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Captain James H00K chapter 11 . 2/12/2017
I am curious as to where you'll go with this. I actually cried in parts where Sir Integra did. I do wonder if she will ever tell either Alucard or Walter about what happened in her 'dream'. Will she be able to change the future for the better? Or is it already set in stone? What will she do as the years go by and the days inch ever closer to the Major's damned war? Please continue.
RedmapleLeafinFall chapter 11 . 2/3/2017
I am quite excited to see where this goes as I have quite enjoyed it thus far. Hope you update in the near future.
TargaryenFire chapter 11 . 2/2/2017
Seras and Integra's relationship made me cry
They're so adorable! I have a question, does Seras still becomes a vampire now that she's with Integra?
Guest chapter 11 . 1/27/2017
Wonderful as always! Thanks a lot for this update!
Leia -san chapter 11 . 1/24/2017
*Sighs wishfully*
I really do love this fanfiction. Therefore it did not come as a surprise, that after reading it I feel utterly content with my day & how I spend it. :D
I look forward to reading the next chapter :)

P.S.: Happy New Year to you too! :D
Sarah Rose 29 chapter 11 . 1/21/2017
Powerful. Integra's and Alucard's interactions. Just powerful. Loved the last part, almost thought they were going to kiss again.
Cat Beats chapter 11 . 1/20/2017
I think you did a great job with this. Between some plot building and character growth, you managed to add some nice Alucard moments. Thanks as always and until next time!
John Perry chapter 11 . 1/20/2017
Wow amazing story! Just finished watching the OVA and was really impressed but the end was lacking in finalization I thought and you spin is shaping up to be a masterpiece!
Aeliya.Nightwing chapter 1 . 1/19/2017
It's been too long since I have read Hellsing fics and a damned good one, at that. It was sentiment that brought me here, and not a bit had I regretted that sentiment (Shine of Mr. Big has a way of nudging memories).

I read your Snow White first and even though it was AU, the characters, sentiment and emotions of how I envision the dynamics of Integra and Alucard were the way I imagine and see them in my head. So was this. Their affection would be never soft and gentle. Romantic, yes. But it will always be passionate and violent. I love the mix of prose and songs in your works, it makes it more colorful.

In Satis, though, dynamics of Seras and Integra was so poignant. But I do wonder- now that the young (but not-so-young) Integra brings in Seras into the fold, I wonder how this would affect how the "history" of Seras the vampire will be affected. Would her natural exuberance be also dimnished with Integra as they grow up together? I am intrigued how this story would go. I am glad to find a gem to read and follow. Keep up the exquisite writing.
AmericanWildDog chapter 11 . 1/19/2017
i honestly couldn't care less that it's over 19 days into the new year i'm just happy you ut up the new chapter!
i mean look at this! I admire integra so much. For being more appreciative of Shelby Penwood. The little undertone questions she asks Walter because you know WHY.
and Alucard...I love Alucard in this so much!
Sunset Nightfall chapter 11 . 1/19/2017
Alucard's line to WalterWere you afraid of becoming useless? Were you afraid of getting old? Or maybe you were afraid of being forgotten? Little John Bull, don't make me laugh. You're the one playing games! Look at you! 60 years and in your heart, you're still the same— just a scrawny brat! Now, come on, show me what you've got!" Actually, yes. Walter was afraid of those and he was afraid of getting old, leading him to be forgotten... Poor Walter... I love him too... And again with chapters that just makes me wanna squeal so loud 4 in the morning! I enjoy every bit of your chapters.
Nanouchy chapter 11 . 1/19/2017
Happy new year to you too ! And that is an awesome chapter. love it.
Skadarken chapter 11 . 1/19/2017
Another excellent addition to this piece. Really. You know I have to keep a dictionary on hand to understand half the words you use. And its fun. Thanks for another brilliant chapter. See you on the next one.
Morana chapter 11 . 1/19/2017
You have no idea how happy I was to find a new chapter today. I loved it!
Alexis chapter 11 . 1/19/2017
Well now you're just teasing us with one-shots, this chapter was temptation all on its own as well.
I love the way Alucard is suddenly the one to shy away, it makes perfect sense that his defenses would go up in this situation.
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