Reviews for The Colours of the World
Blue-Happens chapter 23 . 9/5
it's a damn shame this seems to be dropped. It's not finished, but what is here is complete and satisfying enough to be well worth reading. its remarkably well written, almost uncanny.

at no point does the story ever really follow hp cannon exactly, but it all reads with the same amount of character consistancy, internal logic, and emotional payoff as the original hp books. it's almost scary how similar the writing style matches my memory of the books.

not to mention the silky smooth transition, and the utterly perfect blending of magic systems. they fit together like unexpected puzzle pieces, it feels right.

I cannot imagine the enormous amount of effort and time the author might have put in to get what's here to be this good. frankly wtf.

normally I mean this generally, but this time I mean it verbatim. this might be a perfectly executed fanfic. the best on the platform. the mind behind this deserves applause. good luck with whatever you're doing these days.
wjhastings chapter 6 . 8/27
I hadn't even considered the idea of Roy teaching alchemy in this story, and with the fact that it's going to be in a fight against Umbridge, I have never been so hungry to read more.
ankushwats chapter 1 . 8/23
Just realized that alchemy is transfiguration but PERMANENT. Permanent spells are very rare in HP world. Most common examples are of that of dark magic. Some charmes and curses are also permanent. Potions are another example of permanent magic. But all in all its rare and thats why so many people are scared of dark magic, cuz they cause permanent damage.
BlueTigerdog chapter 23 . 8/7
I continue to be both devastated and haunted by the fact that this was never continued. By far its one of the most well written version of Mustang I’ve ever come across. Always wished Truth would’ve thrown Hues in as extra incentive. Feel like he’d be a riot in the wizarding world. Anyways every few years I get a hankering to reread this story. Wish me luck ya’ll while I emotionally damage myself!
sorcerousfang chapter 23 . 8/5
Fairly certain I've reviewed this before (and if I haven't, that's a travesty I must rectify), but I found myself seeking this out again as I found interest in writing my own crossover scenario involving both Ed and Roy, something I started years ago, want to write, and just don't find the time often enough anymore. Story of many a life.

Your Roy is written so well, I would transplant him into my own work if I were the type to so blatantly steal. He's very inspiring, well thought-out, and I really enjoy the way you've integrated him into the Wizarding world. It feels very on-point for him.

I'm particularly fond of how he interacts with the other characters. It's very refreshing that he's a slave-driver to the point that students don't particularly like him, and that he played his cards very close to the chest for so long. Love the way he became familiar with the world, and the issues that arose with his color perception (though I do hope to see more of that).

The effects of Roy's presence on plot events is very appreciated, and the light explanations on plot shifts from the books very much helped keep track of his effects.

Also, Roy severely outclassing wizards and recognizing how naive the members of the order (among others) are regarding war is a note I live for. I can't wait to see how he breaks the rest of this world.

Hope you manage to update this eventually. Thanks for putting this masterpiece into the world!
becauseno chapter 23 . 7/13
very sad to see this story abandoned...
SpicyArbiter chapter 6 . 6/1
I like this version of dumbledore, much more fun than when people write him like an asshole
mckoenfl08 chapter 23 . 5/11
one of the best (if not the best) fma and harry potter crossovers that I have ever read
FireFox2590 chapter 23 . 4/28
I hope you come back to this, I just finished reading it and would love to see it continue 3
lucifyr04 chapter 23 . 4/26
You could clearly see the difference between a powerful wizard and a soldier in this fanfiction.
PumpkinPie chapter 23 . 4/25
It is very well written story and I really would love to see this work completed. I really like how you approach the story in a very logical manner, it makes sense which is always nice to read.
adammflatt chapter 22 . 3/2
Fantastic story. Hope to see more someday
brayanamaya963 chapter 23 . 2/9
Una muy buena historia esperaré el siguiente capítulo
AlexNameless chapter 23 . 2/7
I read this in its entirety in two days. I know you haven't updated in like a month shy of three years, so maybe its on haitus or abandoned. I just wanted to say that I love this fanfic and I think its the best written Roy I've read in HPxFMA xovers.
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