Reviews for Fortuna Major
Guest chapter 1 . 9/4
I love it!
Menzi chapter 6 . 8/14
heh I know I give weird reviews
Menzi chapter 6 . 8/14
God dammit woman! You are soooo good! I loved this cute little story and the characterization of everyone outside the magical world. All of your non-magical aus are just perfect. This story made me so happy. Now I’m just awkwardly smiling to myself... thanks
Guest chapter 6 . 8/12
Really nice story
Indieblue chapter 6 . 8/11
If I didn't already love Dramione this story would make me fall in love with it all over again.
The fortune teller twist at the end was delightful.
Astoria was a DREAM in this story and I loved her.
Of course the Dramione was the best part, and I love how you developed their relationship, and how the two of them brought out the best in each other. I have so many feelings about it, and this was the perfect little series, seriously, it was just amazing *hearts*
Though you always write absolutely divine things so I am certainly not surprised x
darling draco chapter 6 . 6/11
came back to this for a reread, and man, is this good! so sweet and so, so good. such a lovely look at how compatible D and H are!
Sasha404 chapter 6 . 5/27
Just reread this bc it’s such a cute story! One of my alll time faves.
monicafoster chapter 6 . 4/13
What a nice light story to read! I like this one!
TheLastLynx chapter 6 . 3/19
Cute! and such a witty way to end the story :D
beaut1fully-tragic chapter 6 . 3/10
beautifully written story! When i started it i thought it might be a bit cheesy, but honestly i didn't want to stop reading for a second until i finished. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. You're an amazing writer, and i love the way you portray my favorite couple!
Austwigirl chapter 6 . 3/8
short and sweet!
SleeplessInS chapter 6 . 2/14
such a cute ending. :)
SleeplessInS chapter 5 . 2/14
I love happy endings. Sue me.
SleeplessInS chapter 4 . 2/14
Okay I just kinddddd of wish she thought to ask about Astoria! Don’t you think that’s the mark of really caring for someone else, that you ask and think about their lives / consequences outside of yourself?
SleeplessInS chapter 3 . 2/14
I love your pacing. Across all stories, but also this one
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