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Tyler Charlus Hammond chapter 44 . 6h
AWESOME! I’m so glad you are rewriting this and it is turning out a LOT better! I see a few grammar issues here and there but besides that honestly this is the best Harry Potter video game fanfic I have ever had the pleasure of reading! If at all possible it would be cool to see Hedwig gain a friend other than Fawkes, like say a Thunderbird friend
silversnitch4765 chapter 9 . 18h
I find it curious that there are a group of people that condemn James Potter as a bully worse than Snape. In your own words he makes 11 yr old children cry regularly but James is terrible because he picked on a kid his same age, that was a dark wizard with questionable morals. The book didn't go into when the issues started between them but let's take the memory from OWLS. That memory that Harry sees of his father are of James disarming and washing Snapes mouth out with soap. When James is talking to Lily Snape sends a cutting curse neck/head high and cuts his face. He could have killed him when James used a prank spell. Snape also sends Voldemort at the Potters and still bully's Harry constantly.
Efloresco chapter 30 . 23h
The day after Miss Abbott's petrifaction, I wrote to Nicholas, asking him if he and Perenelle knew of any creatures that caused death upon direct sight and petrifaction upon indirect. They wrote back, listing down all the twenty-five creatures they knew of that could do that. Imagine my surprise, when at the time of reading it, my eyes just slid right off of numbertwenty-twoo down to twenty-four. No matter how hard I tried, I could not, under any circumstances find number twenty three.".

The first time I didn't even catch this, but I did here. How come Nicholas can write it down but Dumbledore can't read it? It's simple, the existance of basilisks hasn't been hidden, but the identity of the monster as one has. So only to a mind which associates the identity of slytherins monster with a creature that kills on sight will be inable to think of a basilisk. Funnily enough if they came up in unrelated conversation there would be no problems talking about them either for Dumbledore, but nobody would ever be able to think of slytherins monster at all during that convo.

Cool stuff, this chapter is really great.
OmnipotentHeroPauk chapter 39 . 7/18
Oh yeah, also the fact that you said healing them, like how she healed the one guy's paralysis...
OmnipotentHeroPauk chapter 38 . 7/18
The ancient one... Obviously. The reference to Nepal, and the magic, only further the thing. Also, you said she, so I'm guessing the MCU will be involved?
conceptualthread chapter 44 . 7/17
You can't end the chapter like that! I hate cliffhangers. Want to know why happens next noooow
Fantastic story by the way, definitely one of the best I've found in a long time. Keep it up!
Schlepian chapter 1 . 7/17
So love this story so far. Definitely think Canon Harry would be dead a few times over with how much you've increased the competency of his enemies.

Always love the idea of Harry in a Video game story. More so in your version where it is actually real life, just with a magical interface making Harry think he has video game enhancements.

Blood bending is definitely a little OP. I also wonder whose idea it was to put "unkillable" wraiths in a level 5 dungeon.

Well hopefully I remember to come back and read this story whenever you get around to finishing it, it is definitely a great work.
Schlepian chapter 40 . 7/17
One suggestion about stats for characters.

Whenever you have Harry observe someone new, 100% of the time you have their hp and mana at max, i.e.
1000/1000 HP
350/350 MP

Even if that someone is nearly dead or magically exhausted.
Like when Harry finds Theodore Nott beat up and unconscious his HP should read 100/850 or something.

Also Harry waves away his PING screens a lot, like a lot a lot. I would Think someone would call him out on selecting Yes for quests and waving screens away.
doraemax chapter 44 . 7/17
Yeah, he is competent alright...but his paranoia leads him astray... the dangers of being a long-career policeman, i suppose. can't be help. at least he's loads better then Fury, in that he refrain from intentionally shouldering the weight of the world on his shoulder, and then had the temerity to take umbrage when the world doesn't conform...
Ryoji Mochizuki chapter 44 . 7/16
conan.lagace chapter 44 . 7/16
I can totally see Ollivander as one of the fey you briefly hinted at and I love the commissioner gorden feel you have Moody. Does that mean Tonks gets to be batgirl? does Black Manor have a bat cave?
Guest chapter 1 . 7/16
10,000 FOLLOWS! WOW! Congrats man! You definitely deserve it. Keep writing. :-)
Schlepian chapter 26 . 7/16
Just pointing out a possible inconsistency here, the girl in the chamber of secrets should be a 3rd year by now if it's the same one Tom was possessing before. Don't think he would change it after so long.
zky028 chapter 44 . 7/16
amazing, dude.. excellent chapter as always.
not many author have your dedication, and I admire that.
keep up the good work! I'll really be looking forward for the next chapter.
cain221 chapter 44 . 7/15
love this story can't wait for your next chapter.
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