATED! I reread the first chapter of this (cause it's been a year lol) but I really forgot that this was gonna be a multi-chapter fic. But i am glad since I really enjoyed the first part and I really love your writing style from your previous works.

Not much to really say on this chapter, aside from Souma needing a good smack upside the head :P I am looking forward to more of Erina's POV though in the next chapter.

Good to have you back and can't wait for the next piece of work!
hannahleanda chapter 2 . 5/21
Woahhhhhhhhhhh THANK GODDDD I LOVE THIS STORY. I thought you were going to abandon it TTTT THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR THE UPDATE... I cant wait to see what happens next 33
gigants chapter 2 . 5/21
Omaygad what is this? It is so good, the feeling, the emotion... i can feel that. Eventough Soma character is OOC *i think?* I still love it!
Keep writing and Ill wait for the next chapter. :D
Guest chapter 2 . 5/19
This is too good. Make this its own separate fic please!
Exercariver chapter 2 . 5/18
Woah... A drama that well written. Worth the wait. I'm not good at describing my thoughts but all I know is I want moreeee... Haha.
Guest chapter 2 . 5/18
Really portrayed Soma's emotions really well, I was annoyed with him being such an ass XD. Can't believe you updated after so long honestly, thought I wouldn't see anymore. Not thay I'm complaining. Can't wait for more!
Guest chapter 2 . 5/18
moarr pleaseee! i, we, really do need more... so happy this was continued, and hopefully there will be more.. :D
Madeline Axelle chapter 2 . 5/18

I was reading this after work in a coffee shop, and God knows what kind of expressions I made through reading your story xD also, very excited that you updated this since it's one of my favorite fics on this fandom :)

I never thought I'd hate my Soma, but dang, you did it in the middle. Not that it's a bad thing, though. Means you've successfully put all the emotion that hooks your readers, so good job on that! Although sometimes I feel a tad OOC ness as I can't really picture Soma playing with girl's emotion intentionally (because we all know how dense he is in the series, right?), but seriously man, I could care less since the emotion takes over.

All and all, GOOD JOB! You now need to be responsible for my need of the next chapter S-O-O-N xD
brainpagsolingan chapter 1 . 5/18
Very nice
Guest chapter 2 . 5/17
I love how you build on these characters. And your writing style is amazing, it just flows. Can't wait to see what happens next.
lilcutieprincess chapter 2 . 5/17
This chapter was really good! I hope you can update soon! I'm glad Soma finally chose who to love and I love the fact that it's Erina instead of Megumi. :DD
Chrisulrik chapter 2 . 5/17
absolutely brilliant writing! The chills throughout the whole thing is incredible! despite it being as sad as it is, I really enjoyed it!
Would it be too much to guess that Soma challenges her to a Shokugeki and if he wins she stays with him forever, and she wins he will follow her wherever she goes? or is that too wishful thinking?
Eramis8 chapter 2 . 5/17
As someone that happens to see these types of triangles around his friends, it's kind of interesting to read the way other people would watch them resolve. Even more so in one of my favorite anime ones.
Guest chapter 2 . 5/17
Yessss! Thank you so much for continuing this story, it's one of my favourites of this fandom :D can't wait for the next one :3
Ridwan-Sama chapter 2 . 5/17
I honestly thought this was never going to be updated, thank god you did! It's a lovely story and different. Different being that it has more of a mature feeling to it, like this is how you act in a foolish way for no reason but you can't seem to explain in somas case haha. Can't wait for the next one xD
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