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Light15 chapter 31 . 1/26
I'm not sure how exactly i knew Kizmel was going to be the one to figure it out instead of Kirito, but the father line to end it is amazing. And I haven't seen anyone quite capture the sheer terror that one would experience seeing the skull reaper like you did, so props for that as well.
blindninja97 chapter 31 . 1/25
AAAAAHHH! You evil, evil person... that's one hell of a cliffy. lol But amazing work as always. I really can't wait for next chapter now. This fic is one that I always look forward to reading whenever something new comes out, and it's honestly always a highlight of the day.
herpetkiba chapter 31 . 1/25
Y'know. I was picking things out to comment on while reading the chapter. Things like how Lux is the little sister of Fuurinkazan and Sachi is the now the big sister. How I was expecting Griselda to help with scouting the boss room since she's about the only one who could get in and out with no issue. Even on to all the callbacks to the clearers that we met during the 50 floor boss raid. All the way down to how Heathcliff was showing his hand a bit more than we've seen before and how that impacted the inevitable reveal.

Then then end of the chapter came.

And man do you know how to end a chapter.

I hope all is going well for you. And I hope that the next chapter doesn't give you too much trouble because I have seriously never looked forward to an update as much as I am right now.
reality deviant chapter 31 . 1/25
this was AWESOME chapter!
The pre battle calm, as kirito and kiri-girls are resting, wit the Fuurinkazan friends, was sweet and fluffy, Klein thinking some insightful thoughts in his inner monologue, as well as we seeing, and being reminded of, how kirito is socially awkward, and this is a huge progress for him.

and then the tension before Skull Reaper- despite having some idea about what to expect from the fic, being familiar with canon, it still was tense and gripping battle.

And what a battle it was- swift and fast, awesome, and desperate - constant movement.

And at the aftermath, them dropping exhausted, as you could eel the weariness... with only Heatcliff still standing.
i think Kirito realized what Kizmel meant, but was too tired, and too in love with her, to act on it.

this was awesome and im super hyped for the next one!
ZeltronJedi chapter 31 . 1/25
This continues to be one of my favorites on here. Certainly interested to see where the story goes further.
Guest chapter 31 . 1/25
You always say your chapters aren't your best and yet they always end up masterpieces lmao. Reading this, I actually felt like I was right there with them in that boss chamber, and I guess that's all I really can say. Looking forward to the next one!
Mernom chapter 31 . 1/25
If that boss has a gimmic of gaining speed every time it loses body parts, it could've been a legitimate boss fight, if his base states weren't this inflated by the quarter boss status.
orion0905 chapter 31 . 1/25
Oh yes, do much joy here at the end. That was one of the best fights you've written and I can't wait for these climactic clash with this bastard.
Marsuvees Black The Dark Lord chapter 31 . 1/25
You know.. in the future at some point I would like to see you take the female group Kirito has in this and write a harem story with it..

I know in the past you've said you wouldn't write a harem story with so many characters because you believe it wouldn't work and yet in this story itself your literally a single step away from him having a harem...

If anyone could pull it off 100% it's you.
Jiraphie chapter 30 . 1/24
Man, that "promise that you'll show me your world's stars" is giving me serious Bob says hello PTSD. Does that line count as a death flag? Please no.
delphinous chapter 31 . 1/24
this is the events i've been nervous about. cannonically, this is the end of aincrad, but there is so much interesting unexplored lore that i want to see finished, so i hope the story continues to level 100
Tawnis chapter 31 . 1/24
I came on to finally reply to you about the last chapter, and lo and behold what do I find but ANOTHER chapter. :D Really stoked for the extra content, can't wait for the next one! (I'm glad I finally got my chapter up last night, not sure how I would have felt if you'd lapped me there. XD)

LoL, it's kinda messed up that Fuurinkazan actually needs a designated guardian for traumatized newbies. XD

Really nitpicky SPaG, but: "He wasn't going to look to closely." second to should be too.

While had had is not technically grammatically incorrect, it sounds really clunky. A single had serves the same purpose and flows a lot better.

"Much less a field boss." should be floor boss.

"Enough about that though!" Exclamation point doesn't work in the context of what's around it. (Though it does work fine with Agil's comment in the following paragraph because he is notably excited for that portion of his speech.)

Should be "went AND broke it to pieces."

I'm looking forward to whatever sneaky shit Kuradeel's going to get up to since he's still alive at this point.

I really liked the pre-raid conversation with Kizmel. In a lot of ways it mirrors his cannon conversation with Asuna, but in a way that fits perfectly into who he is in this version and his relationship with Kizmel. Well done.

Not sure who the Silver Flags are, I assume something from the later LN's.

I'm not sure if it states how long The Skull Reaper is in the LN, but in the Anime from the overhead shot, it looks more like 40ish meters rather than 10.

Nice to see a little bit from Agil's PoV in there.

Something like "Down!" instead of "Whoops!" would be better. In the heat of battle with scant moments to react, at least one person (but likely many more) aren't going to realize that "Whoops!" means "duck".

"That tail?" Not a question.

The mechanic of The Skull Reaper coming apart as it was damaged and changing how it fought was really well thought out. A simple and elegant solution to expanding on the fight.

I REALLY liked the nameless solider that saves Asuna. It shows so much with that simple little action. How much she is almost revered by the playerbase that someone who likely doesn't know here that well personally will sacrifice themselves to save her. That kind of thing in the way it happened is an amazing representation of what she really means to the Swordmasters, and also flipping it back on Kirito that he's still really in his own little bubble as he didn't even know who that person was.

"His little "game" is gonna end soon, IF this keeps up."

DAAAAMN. I shoulda seen that last comment coming. Especially since I did something really similar with Yui in The Long Road, but nope, I didn't put two and two together; even when the recognition was hinted at just before the reveal. I have never been more on the edge of my seat for the start of the next Duet Chapter, I imagine their next interaction will be one of my favorites of the series.

You've got so many characters running around, don't sweat it when one or two aren't in the spotlight for a bit. We know they'll shine again.

This was a solid chapter, nothing about it made me think it was any less than your consistent high quality output. You're overthinking things again. ;p

I think FF's numbers are only inflated because they count the AN's at the end.

All good so far, itching for more as always. Though, you should probably get some sleep first, we'll still be here when it's ready. XD
dain1270 chapter 31 . 1/24
And this the end draws near.

I do have to ask though, do you intend to continue the story past Ainclad? Even completely disregarding the Alfheilm arc, there's still plenty of content to work with.
Destria Cosplay chapter 31 . 1/24
Logged into my Fanfic account after such a long time just to drop a simple review

you're finally there!

many years in the making!
still remember when we were trying to figure out what to call the Christmas chapter!

congrats man! hope life hasn't been to hectic
SolanaLeonhart chapter 31 . 1/24
Good job as always. It's interesting to see what you come up with here. The battle was intense, them figuring Heathcliff out was one thing but this? Hoo boy, can't wait to see how this revelation turns out.
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