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megatrous prime chapter 4 . 9/9
I keep thinking of metal gear Raiden as jaune
GoodHunter chapter 6 . 6/2
Dear, CommentPerson

Dude, Future Jaune meeting Past. jaune SHOULD in theory have an effect after all the past IS the same human being from the future so the future Jaune SHOULD have memories of meeting himself in the past because Past jaune saw him and committed him to his since anything past jaune knows future jaune knows. The future jaune as I have said should have memories of meeting HIMSELF in the past. And since past Jaune has knowledge of what he will become in the future SHIT WILL HIT THE FUCKING FAN. The possibility of pas jaunt failing to become future him is going to increase TREMENDOUSLY he will eventually come to the mindset that the future him will be set in stone. Yes although there is shit known as plot armour lets ignore that shall we after all that shit for lazy people and you're not lazy (If I'm to assume). People meeting their past selfs can make tremendous shit storms, Jaune with his already oh so unwavering confidence (Note sarcasm) will eventually grow more confident when he sees what he will become in the future and as you oh dear Author may know this is a recipe for A FUCKING HAILSTORM, because of the boost of confidence from seeing what he will become Jaune can alter some SHIT,(Note:This particular effect is called the Butterfly Effect in which no matter how small a single chance can cause an effect)now what can he do now that he has more confidence? He can potentially decide to go against Pyrrha's decision and stay with Pyrrha during the
attack of beacon (if it will happened at all) and this can cause MAJOR FUCKING DIFFRENCES, Because he has the support of a full team he can potentanolly become a different person than he was in the future becoming less stoic less willing to do everything and anything to set things right because he has a GODDAMN FAMILY TO RETURN TO, Now dear Author you might be saying ,But there is Ren, Nora and ALL OF TEAM RWBY. Yes but they are FAMILY, someone whom you hold dear and help you through major or minor however was different instead of a supporter she WAS the support the god damn pillar that jaunt hold to dam life shit I went rambling all this shit probably mean nothing now shit sorry for prolonging this more than necessary. anywho hope you don't take some parts of this seriously some parts are a joke while others are true any who hope you have a good day
and keep ding this its awsome

Sincerely, Aus- I mean Chuuni Name That I will Not Change Nor Mention

P.S. Yes I did rip Shoody Cast Off
soldier01073 chapter 1 . 2/23
saw the drawing, saw you commissioned it, now im reading
UltimateReader123 chapter 7 . 1/8
I am loving this story.
FF8cerberus chapter 7 . 11/11/2016
Wonder if Arc's attitude will rub off on Jaune and vice versa. Hope so. Until next time.
Rune sensei chapter 7 . 11/9/2016
Hey man love this story, can't wait till the next chapter.
Outcast's redeemer chapter 7 . 10/26/2016
I found a loop hole... managed to watch it on some anime site
7ima chapter 4 . 10/26/2016
I don't understand why four huntresses in training, think it wise to attack some random guy who's done nothing to warrant it. Silly little kiddlies.
dracohalo117 chapter 7 . 10/25/2016
Well, this is very good, I love it. Keep up the good work.

Chapter Master Kronus Thessius chapter 7 . 10/25/2016
interesting story dude, a terminator fanfic type, this took you long enough to make it. to be honest i already readed this fic long ago before you dissapeared fir unknown reasons until today, i begun to miss this fic from the last update you made.
And about your ending of this chapter is abrutly very forced, not giving the development more open, maybe you need make the mecha Jaune be like a big brother to the rest of his friends, you know you told us that this future Jaune will not have harem just like a more closest relation between him and his former friends, and abou jaune training would be Hellish to become efficiently powerful not realy close as his counterpart but enough to be able to fight any worthy oponent. And Maybe if its possible that the Future Jaune Make him a powersuit specially for him (just the difference that still is inferior to his current armor and maybe upgrade his Gamma of choice of weapons he can use just to make him properly stronger if its possible), jsut to be ready to any risk when the reight time comes.
And Happy halloween you too bro keep doing this interestin fic, and May THIS KNIGHT BE THE TRUE HOPE REMNANT NEEDS BUT NOT WHAT DESIRES! and try to see this first episode of volume 4 dude is really cool just seeing them again.!
InfiniteParadigmShifts chapter 5 . 10/25/2016
Whenever I think of your future Jaune I imagine Genos from one punch man.
goddy80119 chapter 7 . 10/25/2016
cool chapter
julini chapter 7 . 10/25/2016
great chapter
PS: just register and you can see the episode in the next day after coming out its free and you dont need to be a member and dont need to wait for the youtube release
DinoGuy2000 chapter 7 . 10/25/2016
Arc has quite a bit of work ahead of him, doesn't he? Good to see the group has taken him seriously. Though their actions are a bit worrying. But Ozpin does have a point. Unless they can remove all the threats in one fell swoop, taking drastic actions could result in a catastrophic butterfly effect. Hmm. Arc has decided to train Jaune? Oh, this should be amusing. Likely brutal training for Jaune. Cool chapter! Good work!
Patriot-112 chapter 6 . 8/15/2016
Nice work on this. Keep it up!
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