Reviews for One Hundred Kisses
OptimusPower92 chapter 17 . 10h
It's midnight... I have work to do early tomorrow...


I miss binge-reading fanfics and I don't wanna stop this session just yet :( ….but I must...

All jokes aside, I'm really enjoying this so far, and I've realized just how much I miss a classic WildeHopps fic :D Everything else has been like crossovers, sci-fi, outside-the-city, drastic and world-changing, and now I'm happy just reading about these two and nothing else It's relaxing and calming in a way :)

I'll definitely be back later to read more. And PLEASE pester me if I don't, cause I'll call shame on myself for not doing so XD
OptimusPower92 chapter 16 . 10h
16... 16 done in less than an hour...

I can't seem to stop...…..
OptimusPower92 chapter 15 . 10h
OptimusPower92 chapter 14 . 10h

**has some flashbacks to In and Out of Love**

(I just realized I need to write more heartbreak/touchy-feely stuff cause I think that's what I'm lacking XD)
OptimusPower92 chapter 13 . 10h
…..dead bunny :/

Dead bunny indeed XD
OptimusPower92 chapter 12 . 10h
….oh god

I haven't read Judy is Dead before... is this the prequel? XD
OptimusPower92 chapter 11 . 10h
A chapter... without a kiss?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (well, there's been 20 kisses already, so I guess they kinda have to slow it down a bit XD)
OptimusPower92 chapter 10 . 10h
"No, that would just be too convenient and too easy, and that is something these two don't know how to do."

HA! Loved that bit XD
OptimusPower92 chapter 9 . 10h
Yeah, he pushed it too far this time XD
OptimusPower92 chapter 8 . 10h
Oh, boy, Nick's pushing it now XD
OptimusPower92 chapter 7 . 11h
woooooooooooooo 7 down :D

…...not sure when I'm gonna stop tonight XD
OptimusPower92 chapter 6 . 11h
Nick better be careful, cause I'm getting nervous as to what Judy's gonna do if he keeps pestering as bad as he is XD
OptimusPower92 chapter 5 . 11h
Five chapters already read? …..what is happening to me? XD

I'm really enjoying this so far
OptimusPower92 chapter 4 . 11h
Oooohohoooo! I'm liking this :D
OptimusPower92 chapter 3 . 11h
…...okay, he's gonna get them kisses REAL fast XD
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