Reviews for And they swore beneath the Fire Lilies
sassysamantha121 chapter 30 . 9/21
Please update the story it's really good
You should be proud of yourself
guest chapter 30 . 9/12
I would say Hinata's team or no collaboration. We get a lot of good brother sister vibes through out the story so Hinata's group would mix it up. Plus there is plety of opportunity for drama to spiral out of it after the mission. Or maybe understanding between Sakura and Hinata. Either way I can see Hiashi being mad about everything going to shit (would he somehow find a way to blame Sakura?). I think that it might be preferable to have another team tag along because the wave arc is rewritten so frequently, any new spin on it is appreciated.

On the flip side of that, if you add an extra team, I think that you would need to add extra antagonists. Two Jonin would definitely tip the balance in the fight with Zabuza. So maybe no collab would work better for you.

General notes on the story. I think it's fun so far and I can't wait to see where you go. I appreciate the tension within the Hyuuga. I would actually like to see more moments within the Hyuuga compound and get a better sense of how Sakura's different appearence affects her relationship with other branch family members in addition to the main line. Animosity within the clan is your greatest point of dramatic tension so far, so I would like to see more of it.

My one sticking point is that throughout the story there are a few grammer issues and small typos that are a bit distracting. It happens to everyone so I can't blame you (undoubtedly there is some kind of spelling error in this review that makes me seem like a real hypocrite). Maybe ask a dedicated reviewer or friend to help proof read? The one grammer thing that I've seen a few times (though I notice it less in later kudos) is a tendancy to flip flop on verb tenses, particularly between past and present. I tend to think that third person POVs just work better in past tense.

All in all good stuff! Can't wait to see more.
Guest chapter 30 . 9/11
Please let it only be Team 7!
Namina Senju chapter 29 . 9/9
I think team seven and team guy should go together
Lady-Miraculous101 chapter 30 . 9/9
*Is trying to hold all of these options at once without dropping them*
Midnightdreams33 chapter 29 . 9/7
I live team bonding moments like this
Lady Nihil chapter 30 . 9/7
Team Eight with Team Seven. For alls the people that say only Team Seven should go because they need to understand each other, Hinata and Sakura's relationship would be anaylyzed more, and they would get more info on the home situation. 'Course I don't mind Team Nine being there, but I would prefer Team Eight.
Holly Rosslyn chapter 30 . 9/7
team 7 and team Gai please
Guest chapter 30 . 9/7
Team Seven only please!
akatsukiruler chapter 30 . 9/7
I think you should start it off with just Team 7 but then when Zabuza appears have Kakashi send a message asking for back up and have Neji's team come in. Keep up the great work!
daliapv.perez chapter 30 . 9/6
Mm esta bien sabes ya me habia olvidado de ellos. Jeje
sakura-moonrose-hime chapter 30 . 9/6
I think team seven should be the only team to go for the wave arc. Have the team bond a little bit more and help more in bettering their team dynamics. In the event it would be a team collaboration team Gai would be a better option than Hinata's team after Sakura just escaped from watching Hinta that would be a little too much.
MADEGlorious chapter 29 . 9/6
nooooo! no team 8! It has to be Team Seve ! ! ! ! If not then I defs DON'T wanna read any Hinata stuff. Team Ten would be a waaaaay better choice.
CHOCHON chapter 29 . 9/6
At the same time I agree that the Wave Arc is better with just Team 7. since this would provide the most growth for Team 7 as a team.
CHOCHON chapter 29 . 9/6
I was hoping for Neji's team so Sakura and Neji can show their teamwork but then this story should help Team 7 grow together... hmmm... Maybe Hinata's team would be better in that aspect. or it could go a totally different direction with Shikamaru's team, maybe he can be Sakura's friend outside Team 7. I feel like he could figure our what the caged bird seal does.
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