Reviews for PPGD: The Eternal Watcher
Tziput13 chapter 10 . 8/11/2016
The Eternal Watcher is perhaps one of the fanfictions I've liked the most of the chronology, next to the first story and the prequel ones. Yeah, it was a bit about the return of the time travel theme which I liked so much in the Chronometal Wars, but there are of course more features which I liked here.

Starting with this one being extremely original, considering that although you reused characters from your previous stories, they all are quite distinguishable from the chronometal universe versions, enough for me to consider them new ones. It's clear that this Otto is a totally new character, different from the one(s) seen in the first story, able to leave almost everything he had worked for just for the fact he fully trusted one girl. The chancellors themselves were, more or less, all quite memorable characters, Micheal especially, who you managed to make us believe was at first the main villain, then later completely destroy that depiction.

Of course, the usual features of the chronology are still here, with the fights as exciting as usual (the conflict on the falling platform I especially liked) and the enemies still proving themselves much dangerous (more so in the second part of the story, where the real villain is revealed). I'd add up the actual unpredictability of the plot, the Eternal Watcher was a fanfic which left me actually wonder what would have happened next. And just like the prequel stories, the ties with your previous works were much appreciated (with the Eternal Watcher, I can finally say I completely understand every single detail of 'the Chronometal Wars').

Of course, the story is still open to have a continuation, with the re-appearance of the names of Beelzebub and Briarus which leave to a lot to think about, and the events of the Red Story. But, I must say, that your works as a whole are still worth reading if there aren't going to be further stories added to the chronology, like you said in the notes for the last chapter. With the exception of the Red Story with its open final and the prequels, the finals of which were tied to the following stories, every one of the stories works on its own (or, to be more precise, uses the previous ones as foundation but do not feel like they need direct continuations). I'd be lying if I said I'm indifferent to the prospect of never seeing new stories, obviously I'd die to see more from you about the chronometal chronology, but I do have an idea of how difficult stories of this size and level of detail can be.

I'm still going to keep an eye on your profile and control the list of stories, every once in a while. Maybe the story ends here, or maybe someday I'll be able to return to this amazing universe you've come up with.
Guest chapter 9 . 6/30/2016
Don't lose hope! I bet a lot people are reading there just not putting in there reviews
Tziput13 chapter 7 . 6/13/2016
I counted three. The Otto protagonist of this story, the one who killed Blossom and later reappeared in the fourth one shot of the Chronometal Wars story and ultimately returned here as an undead, and the Otto main character of the first story who's an alternate version of the previous one.
I refuse though to even think about the other two questions as it's enough hard to keep everything that's happening right now in one piece :p I'll wait for new chapters to come and clarify those points. I'm really liking this one so far.