Reviews for How To Train Your Auror
Akorah chapter 12 . 9/16
"Good God, Simmons. What -have- you done to your hair?" remains one of my favorite lines in this fic.
Kit Gariko chapter 31 . 9/14
Amazing story! This should be the next Harry Potter movie. Seriously! Thanks so much for sharing!
ficfangirl chapter 31 . 9/12
So, I'm binge reading your dramione stories and enjoying them very much. Thanks for continuing to share!
hshepherd1235 chapter 32 . 8/24
AHHHHHH! Just finished this and OMG! it is amazing and I am about to go and read the next one. Thanks for sharing xx
Alina Marie chapter 32 . 8/18
What a wonderful story! I loved it! So good... thank you for sharing it
Alina Marie chapter 27 . 8/17
Wow! Didn’t expect it! Very intriguing chapter...
Alina Marie chapter 19 . 8/17
Loved it! I love when Harry and Draco civil/friends!
Alina Marie chapter 13 . 8/17
I am guilty of reading through the reviews and I discovered a big surprise! Now I am reading and paying more attention to some of the characters...
I liked this fluffy and humorous chapter)) wonderful
I like your Ginny in here. Usually she not my favorite character but I like how she advised Hermione and she isn’t set against Draco)))
Alina Marie chapter 11 . 8/17
I wouldn’t have ever guessed that Draco created such an awful artifact! I was shocked...
But we all love him and can forgive him for almost everything.
Redemption is awaits!
Alina Marie chapter 8 . 8/17
Oh my goodness! A Kiss! Kiss! What a wonderful scene!
Enjoyed very much!
Alina Marie chapter 6 . 8/17
No, no, no... I didn’t expect anyone to die...
I am sorry for Draco and Astoria but not sorry for new opportunities for Hermione now with Draco))
Lovely chapter
Alina Marie chapter 4 . 8/17
Love it! Every chapter! Poor Astoria... Poor Draco...
I was so sad for Hermione when she was holding Scorpius... Great chapters!
Alina Marie chapter 1 . 8/17
What a beginning! I am already hooked. Ron is dead but what about Astoria? I hope Draco will not cheat on his wife)
Let’s read more!
momofbyrds chapter 19 . 8/1
Hey Guest, the first sentence pointing out the grammar was fine. The rest is just bitchy.
It’s not like you payed $10.99 for this story at a bookstore; this is someone (an unpaid someone) who is nice enough to spend some of their free time creating something for you to read.
Guest chapter 19 . 7/7
Need some editing, surprising since you have a beta. The use of its and it’s are wrong. Tell your beta that if you replace with “it is” and it makes sense, then “it’s” is correct. If not, use “its”.

“It’s real.” Correct

“And to apply some of my magical theories in order to reproduce it's magical properties.” Incorrect.

“ order to reproduce its magical properties.” Correct.

Basic grammar taught in grade school.
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